I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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32 - Home

Blood. Death. Torture. Kill. There weren't any other thoughts circling around Grey's mind. His patience has thinned, his mercy vanished.

"Where is she?" he asked.

A guard led him down the dark steps to the dungeon. The place was silent, cold and their footsteps were the only sound echoing in the long hallway, in the middle of the empty cells.

It had been years since prisoners were held their. After he came back from the alpha's summit, Grey managed to scare off rogues and opposing packs from the territory. Invasions and claiming of packs were lessened and alliances were made. There wasn't any use for it anymore but he didn't get rid of it for a reason he couldn't put his finger on.

Maybe this was the reason.

He never had trouble making other wolves submit to him even if they were from other packs. His power and status was known to their kind. Even so, wolves from all places have tried challenging him only to end up dead. So why? Why were these sisters so confident to stir something in his pack?

'Because you were stupid enough to fall in love with one of them which made them think they could get away with everything by reasoning with you, that's why,' he thought to himself.

They continued walking till they arrived infront of the last cell placed at the end of hallway. It was designed for interrogation and torture. It was big and a small bulb lit the space up. It was the only source of light in the very dark and cold dungeon.

In it, he saw her short pale figure standing there, looking at the wall.

"Shaniah," Grey called out.

His voice was firmer than he thought he would sound. It had been three years since he last uttered that name but it felt longer.

The woman turned around and smiled at him.


He tucked in a breath.

He couldn't remember when was the last time she called him that. Ever since he had turned eighteen, Shaniah had been so keen in calling her alpha. He could clearly remember melting in her arms whenever she slipped and uttered his name. She was his weakness then.

But now, when she uttered it, he could only feel the disrespect.

"You forget that I'm an alpha, wolf," he gritted his teeth.

Shaniah's eyes widened. She was clearly taken aback by his behavior towards her. He used to be gentle and playful not hostile and indifferent. She bowed her head in submission.

"I'm sorry, alpha."

The guard opened the cell upon Grey's instruction. Shaniah's head slowly lifted up to level his gaze but she was once again shocked when his hands wrapped tightly around her neck.

"W-what..are y-you.." she sputtered.

"I warned your sister. I told you not to come but then what did you do? "

Her face started to redden. Her lungs started to burn, her body demanding the supply of air into her system. She tried clawing out of his steel grip but it was no use.

"You even brought a fucking child with you and called him Grey. How fucking dare you?!"

"Alpha, y-you're gonna kill her," the guard said frantically.

Grey growled at him and threw her to the side. Shaniah held her neck and coughed up furiously. Her breathing was abnormal and her vision was blurry.

"That's the point," the alpha strode towards her and bared his canines and claws.

"Please. Please show mercy," she whispered.

"I had Matteo decline your pack's proposal properly but instead you trot in here with a child," He sneered, "What will my mate ever think? Is that what you wanted? To weaken our bond and make me a broken man again? And for what, an alliance?"

"What?" Her eyes widened once again.

Grey growled.

"You can't just come to my territory and act entitled to trot with your child wherever. A shewolf from Donovan's Pack, forcing herself in. Your blood will be on my hands."

Shaniah could feel the hatred in his voice.

Was this what he had become? Had he given up being the respectable alpha he was? She could only see an evil man eager to kill a mother.

She quickly shifted into her wolf before his claws could swipe against her skin. This angered him more and made him charge quickly at her and throw her to the other side.

"You will know your place," Grey's wolf took over, his glowing orange eyes giving her a bloodthirsty look, "You'll pay for everything you've brought upon this pack."

She whimpered. She couldn't believe it had to end like this. What will become of her mate? Of her son?

L, you need to get back up. Luna made contact with the child, Matteo reported.

Grey stiffened. He immediately calmed himself down and turned his back on his ex.

"Shift," he instructed.

Shaniah's wolf whimpered in fear. She was scared. She almost was at the brink of her death, in his grip.

"Shift back now," he repeated.

The authority in his voice was one she could not ignore nor disobey. She did as told in fear for her life. Grey stripped and threw his shirt to her without ever looking back.

"Get clothed," he said and faced the guard, "Take her to my office. Don't let her leave your sight. Matteo will come for both of you there."

"Understood, alpha," the guard nodded.

"When he comes, I want you tidying this place up. Throw away her ripped clothing. Whatever happened here stays here."

"And the luna, alpha?"

"What about the luna?" Grey bared his canines.

"If she asks? What would I tell her?"

"You will speak nothing about this to her. I'll be the one to inform her, understood?"


The guard placed silver handcuffs around Shaniah's wrists and proceeded to walk her to the alpha's office after the alpha himself made his exit.

"I-is Grey--"

"It's alpha to you, Ms. Ore," he cut her off.

"I-is your alpha really mated?" She questioned.

The guard chuckled and led her inside the office.

"He said so himself, didn't he? I don't even understand why you're here. To him, it looked like you had a mission to destroy him again," he gave her a look of pity, "You should've stayed at home or better yet, left the kid there."

She felt guilt washing over her. What had she done? She didn't mean to. She only wanted what was best for her pack but instead she seemed to have added up a problem to their list.

She hugged herself tightly, praying that a war won't happen because of the stunt she just pulled.

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