I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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33 - Enough

Matteo followed Xamantha in search for her mate.

"Luna, the alpha instructed us to go home for your safety," he reminded her.

She was stubborn enough to ignore him. She wanted to see her mate. She was an alpha's daughter too. A second born alpha in their family, a substitute if ever the first born can't commit to the title. She wasn't as strong as her older sister but she wasn't that weak too. Xam wanted to be by his side when he dealt with the enemy which was why she was gonna find him.

"Luna, please think this over," Matteo called out to her once again.

It was no use. The shewolf was trying hard to sniff out her mate's scent.

The beta was stressing out. He needed to steer Xam away from Shaniah until Grey explains himself first. He also needed to find Ivy before she sets all hell loose.

"Xam, please think this through. The alpha will kill me if I let you near them."

She halted. Matteo smiled, finally gaining the attention of his luna but it soon turned into a frown when she opened her mouth.

"And I will kill you if you won't let me," she spat out with a blank face.

He sighed and followed her without uttering another word. Deep inside he felt a little panicky at how things will turn out.

"Oh my Goddess, are you alright?"

He could feel his heart leap out from his chest and his eyes bulge out from their sockets as he saw Xam tending to Shaniah's child that just tripped infront of them. His luna was dusting off the pup that was crying his lungs out from the impact.

The beta was confused as hell why the kid was here, roaming free. He was sure that he had given him to the pack doctor. Did he escape? But how can a pup even slip past those wolves in the clinic?

"There, there, it's okay. You're good," she comforted.

The pup was clearly frightened. Eyes wide, brows frowning, lips quivering. He was afraid and unfamiliar with these people around him. He only wanted to see the sole person who brough him here, his mother.

"Hey, it's going to be alright."

"M-mommy!" The child cried out.

Xam frowned and picked him up to carry him. She ran circles around his back to soothe him. The pup soon calmed down and stopped crying.

"Let's find your mom, okay?"

Matteo silently cursed the heavens above. It seemed like fate was really trying to pull the she wolves together. He felt hopeless as he escorted both of them while they walked towards the training grounds where pack members usually hang out.

Realizing that things could go easily downhill if she realizes the pup's parents aren't here, he contacted his alpha.

"Do you know who his mother is?" The luna asks.

"No," he lied through his teeth.

Another frown plastered across Xam's face. How could he not know? He was beta. Everyone was family here in the pack. It was weird that he could not even familiarize his own people but she shrugged it off. The Silver Pack had a lot of packhouses and people afterall. Maybe Matteo was just too occupied in helping keep the pack safe that he didn't have time to remember them.

Xam was pulled out from her thoughts when she saw a sweaty and angry blonde running towards them. Matteo, on the other hand, did a silent prayer when he saw her. Anytime now his alpha was gonna come pick his mate up.

"Give me the pup," she demanded.

"Ivy," the beta growled, "Weren't you supposed to be guarding the luna earlier?"

"Give me the pup, Matt," she repeated.

Xam held the child closer to her as it started to cry again.

He was afraid at how Ivy stared at him. The blonde lady was so keen in keeping him with her at the clinic that it scared him. She was the reason why he ran away from the boo-boo lady in the white room.

"Mommy! Mommy!" He wailed.

"Give him to me now," Ivy glared at her luna.

"Ivy, leave. I will take care of him. He's scared of you," Xam stated.

Ivy didn't listen as usual. She reached out and tried to peel the child away from her arms. Matteo was quick enough to swoop in and separate her from them.

"I said give him to me!" She shouted.

They were gaining a lot of attention now. The wolves who were training now stopped and stared. Their curious eyes studied the three who were pushing and pulling the child away from each other.

"You'll hurt him," Xam growled.

Ivy growled back. She needed to get ahold of her nephew. She wouldn't let the alpha have his way and have the pup be used against them. She won't even let him lay his hands on him and hurt him.

When she heard that her sister was here, she was ecstatic. It had been years since she last saw her. She was happy enough to see her even if it cost her the alpha's wrath. But then, she heard she had brought a child with her. She couldn't believe it. What did Shaniah had in mind that she brought him with her? She was putting the child in harms way. He had no business here.

"Give him back!"

Whatever her sister had in mind, she was gonna protect him even if it will cost her life. She knew she was hanging on a thin line with the alpha's patience but it didn't matter. She'd do anything for family.

"That's enough, Ivy," Matteo bellowed.

She didn't listen.

The pup clung closer to Xam, afraid and confused. He burried himself deeper into her neck and sobbed, asking for his mommy.

"You're scaring him. That's enough!" Xam was starting to get really pissed off.

She still didn't listen.

Suddenly, the air around them shifted.


Grey finally arrived but he looked far from happy. His eyes were a glowing orange and his jaw ticked. When he came near them, Ivy shrank.

"Matteo, take the child back to the doctor," he commanded.

The beta was about to follow the orders when the two shewolves yelled together a 'no'.

"He's scared. Putting him back there would only frighten him more," Xam reasoned out to her mate.

"I'll take him. He is my family," Ivy laid out.

Grey growled silencing both of them.

"You will be in my office," he commanded Ivy and then turned to Xam, "And you will walk with me home. To talk."

The shewolves stood silent.

"Matteo, get the child and bring him tocthe doctor. Afterwards, bring Ivy to my office and keep an eye on them."

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