I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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30 - Arrival

Matteo trained his sight at his luna as she had trouble running around the territory. This morning right after breakfast, he was summoned by Grey to their house as per Xamantha's request. It seemed like she was tired being cooped up with his mate at the office.

"You okay?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Xam replied although she wasn't sure herself if she really was.

Days after the ceremony, she felt like her body became heavy. She didn't think much of it, assuming that her body was still recovering after the bond. However, as each day passed, she felt she was getting as sluggish as ever.

"Are you sure you want to go patrolling with me?" Matteo asked for the nth time this morning.

He could clearly see how easily tired she had gotten. They haven't even reached one-fourth of the territory's perimeter but she looked like she was about done for the day.

They took their second stop under a tree which shaded them from the scorching heat of the sun. Xam tried regaining her breaths as the beta scanned the surroundings looking for something out of the ordinary.

She sighed.

"Is it just me or am I getting older by the minute?"

Matteo looked back to her and chuckled, "Nah, just you. Do you want to continue or should I inform Grey that we'll be heading to the office?"

"Actually, I wanted to start training again today after we run."

The beta raised a brow at her in question. She looked badly out of shape after only a run and now she wanted to train. He was sure she needed rest but he knew better than to oppose a persistent shewolf, so he nodded at her.

"Then I'll take you to the training grounds now. I'll have someone continue the patrolling," he offered to which she agreed.

During their walk there, the two passed by some members of the pack who were chirpy enough to approach and have small talk with their Luna. He could see that she was enjoying herself.

"You've acquainted well with them," he stated.

"Yeah, they're nice," Xam fiddled with her necklace which she found to be strangely attached to after the ceremony.

"Did Lester give you that?" Matteo looked at the red pendant in awe.

"No, my grandmother did," she smiled to herself as she clutched on the pendant.

She was once again reminded of her grandmother who loved her dearly and taught her everything she needed to know before passing away. She missed her so much but the Goddess had other plans. What's important now was that she'd fulfill her purpose.

"Was she a powerful shewolf like your mom?" The curious beta asked.

This made Xam abruptly halt in her tracks.

"Did I say something wrong?"

"No," she shook her head and flashed him a sad smile, "And yes, she was powerful but more than you could ever imagine."

Her answer sprouted another curious question but before Matt could voice it out, Xam was already on her way, jogging to the training field.

Matteo, a patrol guard informed me of a commotion at the main gates. Be sure my mate is safe and meet me there, Grey's sudden command entered his mind.

Understood, he replied and immediately went to Xam.

"I need to go," he informed her and led her towards the females in training.

"I can handle myself, you know," she reassured him, "I've gotten quite comfortable with the people here."

"There's someone at the gates," he whispered, "Your mate instructed me to make sure you are protected."

Xamantha's eyes widened.

Was her mate's instinct right all along? Were there really people out their who plan to infiltrate and hurt them? Her anxiousness started to kick in.

"Where are we going?" she questioned.

"You'll stay here amongst the warriors as Grey and I will go there to check it out. I'll have someone stand by you in case things get ugly," he scanned the area looking for a certain shewolf.

"What do you mean?" she felt worried for the well-being of her mate and the pack, "Are there rogues at the gates?"

"Ivy!" Matteo shouted and beckoned the blonde hair female to come near, "I'll leave the Luna's well-being to you."

"What?!" The two females said at the same time.

"Shut it. Alpha's orders is to keep her safe. You're one of the best female warriors in this pack, Ivy, live up to it. Keep her safe or he'll have your head," Matteo threatened.

Xam groaned. She was so not in favor of the situation.

"Why can't you leave me with another female or even a male warrior instead?"

"L will kill me and parade my corpse if he smells another male scent on you," he looked at her apologetically, "She's experienced and very well trained. I'll tell Grey to come back here and pick you up right after we deal with things. Promise."

She huffed and threw Ivy a glare. There was something about the shewolf's existence that made her want to bite her head off, or maybe it was just because she almost killed her that one time. Regardless, she disliked being near her.


Ivy smirked, "Well, if the alpha wants me to babysit the Luna then why not?"

Xam gritted her teeth.

"Behave, Ivy. Grey can feel her emotions through the bond. If she feels annoyed and irritated, I'll be sure to relay to him that you're the one causing it," Matteo gave one final warning before jogging off to meet his alpha.

Xamantha stared off the direction where the beta disappeared to. There were countless of possibilities to whoever was at the gates. After all, Silver Pack had many enemies lurking around. This made her worry more.

"Let's go, little Luna. I'm sure they'll be fine," Ivy called out, "Besides, it's about time she came by."

"What?" Xam looked at her confused.



Grey tried busying himself as his wolf restlessly paced back and forth in his mind, still as cautious and attentive as ever. He couldn't understand what got him on edge.

He sighed, leaning back into his chair as he stared at the paper works left for him to review and sign on. It consisted of bills, trades and letters asking for their alliance. He was tired dealing with all the numbers and words and thought about taking a break.

He ran a hand through his brown hair and massaged his temples.

He needed to find Xamantha. Just seeing his mate always seemed to relax him. She was the escape he needed.

"For fuck's sake, will you calm down," he scolded the animal within him as it tried clawing out for control at the thought of her.

The alpha wolf always seemed eager to have Xam close. It also made him stay put and behave. She had both of them wrapped around her finger.

With a smile, Grey headed out of his office and started sniffing the air to find her scent, only to smell another familiar one he dreaded to smell ever again.

Alpha, a shewolf wants to enter the territory, a patrol guard reported.

He growled, the twitch in his lips was immediately replaced with a scowl.

Don't let her in. If she insists, bind her so we can bring her to the dungeon.

So Ivy wasn't lying when she said she was coming, huh? The sisters were really testing his patience but he was alpha. They needed to be reminded who was in charge. These shewolves were just stepping out of the line.

Grey immediately linked Matt and shifted to his enormous gray wolf.

What's the status? he asked the part guard.

Alpha, I can't lay a hand on her.

And why is that? Do you dare defy me? his wolf wasn't pleased with it at all.

Just who do these wolves think they were? Have they forgotten who lead them to the top, who protected them and was willing to lay their life for them? Have they forgotten their loyalty to their alpha?

Forgive me, alpha. She has a child with her. She called him Grey.

And just like that he felt all the air from his lungs get sucked out.

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