I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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37 - Bewitched


Grey caressed Xam's cheeks. He stared at his beautiful mate's face which was filled with fear and anxiety.

"It's fine, baby. I'm here." He whispered.

It's been an hour but the emotion had never left her. He could see how triggered she had become but he could not do anything else but be there for her, for now. She was still so fragile. He had to wait for her to cool down.

"Don't leave me." Xam whispered and reached for his face.

They both laid in their bedroom mattress, their bodies so close to each other, their faces just an inch away.

"Never. I'll always be here until I die, until Goddess forbids me." He promised.

He took in her scent and kissed her forehead.

"Don't say that. I hate you saying that especially we have a possibility of a war happening." Her lips trembled.

Goddess, why was she so emotional? Xam couldn't understand herself either. It seems like every emotion she had felt for recently was at maximum level.

"Even then, I'd fight for the Goddess to let me live. Darling, you don't have to worry about me." He traced her lips with his fingers down to her neck and to her collar bone. "You're beautiful."

The smile he craved for appeared on her face as she chuckled and snuggled deeper into him. He could sense her breathing him all in and sighing in contentment. Her body relaxed after engulfed in his presence and she felt at peace.

This was how it was supposed to be. It had been what? Weeks? A month? He could not remember. Time felt non-existent when it came to her. She'd always manage to drag him away into a new dimension that only they existed. He was addicted. He was smitten. He was bewitched by her existence ever since he had locked eyes with her that night. From then on, he had made it a mission to give his mate everything after she fully gave him her body and soul but it seems he cannot give her the full protection from things that hurt her.

"Why won't you let me in?" He whispered into his little luna's ear.

"Hmm?" A half-awake Xam curiously peeked at him.

"What did that she-wolf tell you?" He played with her hair, massaging her scalp.

His mate purred while he groaned at the melodious sound that she emitted. He jad started to grow a solid rock down there but he calmed himself knowing she wasn't in the mood.

"Are you tired?"

No reply.

"I wish you'd tell me about all the things that bother you because I'd like to carry that burden too. I'll wait, my darling."

Her breathing evened and he felt her fast asleep. In his arms, he incased a very fragile part of him that he was afraid to let go. War never made him felt anything but now that he had his mate, he was afraid what his enemies would plot against him. She was his weakness as well as his strength and he did not wish for anything else other than for her to keep being the way she is now—full of love and security.

"I'll fix this and settle it once and for all, my love. I'll make sure no one will ever have to make you go through this again." He vowed, engraving each word in his mind.

Although he was the strongest alpha promising to eliminate everything that causes distress to his mate, he was powerless when it comes to Xam battling her own self. But it is no matter, as he will still do his best to be there for her regardless.

"Fucking hell, baby. When will you ever let me in of that little head of yours?" He frustratedly sighed before dozing off to sleep.

When he woke, it was way past noon. The lack of warmth had Grey waking up from his sleep and in search of his mate.

'That stubborn woman. She could've just rested for the whole day,' he thought.

Relying on his sense of smell, he tracked down his mate at the kitchen. She had somehow changed into some comfortable shorts and tee-shirt. Once again, she was back to her old self and concocting what was supposedly their lunch meal.

"You should've woken me up," He said as he leaned on the doorframe.

"You seemed like you needed sleep. I'm almost done anyway." She smiled at him as she turned off the stove.

Xamantha squeaked as his mate rushed to trap her within his arms. He hugged her tightly from the back. She suddenly sucked in a breath as his lips traced the side of her neck.

"You remember that time I ate you here?" He teased.

"What are you talking about?" Xamantha gasped as his fingers grazed her nipple down to her core. "Grey, I'm hungry."

"Hmm?" He purposely fell deaf, "What was that baby?"

She bit her lip holding back a moan. Remembering what had happen before made her wet in excitement. Her mate always brought out the pleasure and thrill that her body yearned for.

"Babe," She called out, "The food will get cold."

His fingers started moving in circular motion, massaging her clit. She squirmed but his other arm latched unto her upper body and binded her from any unnecessary movements.

"Haaa," she could not stop herself from moaning, "I'm still mad at you."

He groaned.

His little mate was infact mad at him after their talk in his office. He had explained his relationship with the two girls but he left one detail all for the good interest of his mate. Besides, being once in a relationship with that woman didn't seem like an important knowledge. He didn't want his mate to have unnecessary worries regarding that topic. As for the stingy relationship with the Donovan's, he had made an excuse using alpha's pride.

Fortunately, she took it all so well. However, she was still upset of the fact that he had kept her away from all of this. Afterall, she was a Luna and as she said, it was also her right to know about these things and decide on her own whether or not she'll include herself in the narrative. They slept in the room last night with pillows barricading the two of them and so, he was serving payback now.

"Are you really still mad at me?" He pouted.

Before she could answer, a finger slipped into her making her curse out. Slowly, he fingered her, taking the time to enjoy her whimpers of delight.

"Alpha," she called out drowned in her own lust.

"Fuck yeah, call out for me," He slipped in another finger and she squirmed again at the fuller sensation.

Alpha, the Donovans have contacted again. This is the third time. I'm afraid we need to give them an answer this time, Matteo mind-linked.

"Why did you stop?" Xam blushed.

Grey chuckled and spun her around. He kissed her cheeks before licking her juices on his fingers.

"The Donovans have been pestering Matteo since this morning. I should deal with them as early as now," he explained as he took a water bottle from the fridge.

"You're not having lunch with me?"

"I think I'll live licking of your juices, babe." He winked.

Xamantha's face turned sour. When it comes to that, she was so powerless against him. Her body automatically submits to him—not that she minded—but sometimes like now, that she was a little mad at him, it gets pretty annoying being distracted with his fingers.

"Don't pout, love. This nuisance will end soon. I'll be back to taste what you'll be cooking for dinner, okay?" Grey kissed her before heading out.

"Grey!" She called out.

"Yes, my dearest Xamantha?"

"Try not to cause a war please." She spoke so softly that it was almost barely audible.

The atmosphere suddenly shifted and the alpha's steel gaze graced his face.

"I'll try little mate but I can't guarantee anything."

Soon, he will make sense of this mess that the sisters dragged upon him. Whatever information that he'll find will be an important variable for her punishment after.


The door suddenly oppened. Shaniah was wary at first of the visitor who came late in the afternoon but she soon relaxed after she saw the Luna.

"I— A-are you okay now?" She asked.

"Yes, I'm fine. Although, I did not come here to chat about my well-being." Xam smiled at her.

She had come to the conclusion that Shaniah wasn't a bad person. She was a bit foolish but she had no evil in her blood. After what she had revealed to her, she understood her desperateness.

"Is he in deep sleep?" He looked at the pup, curled in a ball.

"Yes. I assume that you'd like to hear more of it?" Shaniah was perceptive and that's what Xam liked.

"Yes. I have not revealed any information you've told me to my mate yet so tell me everything. The scale of the situation and your honesty in telling me all the details of it will determine whether or not I'll persuade him to help you or not. So, won't you tell me?"

Shaniah gulped. Her intimidating aura was back again and she was effortlessly exuding it.

"Of course. I'll start from the rogues first appearance."

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