I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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3 - Promise

Xam felt restless after the scene she and her mate had caused at dinner. Her family was shocked at the revelation but easily accepted the fact that she was indeed the most powerful alpha's mate.

It was dawn and in a few hours, the sun was going to shine. Tossing and turning, she could not get enough sleep thinking about the man beside her room. Her heart tugged as the alpha practically begged her family to stay in a room near his mate.

He was thoughtful not to push her boundaries and respected her decision to sleep separately. Luckily, her room was at the far end of the pack house with another little room attached to it. Supposedly, one of her younger sisters would sleep there.

Xam sighed.

She could hear her mate's breathing on the other side of the wall as she leaned her ear closer to it. He was wide awake and she wondered if he had trouble sleeping too.

On the other side, Alpha Grey had his back leaned on the wall that barricaded him from his beloved mate. From dusk till dawn, he was slipping in and out of consciousness as he struggled to fight the pull. The situation was doing a number on him as he also had to face his hormones and masking his arousal. He was exhausted and tired.

After a few minutes, the alpha slipped back into consciousness not even realizing that he had dozed off. He was awakened by his mate's barely audible panting.

His wolf went alert, heightening his senses to search for danger. It was when the addicting she wolf moaned that he realized what was going on.

He groaned.

Xam's arousal was flooding his senses and made his member turn to a solid rock. He contemplated on infiltrating his mate's room and fuck her out of her mind but he knew how much it could jeopardize his relationship with her. Xamantha was different. He was not sure what she wanted and liked.

"Grey." Her little mate called out to him while she pleasured herself.

She was stroking her soaking wet pussy and getting rid of the sexual tension she had with her mate. Ever since their skin touched and her mate had claimed her, she could not help wanting more of him.

She started slipping a finger into her core and bit her lip to prevent a moan from escaping. She went in and out slowly until she decided that one finger wasn't enough.

"Mhmm," She breathed out after inserting another finger, picking up her pace and rubbing her clit.

Xam had never been this needy. Although she was a virgin, she was no saint who did not know how to please herself. The stories and books she read taught her how to come off on her own and right now,that was her sole mission.

When she moaned a bit louder than she intended, she slapped her mouth and paused her sinful act. She had been too carried away in fulfilling herself that she forgot about his mate being able to smell her.

Grey could not take it anymore. Xamantha just had to forgive him after what he was gonna do. The alpha was too overwhelmed of her sweet, delicious arousal and could not stop himself from entering her room.

Xam paused, shock evident on her face as his mate gazed down on her soaking wet core. Blood rushed to her face, her body locked frozen in his studious eyes.

Slowly, Grey closed the door to her room, eliminating the little light the hallway had provided. He brought a finger to his lips, signaling his mate to keep quiet. Xam barely made a move, still shocked to have her mate see her half naked.

Grey took careful steps nearing her, reaching out to her fingers and began guiding them in and out of her.

"Show me, my little mate," Grey whispered with a low growl which kicked Xam into a lustful state.

She was back to fingering herself in no time, watching Grey as he stepped away and pulled out his thick cock beaded with his precum. He started stroking himself in front of her and she could not help but close her eyes and imagine him pumping in and out of her tight virgin pussy.

"Xam," Grey moaned, eyes hooded.

The two mates held eye contact as they neared their climaxes, desperate to find release.

"Lester," Xam called out after she had undone herself, her fingers laced with her creaminess. Grey growled and followed a second after, his knees buckling and threatened to give out.

They were both panting from the high they've just felt.

Feeling extremely lost, Xam hadn't notice his mate entering her bathroom and returning with a towel. He held her eyes as he bent down to her pussy and cleaned her.

Before leaving, Grey leaned on her ear and uttered a few words before he kissed her cheeks.

"I will eat you and drink every last drop of your juice little mate but today is not the day."


Xamantha was on her fourth suitcase when Alpha Lota entered her room. The alpha was stunned on the amount of things her daughter had to pack but she did not comment on it.

"Are you sure you want to leave?" Her mother asked her for the tenth time today.

Xamantha spared her mother a glance and kept wrapping her crystals in a cloth and tying it with a string.

"He does not know anything about us, about you," Her mother reminded her just as much as when any other guy tried to woo her.

Grey wasn't the first person to notice her beauty but the shewolf's mother always drove them away. Her parents were strict about having relationships with other wolves that weren't their mate. It was a form of disrespect to the Goddess but it also had to do something about their family's secret.

"I have no choice," Xamantha reasoned out, "You've seen him. I doubt he will make me stay."

Her mother nodded in understanding. She was right, the most powerful alpha won't take no for an answer especially when it comes to his mate. He would be furious to deny him of what was truly his. It was a sin.

"Very well. I trust that you will tell him about your dormant wolf and the pro--"

"I will not tell him anything," Xamantha cutter her off, "I can't."

She had finished packing everything she owned and started moving the suitcases out on the hallway. Her mother felt the sour mood she was suddenly in but completely understood why she was like this. Alpha Lota pulled her back into the room.

Grabbing Xamantha's hand, she snatched something in her pocket and gave it to her.

"Your grandmother gave me this. I think it's time to give it to you since you are leaving. I don't know when you'll come back."

Xamantha willingly took the red velvet pouch and hugged her mother.

They do not get along well that much, but she knew her mother loved her as much as she loved her siblings. In her eyes, they were always equal. She embraced her.

"I'll visit as often as I can, I promise."

A knock on the door interrupted them. Matteo peeked into the room and flashed them a tight-lipped smile.

"Time to go."

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