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Cara Holland moved out of the country in order to get over her ex, Ace Reid, who was engaged to Bethany Ren, a manager of the company Cara worked with. Bethany doesn't know that Ace and Cara were and are in love [possibly]. Now that she is in London, she left him a box of things. But instead of Ace, Bethany reads the letter and finds out the truth but what happens after it? Will they get back together? Will Bethany do something she will regret? Read on to find out.

Romance / Drama
Jenna Stomphson
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Chapter 1

Cara was leaving to London tonight so she decided to write a note to Ace and give back all of his belongings which were with her.

“Dear Ace,

It feels like just yesterday I was called to the Dean’s office for punching Heather as he introduced me to you. That was when I fell in love with you my Aussie man. I thought I lost you when I got a call from the hospital but god saved you. I didn’t lose you then but I have lost you now.

When I left the state to travel across the country to achieve my dreams, I thought we were clear as to where we stood. We were in love and I thought it would stay the same way even after I came back after a year. But I was wrong. You found someone else in the meanwhile. You didn’t even have the courtesy to even tell it to me yourself but I had to witness you and her kiss. It broke my heart into millions of little pieces.

To make matters worse I work with the both of you and she has no clue about us. Every time I see you and her, a part of me dies. I do not deserve this and you know it too. Now you are set to marry her. How is that possible? I always imagined you waiting for me with tears in your eyes as I walk down the aisle in my dream wedding gown, holding my dad’s hand but now it’s her. She will be in my place walking down the aisle for her to-be-husband with her father. Why did this happen to me? I trusted you with all my heart and it turns out no one, not even you can keep it safe.

It’s not fair that she gets to spend rest her life with you because she can never possibly love you more than I do. I know that I can be better than her in loving you but since you chose her, she must be better.

Everyone thinks our relationship was just a short term one but you and I both know how pure it was. You were the first man I ever loved and probably the last one. And as I always say, if you have to choose between me and her, choose her because if you loved me, there would be no choice.

I was not expecting this to happen to us. I had plans for our future. I can see myself growing old with you but life gets in the way and my heart shifted. I do not know what happened or when it happened, I just realized one day that it’s not the same anymore.

I guess it is hard for me to let you go. I do not even know if I can do it, or will I ever be able to do it. I always tell myself that I am such a lucky person to have found someone who would love me back, and I was not even looking. I always thought that you and I will be together until the very end. It’s hard enough that I will not be able to be with you again, and it is harder for me when I know I will not be able to love someone else again the same way I loved you.

I thought I can bear the fact that I can only love you from afar, but now I cannot contain the pain when I wanted to touch you so bad but I can’t. No matter how I try to push myself away from you, I still can’t delete the memories of you and me together. I still can’t picture myself being happy with someone else. I can’t date anyone and not see you in them. I can’t date anyone and not search for you in them. I thought my love for you left when you walked out that door but I guess it did not leave. I guess I haven’t stopped loving you since. Bubba, I always did and I always will love you, even if you don’t.

Good luck for your life and your marriage and good bye because I am going far away from you. I am sorry for everything I have done and I hope you and Bethany have a good life together,” the note said and she placed her promise ring, Ace’s hoodies, their pictures, memories and gifts in a box and sent him some flowers.

She packed last of her things into her suitcase and left to the airport where she met her family, Heather and Jake. He had come to confess something to her.

They all hugged her as she departed.

“Cara, I need to tell you something. I am in love with you. I have been ever since I set my eyes on you. I mean who wouldn’t? You are so beautiful, caring, talented, funny and mainly forgiving. You are literally the perfect human being I have ever met but fate didn’t want us to be together. I understand that you love someone else and I am fine with it because I wish well for you. I have to tell you this to get over you so Cara I love you,” Jake said and Cara hugged him.

“Jakey, I love you too, maybe not the same way. I hope you find someone worthy of you,” she said and kissed his cheek.

“Cara, can I ask you one thing?” Jake asked and she nods.

“Who is you bubba?” he asked and she smiled.

“Ace Reid,” she said as she walked into the airport and Jake was shocked. He was with Bethany the whole time Cara was working with them. She had seen the love of her life with someone else and yet she never sabotaged their relationship.

Cara had asked Natalie to drop it off to Ace’s house after she left and she gone to do so. Natalie had done everything Cara had asked to do so but Bethany opened the package out of curiosity and saw the note.

She read it and was shocked. She had to read it 5 times to realise that Ace was Cara’s bubba. Ace was the one Cara couldn’t get over. She was the one he had promised never to ride a bike again till it is the most important thing. He was the one who promised to marry her with a promise ring. He was the one who brought her flowers. He was the one who had been her teacher. He was the one who broke her heart and it was because of him Cara was crying every day.

That was why Chris was talking to her and his parent’s looked so sad. That was the reason her parents were angry at Ace. That was why he had received flowers of anger, lost love and forgiveness. That was why he went to Milo’s funeral because he was Milo’s dad. That was why Cara got so angry when she compared herself to them.

But then she realised something else. She was as guilty as Ace because she had made matters worse. She introduced the both of them. She insisted on having meals together and to go out together. She was the one who insisted she meet his parents. She was the one who persuaded Ace into marrying her. She was the reason Cara got addicted to alcohol and went into depression.

She went through all of the things and pictures. Cara and Ace looked so in love in everything. They were meant to be together. Bethany came across Cara’s promise ring and she felt just bad holding it. She was the reason their love was destroyed.

She sat down crying as Ace entered.

“Babe?” he asked and she looked up at him. It was all too much to take.

“You are Cara’s bubba,” she said and Ace’s face fell. He realised that she knew about it too.

“Why?” she asked and he sat down.

“Bethany, I am so sorry. I didn’t know it either that Cara wasn’t dating someone. I am sorry I didn’t tell you this,” he said and she got up.

“We are the reason that Cara was devastated. We did this to that wonderful human being and yet she was so nice to the both of us despite us tearing her apart. She has been nothing but wonderful towards us despite us being horrible to her,” Bethany said wiping her tears and Ace nods. She hands him the note and he reads it with tears in his eyes.

He was crying as he finished her note and looked in the box. Everything he had given her was in it, including the promise ring that he gave her. A box of petals of every flower he had given her was also present and he was crying as he brought up his sweatshirt, which now smelt like Cara to his face.

“Do you love her Ace?” Bethany asked walking up to him.

“But you love me,” he said and she laughs a little.

“I do but you know what, our love is not greater than hers. I could never see my love with some other girl and hope for the best like Cara did. I can never do that but now Cara has thought me something so answer it. Do you love her?” she asked again.

“I do. I always did,” he said and she held his cheek.

“Our time together has come to an end Ace. Your time with Cara has begun. Here take this ring. I don’t think it is my right to wear it anymore. Tell Cara that I am sorry and that I thank her for her sacrifice. I will get over you soon,” Bethany said and Ace smiled as he hugged her.

“Help me move out,” she said and they went upstairs as he helped her pack her things.

Cara had already landed in London, in her new house and was setting up everything. She was glad and sad that she was here. She could at least move on from Ace now. She was extremely tired so she went to bed immediately.

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