I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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38 - Time


Xam found herself having a hard time swallowing. It was as if the words that Shaniah spat clogged her throat. Her palms started to sweat as she listened to the mother intently.

"So after their fourth appearance, Alpha Donovan ordered to capture them for interrogation out of suspicion. T-that's when11 the w-witch appeared."

The cogs in her brain kept turning. The luna was anxious and the mother infront of her could sense it too but she shrugged it off as she felt the same way.

Witches. They really didn't have a good relationship towards the werewolves. Since ancient times, the two races couldn't get along well. Neither were inferior to the other kind. There was no incident that a bloodshed would not happen if they ever did clash which was why they had avoided crossing each other's paths. Now, because of the evolution of society, covens have dissolved and witches have been blending in with the human minority so it's uncommon to meet one unless you're in the city. However, a witch teaming up with rogues? That's rare and very alarming.

"They just made an appearance? Did they do anything else? Said something else?" Xam was unable to restrain herself.

She dreaded the fact that this mess would somehow all lead back to her. She feared that what her family anticipated would now soon come true. It was just a matter of time but how much time did she have left?

"They threatened to overthrow the alpha and take over the pack as what rogues usually do. The reason why I rushed here was because the witch, s-she..." Shaniah breathed in and out as if bracing herself for what she was gonna say next.

"Yes? Go on." The delay was killing her. Xam could barely sit still.

"She made an example by k-killing a wolf infront of us. We have days left before she comes back again for an answer regarding the alliance." The mother tried her best to hold back her tears.

This made her more anxious. She had guessed that the woman infront of her wasn't used to watching things like death unfold infront of her but that was not the reason for her antsiness. She was bothered by how powerful this witch could be.

How prepared were they to face her? How prepared was she?

"And did my mate know this?"


"I'm asking you if he knows this much. Well, does he?!" She stood up and towered over her as she glared at the she-wolf.

Unknowingly, her eyes flickered to a vibrant purple color scaring the wits out of Shaniah. Sensing the powerful aura she unconsciously emitted, the pup stirred and whimpered in his sleep. That was when Xam regained control over her emotions and took a step back.

"Luna, is everything alright?" A pack guard questioned behind the door.

"Yes, I'll be out in a moment." She replied, her icy stare not leaving the mother, "I need an answer."

"N-no. H-he only knows t-that I acted desperately b-because I need help f-from him. P-please spare us." Shaniah's body trembled as she hushed the pup who was now awake and crying.

She was afraid of the wold infront of her. She had been reminded that in here, she was powerless and weak. She'd be unable to protect her son if she somehow provoked the Luna's wolf to surface.

"You are honestly stupid for not getting right to the point with your pack problems. Do you know how much of a mess you've created? The mess you've dragged your son in? You're fucking selfish."

Shaniah flinched.

This was it. The last straw. Shaniah felt her soul left her body. She knew how pathetic she had become but she had hoped that this Luna would understand but it seems like she had only annoyed her with her actions.

"However, I will see what I can do and then we will settle your punishment later." With one final glare, Xam went for the door.

As soon as she exited the room, an exhausted sigh escaped her mouth and she slipped down against the thick wood separating her from the detainees.

"Luna! Are you okay?" The guards offered their hand to help her up.

"Give me a second." She sat on the floor leaning against the door for a couple of minutes before standing up herself, bidding the guards goodbye and walking towards Grey's office.

She had become a little dizzy after processing all the information she just heard but she had things to act upon urgently. First, she needed to relay everything to her mate. The time to finally come clean is nearing. What will her mate think of her then? Imagining his reaction made her nervous to the point that she almost wanted to puke out the lunch she just ate hours before.

Second, they needed to clarify things with the other pack. A war breaking out because of a misunderstanding is not needed right now. It will only divert the attention from the real problem that they should be focusing together. For the rogues, this will be good opportunity to conquer the Donovans. She needed to make haste.

"Urghh blurgghhh," She couldn't hold it in much longer.

The contents within her stomach were emptied out as she clung to a nearby tree for support.

"Holy shit, are you okay?" Matteo rushed over to her, helping her get her hair out of her face.

She was half-way in her destination when her guts decided that they'd be spilling the semi-digested food. She prayed that Grey would not hear this far out as he would only turn into a worrywart. She knew how her mate would react excessively despite this being a minor incident.

"Don't mention this to Grey." She warned as she saw his eyes gloss over in an attempt to mind-link his alpha about the situation, "Not a single word Matt."

The beta nodded before handing her a handkerchief to wipe her mouth. She mumbled a thanks before tidying herself up.

Matteo, concerned for his Luna's well being, placed a hand on her forehead and cheek. She wasn't hot so it must have not been a fever.

"I think you should go to the pack doctor, just incase." He advised.

"I think you should keep your fucking hands off my mate."

Xamantha groaned internally.

Matteo snickered and held both of his hands amd backed away.

"I was looking for you." She sighed before embracing him.

Grey looked at his little mate encased in his arms. Her brows were furrowed and her lips were pouted. She was obviously troubled about something. Anger ignited within him at the thought of her hearing the rumours he tried hard intercepting from reaching her.

Did someone disobey his commands? He was sure to mind-link everyone to keep their mouths shut about his past with Shaniah and the ridiculous name she had given her child. How did she know? Who disobeyed? Was their loyalty towards her greater than that towards him?

"Please don't ne mad at Matt. He's just trying to help." She whispered.

Grey snapped out of his thoughts and glared at the beta before patting her head.

"Are you sure you're fine? Matteo reported to me how you've been easily tired and exhausted these days. Plus, your anxiety must've gone worse seeing that you've been puking more often." He caressed her cheek and traced her neck with his nose, breathing in her scent mixed with the faint smell of her vomit.

Aside from the pack affairs, he had been worried about his Luna's health. After witnessing how her wolf has made short appearances by surfacing whenever she felt strong emotions, he thought that maybe her body had been undergoing a state of adjusting to cater her animalistic side.

"I'm fine. There are more important matters to discuss. Please, let's talk somewhere private." She tugged at the hems of his shirt and gave him a pleading look.

They shold not waste any time. Who knows what could happen? She still had lots of explaining to do. Lives are at stake. This could be more serious than what they had anticipated.

"More important than my mate, my luna's health? What could it possibly be? Why are you in such a rush?" He asked as she pulled him towards the direction of his office.

Matteo followed ensuite giving his alpha a clueless expression after he stared at him, silently asking for an explanation of her behavior.

"Baby, relax. You need to breathe. We have all the time in the world." He tried soothing her once they entered the room.

"That's just it, Grey. We don't have much time. That she-wolf said—"

"That she-wolf? Don't tell me you went to her again?" A growl emitted from his chest.

Stubborn woman. He had warned her to never make take a step inside that room ever again. He had given her the privilege to do whatever she wanted as their punishment but after fainting yesterday, he made it clear to her that she was not to make contact with that woman ever again if he wasn't at her side.

"Because she seemed to hold important information! Don't you dare growl at me. Listen." She was now mad too.

Arguing over this was stupid. There were more pressing matters to be discussed.

"Xamantha, your stubbornness knows no limits sometimes. I'm doing this for your safety." He reasoned out.

"And I'm doing this for the safety of us all. Grey, she came here because the rogues have teamed up with a witch!" Her face flushed because of her annoyance towards her mate.


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