I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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31 - Scared

"What the fuck, Grey?" Matteo came barging in his office.

The beta looked confused and furious. He had expected his alpha to meet him at the gates just as told but instead found him nowhere near and had to manage the situation on his own.

When he got there, he was shock to see Shaniah blocked by patrol guards. He didn't really think she'd go this far to convince them for an alliance. She was out of her mind for coming here unannounced.To top it off, a child was there with her.

In all the years he and Grey have been with each other, he felt a little hurt that his best bud didn't even hint to him about the pup. He could've understood his pain more.

"He's not my mine," Grey defended, knowing full well where the conversarion was heading.

He was a little shaken up and was as confused as Matteo about the matter but his alpha wolf was certain that it wasn't his, even when he had not seen the child yet.

"Are you fucking kidding me? You've been together for like what? Three? Four years?" Matteo bellowed.

Grey pulled at his hair. The beta made him have second thoughts. His brows furrowed, trying to recall his memories.

Was the pup really his? No. Impossible. It was impossible!

"He's not mine, Matteo," he repeated.

"How will Luna Xamantha react to this?"

Xam. Oh Goddess, Xam. Just when everything was going great between them, this happens. How will she ever react? He could not bear seeing her cheeks tainted with tears and her eyes going all puffy. He hated seeing her hurt.

Shaniah was a part of his past and nothing more. Yes, he loved her, but that's just it. Loved.

Xam was the one for him. His mate was everything he could've asked for. Sure, she was closed off and a little stubborn at times, but it was something they both could work on. Xam made him feel like he was worthy of what life had to offer. When she came, life made sense.

"I don't know, Matt. You have to believe me that he's not mine," he looked tired but still managed to say, "I haven't touched her, okay? I was saving myself for when she turned of age but then we all found out she wasn't my mate. We made out but we didn't go that far."

Matteo sighed.

"Either way, you're screwed. The patrol guards heard her calling the pup 'Grey' ," the beta took a seat across him and rubbed his face.

Grey's face darkened, his jaw ticked and his hands clenched tight. Whatever the reason was, he didn't like what his ex was doing.

The patrol guards heard her utter the same name he had. He had to expect that it won't take a day to have the news scattered amongst all the pack members. Once everyone will hear of it, at least one of them would tell their Luna out of loyalty and that's when everything they had built together will start to crumble.

No. No, he won't let it happen. He won't let the same shewolf break him twice. He won't let his mate slip away from him just because of a child his ex brought that he swore didn't belong to him. Never.

"Where is she?" he asked.

"In the dungeon," Matteo trained his eyes on the now pissed off alpha in front of him.

"And the kid?"

"I had someone take him to the pack doctor. The pup seems to be as clueless as we are as to why she brought him with her."

Grey nodded.

He'd punish her himself. She will be set an example and a reminder to everyone who he actually was. He will show no mercy to anyone who came in between him, his mate and his pack.

He stood up to go to the dungeon and Matteo followed. However, just as they stepped out of the office, Xam appeared and flung herself onto his arms.

"Babe, I thought something went wrong. Matt promised you'd pick me up from the training grounds and the pack--"

"What are you doing here?" Grey burried his head in her neck and inhaled her scent.

He felt nervous. Did she hear? Did she just get here? Did the news reach her already?

"I felt your anger and I thought something bad happened and everyone--"

His embrace tightened around her as he kissed his mark engraved on her skin. He was scared. Scared that she'd walk away, leave him all alone just because of his past mistakes. He needed to sort things out fast.

"I'm okay, darling," he smiled, "Everything's okay. Breathe."

Xam nodded, calming down. She needed to get ahold of herself. Everything was fine. Her mate was okay but she just couldn't stay still.

On the way to his office, the pack members were staring at her again and some avoided her. This time, she knew they weren't talking about her hair or the other insecurities she had. Something felt wrong, she just couldn't put a finger on it.

After they pulled away, she looked over to Matteo who seemed to be in deep thought. Her attention then landed back to her mate whose eyes were fogged up, mind-linking another wolf.

"Are you sure everything is fine?" she doubted.

Grey looked back at her with his glowing orange eyes and replied,

"Of course, mate. Now get back in the house," his voice sounded much darker and demanding, "Matteo, accompany her."

Without a word, he marched away elsewhere, leaving Xam feel hurt, clueless and a little bit mad.

"Where's Ivy?" Matteo questioned.

The beta was worried about other things. He needed to know where the troublesome shewolf was. He knew it was instant death for her if she ever decided to encounter Grey during his pissy mood. He wasn't concerned for her, no, but two sisters dying in a day didn't sound pleasing to him. Plus, Xam can't know yet. He needed to get ahold of her before Grey can explain.

"Who the hell cares about that bitch? I'm going after my mate."

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