I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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36 - Witch


Xamantha walked to and fro, left to right infront of the door that separated her from the female intruder that she had met encountered yesterday.

Her mate had explained to her the details she needed. How she was a former member of the pack, how they used to be close with each other, how she had become the female beta of another pack and how outrageous she is now, visiting the pack despite the tension against the Donovans.

It was once again a reminder of how things changed for her. She was Luna of this pack now and yet she didn't know what she was supposed to do. However, she's sure that her mate should not handle this case. He looked quite furious with the woman. She couldn't just idly stand there and let him have his way because she knew a huge possibility of an execution was there. It wasn't about kindness. It's about avoiding further dispute. Killing a wolf with that high of a position would only end up with unnecessary war.

In their former pack, she and her sisters were always reminded by their mother over and over that a negotiation is always better than spilling blood. That was how the Raven Black Pack survived all throughout the centuries despite the times when witches, vampires, nymphs and rogues were rampant. The had managed to co-exist peacefully with the other species surrounding their pack solely because of good negotiating skills.


Xam jumped, startled by the sudden company.

"Ah, yes?" She stared back at the teenager who looked at her curiously.

"You should be careful. I heard the alpha detained a woman there and the guards are strangely not in their posts. Should I let the alpha know?"

Her eyes widened frantically. Grey didn't know she was here and he'd certainly flip out knowing she went in to question the detainee without guards at the door. He was overly protective.

"No!" She yelled.

"Okay." The young man stared at her confusingly.

"I ordered for the guards to take a break. They'll be back in a while. I'm just here to ask a few questions, that's all."

He nodded and went on his way. After he was out of earshot, she let out a deep sigh and diverted her attention to the door once again. She knew she needed to make this step, it was a chance to once again prove her status as Luna—not that she needed to anyway. She wanted to maintain the peace and safety of her pack just like how her alpha female mother always did.

Taking in a deep breath, her hands twisted the knob and the door opened revealing a terrified mother with the pup in her embrace.

"Not so brave now, are we? Don't worry, I just want to check up on you and ask a few questions."

The shewolf eyed here warily. Her embrace tightened but she held her stare. Afterall, she was still a highly statused wolf from another pack.

Xamantha kept her distance seeing as she was still on high alert. Who wouldn't? Isolated in a room with a vulnerable pup, this woman had no choice but to do as they say if she hoped to be released.


"I know who you are. The Silver Pack's Luna."

The luna smiled at her briefly. She didn't aim to give her that friendly aura. Rather, she wanted the mother to know that she meant no harm unless she puts her in harm's way.

"Yes and you are the Donovan's female beta. I wonder why you've travelled here and with a child at that. Are your pack leaders so carefree to just let you prance along?"

The she-wolf growled at her.

"I can handle myself well." She replied, venom lacing her tone.

"Yes, I've figured. I wasn't pertaining to your skills in defending yourself. Rather, why the hell you brought your kid with you into enemy's territory?"

Shaniah grit her teeth. She was undeniably foolish to bring her son, Grey, with her but she thought it'd be safer here in Silver Pack than back home. With the situation at her pack, who knows when chaos will befall upon them.

"I tried telling L—"

"L?" Xam's stomach did a flip, feeling very wrong hearing her call him by the nickname that Grey's friends would call him. "As far as I've known, you have no right to call him that now."

The pup whimpered as if sensing the very tense atmosphere. Xam felt stuffy as if the room temperature got hotter, or maybe that's just her high blood pressure soaring through the roof.

"I tried to inform the Alpha of the Silver Pack about my situation but he refused." She pursed her lips.

Was it okay to become vulnerable infront of this exotically beautiful woman? Shaniah looked at Xamantha and tried to figure her out. Was it really okay to spill everything to her? What if they use the information to conquer the Donovan Pack? Seeing how she carries herself, she doesn't look like someone to get swayed by with pity. She was intimidating although it looked like she didn't know this. Even so, she wanted to gamble.

"The pup must feel as stuffy as I am. I might as well take my leave."

"No!" Xam was her last hope so Shaniah needed to take this chance. "Please, I beg of you. I need your help."

The luna's brow shot up but she held back from commenting on her desperateness. She did come here to negotiate so she might as well achieve that and listen to what she was about to say. She sat down the chair at the far corner of the room, still keeping her distance.

"Let's hear it then." She waited patiently.

"As I've said I need your help. I know it was foolish of me to come here along with my son but I thought it'd be safer here." Tears started springing in her eyes and Shaniah hated how easily she had become vulnerable. "But I really really need your help."

The bad feeling that Xam felt continued to linger. What had this she-wolf gone through to have her desperately asking for another pack's help? Let alone a pack with tense relationship? More importantly, where the hell was her mate?

The pup once again whimpered, clinging on to his dear mother. The woman tried comforting him by sweet nothings before she continued to speak.

"Our pack is in danger."

"How long will you keep repeating that? And you begged us to protect you instead of your alpha?" Xam was certain that there was really something wrong now.

"They won't listen to me. I tried warning them but it's no use. They won't survive."

"Of course they won't, they've threatened us with war because of you being here in this territory. Stop speaking in rhymes and get to the point. Do you think my mate will let them live?" She was pissed off as well.

This woman was literally making no sense at all. It was as if she was a victim of the Donovan's Pack but how come? The Donovan's threatened them with war if the precious beta's mate wasn't delivered back immediately. It doesn't patch up.

"The rogues had been frequently making an appearance now. At first, we thought it was harmless but it seems we thought wrong."

The luna's brows furrowed. There had not been any sightings of rogue for so long now amd yet they frequently revealed themselves? Was this she-wolf telling the truth?

"Rogues could easily be dealt with your alpha. Do you underestimate their power? That's like treason, are you stubborn enough to risk facing the Council?" She gritted her teeth.

What the hell was this woman on? Does she not know how much her mouth could put her into trouble going through this lengths just for the appearances of rogues? And she just had to drag Grey's pack into this. She sighed thinking how they'd defend themselves if ever this would reach the council.

"You don't understand." She reasoned.

"What the hell do I not understand? You're signing up to packs into war just because you can't stop talking in riddles. Are you this outrageously reckless?"

She's had of it. Maybe a negotiation wouldn't make change of the situation. It seems as though this mother had no clue as to what she was babbling about.

"A witch."

She froze.


"W-witch. A w-witch appeared with some of the rogues near our border." She stuttered.

Xamantha's heartbeat paced faster. She felt nauseous hearing the information.

"You have to believe me. Please believe me."

The luna's head ached and she stood up wanting to immediately leave the room.

"Please wait. I'm telling the truth!"

Xam's breathing quickened. Her vision started spinning and she was hyperventilating. She reached for the door but before she could twist it open, the alpha himself appeared infront of her.

"Xamantha, breathe."

"What's wrong with her?" Shaniah asked.

Grey growled furiously. He was seething. Whatever his ex said had thrown his mate into an anxiety attack. She needed to disappear now.

"Grey." Xam whispered, pulling him for an embrace and out of his bloodlust. "Take me home."

With one final glare at Shaniah, he carried his mate out of the room and instructed the guards to guard the room properly before heading for their house.

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