I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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4 - Heavenly

Matteo, Alpha Lota and Xamantha rolled out the five suitcases to the pack house's entrance. There, they saw the Silver Pack's alpha which was also Xam's strikingly handsome mate taking a call. He was awaiting them for their departure.

He looked all strict and serious conversing on the other end, not being able to acknowledge them.When they got nearer, he was still in the middle of the call. This gave Xam enough time to stare at the man. She felt hypnotized by the way his mate's bicep flexed holding the phone and how his jaw looked so good ticking after he spat out his orders to the other end of the line. She couldn't believe how awfully hot his mate was. She began roaming her eyes and studied him from his hair down and stopped at his crotch.

"I'll call you later," Grey said as he felt his mate's burning gaze on him.

She blushed as she realized that Grey had caught her looking at him down south. She bit her inner cheeks, mentally ridding off the memories of what happened at dawn. Amused, Grey flashed her a smile.

"I'll take that." He took the suit cases from Alpha Lota's hands and carried it to the van they would travel on. Xam followed quietly and so as Matteo and her family.

"I'll be taking that, too," The Silver Pack alpha said as he grabbed for the suitcase his mate was carrying.His hands slightly brushed hers in the process of taking it, making Xam gasp out of nowhere because of how the sparks felt. She felt her wolf purr and knew he was loving every single bit of it as he flashed her a smirk.

Xamantha frowned.

Matteo shook his head at Grey and put the suitcase he was carrying into the back of the van. He was also amused and taken aback at how much his alpha was in a good mood today. The thought of his alpha's small change of behavior seemed to make him laugh. His best bud was so whipped he doesn't even know it yet.To top it off, his mate seemed annoyed at the moment.

"All set," Matteo announced to the couple as they bid their goodbyes.

"Visit soon," The blonde sister hugged the soon to be luna and released her seconds after to let the other sibling each get an embrace.

"I will. Till I see you next time, Mum. Dad," Grey's little mate bowed at her parents and in return, they both kissed the top of her head.

Grey signaled his beta that it was time to go and proceeded to start the car. He went in the vehicle first and waited for his mate to follow. A few minutes later, she was in the van and making herself comfortable, a seat away from him. He saw Matteo laugh silently at the rear view mirror and frowned at him. He was mad at the distance his mate had put in between them but he didn't complain and for that, Xam was once again thankful. The car started and they were on to their journey.

"Aren't you gonna say your farewells to my family?" She broke the silence after they had passed the border. Her big dark brown orbs stared at him, her lips pursed as her forehead creased. It was obvious how much the question bugged her.

His mate was a sight to look at, not to mention that he found her adorably sexy when she's confused and annoyed at the same time. She was so small compared to his toned figure and it made a part of him excited at their size differences.His memories of what had happened at dawn flashed which only increased the excitement.

"Are you listening?" Xamantha questioned. This time Matteo couldn't help but chuckle.

Grey growled, shifting around so that his buldge would not be in full display of his mate's view especially now when all he could feel is that annoyance radiating off of her.

"I already talked to them earlier today."

"Too early, might I add," Matteo said and Grey glared at him. His beta just couldn't shut his mouth up.

"I was up too early so I figured I'd settle everything before the sun barely rose."

Matteo snorted at his Alpha's explanation. He knew all too well of what had happened or at least what he imagined that happened because Grey woke him up from his slumber with the scent of sweat and cum faintly lingering on him. He had asked him to fetch alpha Lota so he can finalize the signing of the alliance and then leave.

"Oh," Xamantha's face flushed. "Oh, I'm sorry."

Grey looked at his little mate as she looked away and trained her attention to the trees they had passed by as if it was the most interesting things to see. She knew all too well why the big bad alpha awoke so early. He could not help but smirk at her reaction. It felt good to know that her mate had not forgotten about their sinful moment so easily.

"Never apologize," He whispered enough so she could hear.

Matteo smiled to himself hearing his alpha's reply. It felt great to see his best bud feel happy again, even more happier than when he was with Shaniah.

The drive back to the Silver Pack's main pack house was silent and felt longer than it should. They arrived at midnight, with everyone asleep and only a few guards staying up to let their vehicles in the huge territory.

Xamantha was still wide awake much to her mate's surprise. He expected her to be fast asleep but she wasn't. She was too excited to see what the most powerful alpha's land looked like. Realizing that it was too dark for her to appreciate it, she sighed in disappointment.

The car stopped in front of a beautiful black house. Before she could step out of the vehicle to get a better look at it, Grey had beat her to it and carried her into the house.

Her legs wrapped around his torso as he carried her in the hallway and she stayed frozen at the proximity they had. She was thankful she decided to wear jeans instead of the skirt she had picked out this morning or Grey would have felt immediately how she was starting to get wet.

Grey chuckled.

"You smell so heavenly."

Xamantha groaned. It was no use whether she wore jeans or skirt, the alpha would sniff her out anyways.

Grey set his mate down on his bed and studied her curious face. She had not realized that he had brought her into his room. She looked like gourmet on his bed and could not stop but reach out to her face and kiss it.

"Hmm," Xam moaned. She felt her jeans rip as the alpha desperately tried to peel it off of her. Minutes later she was left in her shirt and panties and felt his fingers travel from her knees higher to her thigh. It felt amazing but it startled her making her jump back.

Grey sniffed the air. When he opened his eyes, it showed his wolf's lustful black orbs.

"You're pure," His mate's face flushed and she looked down biting her lip.

Grey could not be anymore happier. His wolf was pleased to know that their mate was as faithful and pure as he was but he could also sense the uneasiness she felt. Still in control, he pushed his mate down on his bed.

"Today is not the day I promised you, my love. It is also not the day I will claim every single part of you. Soon," Grey growled into his mate's ear.

She was pooling down there but he knew he would not push her to mate just yet. He wanted her to beg him to do it. She just wasn't ready. For now, he will settle with seeing her pleasure herself.

"Now, show me again what you did last time, kitten."

And she did while he sucked on her skin, praying to the Goddess that his control won't slip.

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