I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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7 - Kitty

L, get your ass in here before the Luna gets decorated in bruises, Matteo messaged through the link.

Grey growled mid-conversation when his beta interrupted. He was checking up on a few warriors and chatted away when the beta asked for him.

What do you mean, did you not watch her? his anger could be felt through the link when he replied.

Just get here fast, his beta sounded a lot worried.

His wolf was going crazy as he jogged over to the growing crowd. He was angry at Matt not doing a good job in guarding his mate. If something ever happens to her, he will surely get a piece of his mind.

He was about to command everyone to scram but his mate's growl stopped him. Matteo ran to him looking frantic.

"Aren't you gonna break this up?" Matteo was worried his Luna might lose. After all, Ivy was one of the best female warriors in the pack.

"Let her have a go at it." Grey decided she wanted to see his little mate in a fight. His wolf wanted to know how strong and deserving she was.

Xamantha was in her sports bra and satin shorts. She slipped out of her mate's shirt before the fight. She was already heaving and did her best to regain her breathing when Ivy thew her off to the other side of the platform.

She growled.

They were just starting when the pack members started gathering around them. Everyone was intrigued to see who'd dare go up against one of the strongest warriors. The crowd was growing bigger. It was a show that couldn't be missed.

Xam waited for Ivy's next move. Stealing a glance at the crowd, she found her mate looking intensely at her. She had not noticed that Grey was already part of the audience. He looked pissed off but she shrugged it off.

'I'll deal with him later,' she thought.

Ivy tackled her with a punch and she dodged it in time. She retaliated with an uppercut but the blonde warrior was fast enough to kick her feet. She landed on the platform with a loud thud and groaned.

"I don't understand why you chose to fight in human form when you're two sizes smaller than me," Ivy smirked, "Didn't expect you to be that dumb."

What Ivy told was true. She was definitely small compared to her built body. The blonde was more muscly and had more experience in fighting. Xam was bound to lose in human form but what others don't know was that she was trained to use her size as an advantage.

Because of her dormant wolf, Xamantha had been trained young to fight with her human form. Growing up, her trainers noticed her size difference from her sisters and took a different approach. Instead of focusing on honing her strength and skills, she was trained to practice her speed and precision.

Getting back up on her feet, she waited for Ivy to deliver a move again. The blonde proceeded to land a kick. Xam failed to dodge it this time which made her lose her balance. Her jaws locked. If she continued to wait out until Ivy grew tired, she was gonna turn into a punching bag first.

The fight went on with Ivy on offense and Xamantha on defense. The Luna kept taking hits causing her to get tackled down or thrown off. It looked pretty pitiful to see her get bruised and thrown like a ragged doll.

"Alpha, I think she's had enough," Matteo voiced out.

Xamantha looked tired and beaten up but the fierceness in her eyes never faded away. Grey somehow knew his little mate was still up for it. He was worried more than Matteo ever was but his wolf told him to let her be.

"Shut it, Matt," Grey said and cheered on his mate, "Stop stalling and start kicking her ass, baby!"

The crowd broke into gasps and whispers. Their alpha had not officially announced that the Luna was in their territory already. Rumors were spread earlier in the day but they did not expect it to be true. After Shaniah, their alpha was paired with every girl they saw him with so nobody really took the rumor seriously.

Xamantha rolled her eyes at her mate. Of course he'd shout out to her. She noticed he always wanted to show off what was his.

Ivy scoffed and took advantage of her loss in focus. She landed a punch on Xam's face which caused her to stumble back.

"Fucking bitch, not the face." Xam spat out, wiping the blood running down from her nose.

"Oops," Ivy snickered.

Grey was right. It was about time the little Luna kicked her ass. Getting into position, Xam motioned for Ivy to near her.

"Come at me again."

Ivy growled at her and did as told. She went for a kick to her head,however, Xamantha ducked down and landed a punch in her face at an incredible speed. Her eyes widened as she stumbled back in shock.

"I said come at me," Xam repeated.

Ivy angrily swung a punch at her but the Luna seemed to move faster than before and dodged her again. Learning from her past mistake, she hastily brought up her other arm to swing but her opponent unbelievably dodged it again.

Xamantha did not waste any second and swung her left hand to Ivy's face. After the blonde lost balance, she brought her right feet up and kicked her side, making her fall.

Ivy seemed determined to beat her though because she immediately stood up even when she seemed to be swaying from side to side. Again, she attempted to land punches and kicks but the little Luna brat always managed to dodge her and sprung out of nowhere to attack her.

Xam looked at the blonde having trouble to balance herself now. Ivy looked pretty banged up more than she was but the warrior still didn't give up. After a few exchanges, she managed to tackle her down and continued to deliver punches. She swung her arm back and prepared to deliver the final blow when Ivy shifted to her wolf.

Xamantha's eyes widened.

The wolf pushed her off and clawed her. Her arm stung and started bleeding. She was still in shock. Both had agreed to fight in skin and not fur. How was she gonna finish the fight when she had a hard time shifting?

Ivy's wolf growled at her and pushed her down. Xamantha was just gonna accept her defeat, for now. However, Ivy had other plans in mind and bared her teeth at her.

"That is enough!" Matteo shouted but Ivy did not listen.

Just when she was about to snap her teeth on Xam, a large gray wolf tackled her to the side. It growled at her, bit her wolf's nape and furiously throwed her off the platform. Ivy's wolf whimpered in pain as she slammed against the ground.

Grey wasn't satisfied. He wanted to tear the disrespectful wolf apart. In his eyes, Ivy cheated by shifting to her wolf when she was about to lose. He growled and stalked towards her.

L, calm down. Luna needs you, his beta reprimanded.

His wolf gave Ivy one last growl before he shifted back to his human and was offered a pair of basketball shorts. He went to his mate and slowly sweeped her into his arms.

"I'm sorry," Xam held her head down, "I didn't mean to start a fight."

Grey stayed silent as she carried his mate away from the crowd. He was still pissed at Ivy but he knew he had to tend to his mate first. Her punishment will be given later.

"Are you mad?" Xam asked him once more after he sat her down on his bed. Grey remained silent as he walked into the bathroom and got back with a first aid kit in hand.

"No doctor this time?" she tried to ease the tension.

"None or my mate will think I'm overacting again," he replied and started disinfecting her wound, "Now tell me little mate, what made you think it was right to wear that bra and shorts infront of those hungry men?"

Xamantha laughed.

"You're joking, right? I just fought your pack member back there. Aren't you mad?"

Once Grey was finished, he set aside the kit and lifted her mate to his lap so she'd be straddling him.

"Of course, I am mad but not because of what you think," he traced her neck with his nose and kissed her collar bones, "You're so fucking sexy that I'm mad they even got a glimpse of you like this."

"I wear what I want to wear," his mate pushed him back with a finger.

He sighed.

"Whatever you say, babe," he laid her down on the bed, "I really thought you'd behave on your first day here."

"I would've if your pack members showed some respect and manners. Did you know that wolf called me fragile? Do you see me like that too?" the annoyance in her voice was evident.

"For the record, I knew you would win if she had not cheated. And no, you're my feisty little kitty," he laughed out loud when he saw her nose crinkle.

"Don't you ever run out of endearments to call me?"

"Never for you, babe," he winked, "Let's get something to eat for lunch after you change and then have the doctor check you out."

"I thought no doctors this time," she whined.

"I'll give you a minute to change before I come in here again and change you myself," Grey sang out and slammed the door shut.

Xam groaned while she hurried herself into changing something decent. In the midst of it, she caught herself smiling. Lester was very opposite of his reputation and she loved how she was the one who could only see it.

"Should I clothe you myself?" Her mate called out.

"I'm coming!"

She went out of the door and grabbed his mate's hand.

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