I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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5 - Feisty

Xam was woken up by the sunlight peeking from the window's curtains. Last night, she had felt like she was on cloud nine having his mate watch her pleasure herself and later on assisted her.After their heated session, she had the best sleep of her life.

Sighing, she went to the full body mirror at the corner of her mate's room. She was only in Grey's white shirt after the alpha ripped all of her clothes off last night. She lifted the shirt up and examined her nude lower half.

She groaned when she realized that marks were all over her body. When she turned to look at her back, she gasped not expecting a hickey on her buttcheek.

Memories of last night flashed before her eyes and she remembered how much she moaned when her mate ate her out. She was too busy feeling the ecstasy he brought that she did not notice him giving her ass a mark.

"What the hell have I gotten myself into?" Her nose crinkled in annoyance.

Xamantha felt relieved that Grey was gone before she'd woken up. She wasn't so sure how to act around him after the things they did. It never once crossed her mind to go this sex crazed when she would finally meet her mate but then again, she never anticipated to meet him, at least not this soon.

Now, she felt defeated. This wasn't part of her plan at all. For years, her family readied her for something far more greater than meeting her mate and now that he was in her life, she's confused and anxious more than ever. It's not like she doesn't want him because Goddess knows she's already addicted to the man but how was she gonna make him understand?

Her stomach grumbled pulling her out of the anxiousness she'd already drowned in.

After arriving at midnight, she really haven't got the chance to eat dinner at all. Shrugging the fact that she was bare down there, she walked to the kitchen and helped herself in making breakfast.

She was taken aback at how her mate's kitchen looked so expensive. Xamantha shook her head. The alpha really made an effort to show off his wealth.

"Alpha?" A man shouted, entering the house.

This startled her in the middle of cooking her sunny side up and bacon. Panic crawled to her as she remembered she was bare. The man was nearing the kitchen already and she was clueless as to what she was supposed to do. Maybe she could politely ask him to leave.

Grey put on some shorts and was sweating. He just came back from patrolling the area when he heard his mate's scream. Matteo's eyes widened at him and in an instant, both of them bolted into the house as fast as they could.

This morning, he decided to join his beta in securing the perimeter. It was not like a major threat suddenly came up but he needed to take his mind off his mate for a while.His wolf was becoming uncontrollable and he feared he would've marked her while she was asleep.

He had his heart broken once and it left a dent but finding his mate, it changed everything. It was as if the heartbreak he felt was just worth it, strangely. He and his wolf felt this weird feeling of finally being complete.

Even so, he was nervous. She was his mate but he wasn't sure if she was as 'in' on their mateship as he was. Afterall, she disappeared after her dance. She came in late during the dinner at their pack, surely on purpose. Did she want him too or not? She did call out his name when she pleasured herself back at her home but still.

Running around Silver Pack's territory helped ease the questions that burned in his head however Grey's jaws locked, regretting if it was the right decision to make.

"Get the fuck away from her." Matteo warned his pack member, Jared, who he suspended from his patrolling job last week.

As soon as they entered and searched for his mate, they caught Jared holding Xam's wrist, his eyes glossed over with lust. Grey growled at him. He clearly remembered suspending this mutt because he still couldn't control his wolf at the age of eighteen.

"Release her." His voice boomed and demanded submission.

He was furious. He never felt this mad before. Being the strongest alpha out there, everyone is expected to fear you and they did. Grey's threat was one to none so he didn't need to show his wrath not unless needed. He had learned to control his emotions to avoid having his enemies use it against him. It was hard now though because as soon as he found Xamantha, some of his control slipped.

"But she smells so nice." Jared sniffed Xam's neck and she tried hard to pull away.

"Get the fuck away from me, you sick fuck!" Xam growled and threw a punch, shocking the alpha and his beta.

Jared groaned but still managed to put up after her fists collided with his jaw. In retaliation, he grabbed Xamantha's short hair and pulled it with force, trying to shove it against the countertop. Keyword 'tried'.

Xam was sick of playing nice. When Jared entered, she asked him to leave because one, his mate was not in the house. Two, she needed the privacy because of her lack of clothing. Unfortunately, Jared didn't listen so she told him to fuck off. The piece of shit slapped her ass instead and tried to kiss her, hence the scream and tug of war they had with her wrist.

She did not expect to have Grey and Matteo walk in on them though but she didn't mind as she was about to kick this idiot's ass.

Matteo was about to interfere worried that his Luna might get injured but Grey held him back, amused at how Xam fought off the mutt.

"Stay put, Matt." His beta did as told.

In a split second, Xamantha kneed Jared on his balls and shoved him back. Thankfully, the shirt was long enough to not show her bareness. Fisting her hands, she collided it on to his face, aiming for the idiot's eye. Not contented, she elbowed him and landed a punch once more to his not so pretty face.

Jared stumbled back from the impact and Matteo immediately restrained the mutt. He dragged him out of the house leaving the two mates to themselves.

Xam's chest heaved up and down. She composed herself and fixed her hair, glaring at the idiot she just fought off. She tried closing and opening her fist, assessing the damage. Her knuckles were sore and it hurt but nothing she could not handle.

"Feisty." Grey smirked at her but she ignored him and continued cooking her meal.

"Didn't know you could throw a punch." His eyes sparkled in fascination of his mate. Her back was to him and he enjoyed looking at her ass.

"My mother is an alpha female. What do you expect me to do? Scream until my throat bleeds?" He chuckled at her response and neared her. She still hadn't turned to look at him.

Grey trapped her in between his arms and burried his head on her neck, taking her scent in. Lifting one hand, he traced her thighs with his fingers and teased her skin. Cupping her sex, his other hand went inside the shirt she wore and played with her breasts.

"Oh, we can arrange that." He felt her shiver with his touch. "No panties?"

Xamantha leveled her breath before replying to her mate.

"I'd like to eat, please."

Grey huffed and let her go. She was lucky, he thought. He was gonna give her everything she wanted before demanding what he wanted the most out of her. It was only a matter of time.

Patience, he reminded his wolf.

"Do you want some?" Xamantha asked him, holding out a plate with bacon on it.

Grey nodded and watched his mate prepare him breakfast. Once settled, they both ate silently. He knew his mate felt his burning gaze but he couldn't help it.

Oh how he wish she was the one for breakfast instead.


"We'll have the pack doctor look at that hand of yours." Grey said after finishing his meal.

Xamantha snorted.

Her mate was over acting. It was really nothing that an ice pack couldn't fix but the look her mate gave her seemed to refrain her from commenting.

I should just give him his peace of mind, she thought.

"Let me just get clothed." Xam said as she exited the kitchen hastily before her mate does something which could delay them both for hours.

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