I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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6 - Bitch

After rummaging through her suitcases and wearing underwear, Xam settled with some satin shorts and kept on her mate's T-shirt for the doctor's visit. On their way, members of the pack locked their gazes on her, making her feel uncomfortable.

Was it her short hair? Her pack always had their eyes on her when she went out with her real hair. She did think it didn't suit her but she felt free wearing it. She looked down at herself and huffed. Maybe it was because she had Grey's shirt on.

Grey noticed her discomfort and snaked an arm around his mate. However, instead of easing her, Xam seemed she grew much more uncomfortable.

"Relax," the alpha whispered in her ear.

"Staring is rude," she whispered back, her fingers fiddling with each other.

Grey chuckled at her mate's behavior which earned him a glare. She looked adorable all nervous and an angry little kitten when annoyed.

"They can't help it when you're that gorgeous."

Xam didn't know what to reply. Whether or not her mate was just hyping her up to calm her nerves or he was simply telling the truth, she blushed and looked away from him.

The rest of the walk was silent. When they arrived at the pack's clinic, a doctor was already at the door and expecting them. Both the alpha and his Luna were dragged into a private room. Xam was sat down on a neat bed and got examined while his mate stood beside her.

"Well, I don't see a problem here except for those healing knuckle bruises, alpha," the female doctor adjusted her glasses and turned to Grey, "Her wolf will be able to heal her in a few hours but an ice pack can help numb it."

"I know, right? He's just an overacting alpha," Xam muttered.

Grey rolled his eyes at his mate and dismissed the doctor. When they were finally alone, he sat down beside her and cupped her cheeks, squeezing it.

"Not only are you a feisty little kitten but you've got a smartass mouth as well." Not letting go of her, she ran his nose across her cheeks and kissed it.

Xam backed away from his mate after the kiss and went for the door. The look of hurt on Grey's face made her whimper but she kept walking out of the clinic. Hearing his footsteps behind her, she went back into the black house and got settled inside her mate's room.

"What?" She asked after silence enveloped them.

Grey was leaning on the door's frame, his arms crossed and his eyes studying her. To answer her question, he just shook his head.

Xamantha released a sigh.

She was still processing everything. They were going too fast for her liking. Mates always do especially alpha wolves but she didn't expect to have it like this. When Grey was around, her thoughts seemed to be unorganized. She would act like an anxious mess. Xam was starting to grow worried. She had a lot of stuff to clear out before she wanted to take it further and fully commit to him.

First, she was gonna have to break it to him about her wolf. Next, she was gonna make him understand what she was. And if the two things end up well, she would think about sharing with her mate the family secret and her destiny. As of the moment, she hadn't succeeded any of it at all. On the bright side, her mate had not once crossed over her boundaries so she admired his control but he could only hold back so much.

He knew from the moment he saw her that she was gonna drive him mad but now, Grey looked at his Luna very confused. After ravishing her for two consecutive days, he was taken aback at how Xamantha jumped away from him earlier. He could not bear his mate having second thoughts about this. He needed something to make her feel comfortable.

"Alright, get up," Grey spoke out of nowhere, "I'll take you to the training grounds."

He saw his mate's eyes widen. He smirked, grabbed her hand and dragged her towards the training grounds.

This morning, his mate had amazed him. If she was as feisty as she showed him,then putting her under training with the other warriors won't be a problem. It would be perfect. She'd feel like she was still back at her pack training. It'll be a first to get her comfortable enough here.

"Hello, little Luna!" Matteo was awfully chirpy, beaming at his pack leaders.

"Take her for a spin, Matt," Grey ordered his beta.

Xamantha felt lost. Not only that, she was uncomfortable having her mate not around her as he left her in Matt's hands. She instinctively reached for Grey and clung to his arms.

"Lester, don't just leave me!" Her forehead creased in annoyance, "I don't know anyone here."

Grey just chuckled at her. At first, he was stunned to hear her call out his first name. Nobody really called him that except the beta and family. She was really starting to show her spitfire attitude. He imagined what she would be like when she'd finally get comfortable. It would be entertaining to have someone to bicker with all day.

"Matteo will show you around, love. If you need me, shout my name. I'll be checking up on the warriors right across you." He pointed out across the field where male wolves trained.

Xamantha huffed.

"Fine," She turned to the beta and plastered a smile, "I'm sorry. You are Matteo, right?"

"At your service," Matt gave his Luna a sloppy salute and began touring her around.

Xamantha found the beta very amusing and carefree. He felt like a big brother to her while he explained their training system. He was kind enough to ask if she was tired or hungry or bored once in a while. She was enjoying the day until a sweaty female blonde approached them.

"Spar with me," She said, looking Xam up and down.

"Chill out, Ivy. She's the alpha's," Matteo shooed her away but she held her ground and smirked.

"Of course, we wouldn't want our fragile little Luna to bear a scratch."

Xamantha gritted her teeth but stayed calm. This 'Ivy' in front of her was getting on her nerves. The most stupid thing a shewolf like her could do is assume that an alpha's daughter is fragile. Xam knew she wasn't as weak as the blonde perceived.

"It's just a spar but okay.Well, take care little Luna," The blonde snickered.

"Wait." Xam stopped her, "Matt, mind-link the alpha and tell him to have the doctor ready. I'm gonna put this bitch back in her place."

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