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Is It You?

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Alpha Malachi Carson has been waiting for his mate for a very long time. When the moment has finally presented itself, he’s not sure if it’s her. Adira struggles with explaining the truth to the Alpha who is convinced she is his mate. Of course, she knows it can’t be true but.... shouldn’t she get to enjoy herself a little too? The two grapple with realizing their dreams are being fulfilled but at what price?

Romance / Drama
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Malachi POV 1

I uncaringly relaxed into my plush black office chair and stared out the window at the early morning sun. It was just a few minutes after nine. I had been anticipating an early visit from my annoyingly sharp Beta, Wildon. He had always been my right hand man and everything was handled under his control perfectly. I contemplated waiting a few more minutes, knowing that Wildon was bound to be here in three...two...one

“O wise one, we have a council meeting this afternoon” Wildon entered with a bright smile.

The six foot, four, bulging build of a man stood in front my desk. He had cropped dark brown hair, rough green eyes and thin lips. He was casually dressed in jeans, a V-neck that gripped his biceps and sneakers. I smiled at him and put a hand on my chin.

“Your late,” I teased.

Wildon took a seat and shrugged nonchalantly. “Esther wanted to spend time with me this morning”

I nodded as if I were deep in thought. Esther was his mate of eight years and was sporting a small baby bump from their consecutive mating rituals. I was happy for him, I truly was... but the thought crossed my mind often. When would I find my mate? It had already been a decade and I was still nowhere close to picking up her scent.

My wolf, Marcel, was becoming impatient. He was also very fond of reminding me that he was in dire need of feminine energy in my four bedroom house. I reassured him that we’d be fine... but I’m not entirely sure Marcel believes me. I pushed the thought from my head and focused back on Wildon.

“What, when, where?” I asked.

“The meeting will be at Harbor Moon Pack, across the valley. Its suppose to start at 4PM. You’ve been specially invited by Alpha Hendrix and his mate.”


It’s not that I wasn’t up for celebrating with my neighbors but... no... that was exactly it. There were a million other ways I could find to spend my mateless existence than prance around with a carefree Alpha and his beautiful mate and pups.

“You received Alpha of the decade. The council wants to give you recognition for the many issues you’ve resolved. I think it would also be nice to get to know Harbor Moon Pack”

I shifted in my seat and sat straight.

“I don’t want to go” I shared.

Wildon extended his arm in the air. “I think it’s a great idea actually”

“You think everything is a great idea”

We stared at each other for a few minutes until he sighed. “I can’t say I know what you’re feeling but you can’t let it control you. You have a reputation to uphold. Let’s just go do this and be back by morning, agreed?”

I sighed as if the world had just dropped its entire weight on my shoulders. Wildon had always encouraged to me search for mate. He had been one of the only persons who even came with me on hunts but it wasn’t enough. Seeing me broken and confidence starved wasn’t a good look on an Alpha so I eventually stopped searching.

At this point, I was pretty sure she didn’t exist.

“Fine, I’ll go, anything else?”

Wildon threw me another smile and laughed lightly. “Great and yes, Dec wants to show you the newly added recruits to the border patrol”

Declan was my Gamma, third in charge. He was also responsible for training the recently transformed wolves and teaching the pups. I left all my paperwork on my desk and followed Wildon to the door. We headed outside to my wrangler and I got in the front seat. My house was a fifteen minute drive from the main pack area.

I liked to have solitude and the quiet surround me, though I wouldn’t mind the sound of pups playing or female laughter. I drove down to the main pack house and parked out front. On cue, Declan came marching out with ten boys behind him.

Wildon folded his arms and nodded to the third teen in line. “Astounding on hand to hand combat. I was shocked when he managed to get Declan on his back”

A fist flew past Wildon’s face and he dodged it by stepping to the side. He raised his hands in defeat.

“Sorry Dec, Malachi had to know.”

I chuckled at the two’s shenanigans before pointing back to the recruits. Declan addressed each by their names and they stepped forward to shake his hand.

“They’ll be added to the night patrol starting tomorrow. I hope they learn a thing or two from the older warriors”

Malachi agreed.

Declan gestured to each to be on their way and then turned back to me and Wildon.

“You’ll be in charge while Malachi and I head over to Harbor Mood Pack. We’ll be back by morning”

Declan nodded in understanding. He expressed his plan for the evening then left us to discuss amongst ourselves.

“Can I go back now?”

I had rarely stayed near the pack house for too long. The solitude had become my only friend and for some reason, I didn’t have the strength to leave it. I only addressed the pack twice a month, with much force from Wildon and Declan.

“Sure, but don’t run off. We’re leaving shortly so pack the stuff you need and get back here”

I nodded and went back to my Jeep.

Back at the house, I pulled out a small suitcase from under the bed and grabbed a few items I felt comfortable in. I dreaded leaving my house, even more so to go to another pack. If they really wanted to celebrate my award, they could have brought the party here. I was lonely, not stupid. Something else was at play and Wildon seemed to know as well.

I had refrained from asking earlier because it seemed like a secret. I had full trust in him so I’d play along with his game until it was enough. I zipped the suitcase shut and headed back to my Jeep. I met Wildon at the end of the path with a suitcase tucked under his arm too. It was larger compared to mine.

“Is your mate inside that suitcase?” I teased.

“Very funny,” He muttered. “Just all the things I’ll need. No need to worry wise one”

I ignored his “old wise one” joke as I normally did. Little did I know that I was about to tested.

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