I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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"You need to leave my territory as soon as possible," Grey announced the moment he set foot in his office.

Matteo, who was guarding the sisters, closed his eyes as if to brace himself of what will happen next.

"Give him back," Shaniah lashed out, trembling in fear and desperation.

The alpha growled in warning. He was getting a little tense at keeping things under control. Thoughts and ideas were swarming his head on how to protect what was his. The only and best solution he had come to was directly getting rid of the source of the problem. Killing Ivy would be no problem but when it comes to his ex, he wasn't sure. No matter how much he hated to admit it, he didn't have the energy to start a war, let alone have the pup be motherless if he planned to rid of Shaniah too.

"Please punish me, a-alpha", the younger sister begged, "Just...just let them go."

Grey glanced at his pack member. He recalled those moments before when Ivy was so keen on having both him and her sister meet. He couldn't believe how ridiculous she sounded now. Wasn't this what she wanted all along? He had warned her enough of what he'd do but they both pushed through as if his warning was nothing. The amount of disrespect they showed him would be fairly equal to a death sentence. He questioned himself as to why he was still being so patient when he could've killed both of them right here, right now. Xam's smile flashed in his mind and he came to a realization as to why he couldn't do it. The thought of Xam being so protective of the child despite the fact that she was clueless as to who he really was, tugged his heart. He knew she would hate him forever if he killed that child's mother but maybe she'd understand if she knew it was Shaniah?

He shook his head and palmed his face.

"Get rid of them. Send them off the border," he ordered.

"No, please. Hear me out first," Shaniah fought against Matteo's strength that dragged them out of the office.

Ivy kept on shifting in Matteos hold while her sister kept on begging. The sisters were in pain as they struggled while wearing silver cuffs.

He looked at them with pure disgust. Whatever happened to that graceful girl he once fell for? Where was her dignity? Her pride? Her brains? In his eyes, he saw nothing else but a desperate she-wolf who needed to get a grip and learn her place. Not to mention, she was also an irresponsible mother to her pup. She was unbelievably stupid. And her sister? Such a disappointment.

He was suddenly drawn out of his thoughts. His hearing picked up and his eyes widened. Both Grey and Matt looked at each other, as if caught in the corner where there's nowhere to run.

"What is going on here?", His sweet little mate's voice silenced the two prisoners' protests.

Xam barged in the small office, her eyes also growing in saucers as she took in the sight infront of her.

"Babe, what are you doing here?" Grey clenched his fists, holding back the slight annoyance he had for his mate.

He didn't mind his little mate meddling with pack duties but right now wasn't the time. He wanted her safe. He wanted her the farthest away from her. He wanted to put off revealing that part of his past. It wasn't the right time just yet. He needed to establish a deeper connection, one he's confident enough that she'll understand and not walk away.


He didn't want her slipping from his grasps. Never. He'll die for her. He was afraid that what they had would simply crumble because of this nuisance from his past.

"Your scent," Xam focused her attention to the pale short girl who was wearing her mate's shirt, "Your shirt."

Everyone in the room could feel the atmosphere inside the room shift. The luna's piercing glare shifted to his mate and back at the captive.

"My love—"

"You're the mother, aren't you?" She asked, studying the beaten she-wolf.

She felt a little possessive smelling her mate's scent mixing with the woman but that wasn't important at the moment. Her scent was so much alike with the pup's. She couldn't believe that she was really an intruder.

'What kind of mother would bring her child into danger? Is she insane?'

It was clear that her mate did interrogate her for safety measures but she didn't expect that the intruder would be a she-wolf, let alone a mother. She cringed at the sight of strangulation marks on her neck.

'I didn't think he'd be that brutal towards women. Although, she-wolves shouldn't also be underestimated,' she thought.

"Should I bring in your son for you to give me a proper answer?" Xamantha taunted.

She didn't really plan on bringing in the pup but she was getting impatient. She needed to confirmthe woman's insanity of bringing her offspring here. Not to mention, she was getting kind of irritated the more that she inhaled the mixture of her mate and the womans scent. Ivy's icy glare wasn't helping either.

Grey, on the other hand, felt frozen in place. He was cautious of his woman. She was most of the time soft, shy and loving but he knew behind that was a strong and capable warrior of the Raven Black Pack. But still, he needed to interfere before things could escalate.

"Babe," he called out but her mate's piercing glare once again silenced him.

"I—yes, I am," Shaniah answered in a barely audible voice.

"Very well," Xam nodded in satisfaction, "Matt, take her to a room in the packhouse and make sure to give him another pair of clothes. Give the woman her child and keep your eyes on her. She is not to leave that room."

Matteo's eyes flickered back and forth from his luna to his alpha. Seeing that Grey didn't seem to protest, he nodded.

"As for Ivy, luna?"

She stared back at Ivy glaring at her. As usual, the stubborn wolf's resentment for her was unwavering. She was used to it by now although it was getting a little bit tired dealing with it.

"Let her go for now," she ordered.

For now, as long as she wasn't airheaded enough to stir up another commotion, it'll be okay to set her free.


The three of them slowly walked out of the office with Matt tugging at their silver cuffs.

"You are quite sexy when you're bossy," Grey felt a little proud looking at how his luna handled things. He was once again taken aback by his little mate. But even so, the atmosphere still remained.

"We need to talk," The words he dreaded to hear flowed out of her mate, "You've got some explaining to do."

He heaved a deep sigh before walking back and sitting down on his office chair. Xam followed ensuite, resting on his lap.

"First, tell me why an Alpha Donovan is threatening our pack by declaring war."


His paws ran across the muddy trails, ears perked up, whole body conscious of the surroundings. He was keen on not being seen, followed or smelled. His task was something he had pride in doing. As ironic as it sounded, he felt like he was doing a duty to his fellow wolves. Although, he knew it was a foolish thing to think it that way.

They were rogues.

They were no pack. They were no family. They were outcasts that rarely stayed together in groups. They were wolves who served no alpha. They were free to do anything other than being seen and getting caught.

He sighed.

'Free my ass. We're basically stuck in hiding, like chickens.'

The man-made cave came into view and he slowed down in his tracks. He parted the veins which concealed the entrance and made his way in. He shifted back into his human form and clothed himself with some shorts and shirt he stole that were laying around in the dark, exactly where he had left them. Then, he proceeded to walk farther down where everyone else including her was waiting.

"Any news?" Her sickening voice sliced through the noisy chatter and banter of rogues.

His forehead creased in annoyance. He hated this woman but he couldn't do anything as she was the answer to their problems.

"Nothing other than the Donovan Pack's female beta forced herself in the Silver Pack."

The lady's eyes twinkled and a cackle escaped her dry chappy lips. To all of them here, she looked crazy but they knew they weren't to underestimate her abilities.

"Well this is exciting," she stood up and cupped his cheek, "Lucretius, tell your fellow stinky dogs to prepare."

He slapped her hands away and growled.

"What? Where the hell are you going?"

"To prepare, you fool," she giggled like the crazy woman she is.

"For what?"

"For war."

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