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Another Chance

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Friends with benefits? Threesome? Unavoidable future with great results? All questions that runs through Hugh's mind as two beautiful women want him.

Romance / Erotica
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Another Chance

“You need to get out, do something fun.” My daughter said from the doorway.

“I’m good just the way I am,” I said trying to keep it as light as possible. It had been two years ago today that my wife had run away with another man. I had no intentions of getting hurt like that again.

“Fine, you’re too stubborn to argue with. I’ll call you tomorrow.” Then she waved goodbye and shut the door behind her as she walked out.

I laughed and went back into my kitchen where I finished dishing up the beef stew I had made into freezer safe containers and left enough for dinner for myself. She always came and got stew leftovers when I made them, and today was no different.

I played it tough but the reason I did it today was because I needed to see her, I needed to know that her mom and I had one good thing that went right. She played it cool as well and talked with me for a while, then took her stew and left.

I cleaned up and then went back into my den and sat in my chair and ate my stew. It was the only thing I had changed when Stacy left. It used to be a dining room, but who needed that, so I made it my den with wall to wall book cases and a giant screen television that took up a whole wall. Yup I was good.

I took another bite as my cell went off and I reached for it. I finished swallowing and answered. “Hello,” I said into the phone.

“Mister Sparks, this is Jordan Ames at Madison County Library. The books you have asked for are in.”

“Excellent, thank you for calling. If it’s alright I will stop and pick them up tomorrow?” I asked.

“Sure, we are here on Saturdays from nine till three. I will keep your books behind the counter, and I will be here, so stop whenever you get the chance.” She said like she was perky teenager.

“Thanks again, I will see you tomorrow.” I said hanging up. That was good I had been waiting for those two books, and it wasn’t a series I collected so the library was the perfect solution.

It was a madhouse at the library when I walked in and I should have known that being a weekend it would be full of kids. I skated by one here and dodged one there all on trying to get to the front desk where two women were working. I wasn’t sure which Jordan was but they both seemed friendly when I walked up.

“Hi, I’m Hugh Sparks, I got a call from Jordan yesterday that some books I requested are in.” I said letting my eyes range back and forth between the two women.

“I’m Jordan,” the one on the right said and she was just as I pictured her. She was probably in her late twenties and perky. Her smile was infectious and when she stuck her hand out I didn’t even hesitate to shake it.

Her hands were soft and smooth and her eyes danced with a little bit of mischief as we shook. I laughed inside thinking a young girl like this could be flirting with me and then the other broke our connection.

“I’m Hillary Bartlett; my dad is the administrator here. Pleased to meet you,” she said extending her hand and again I shook hands marveling how soft her hands were as well.

She was probably the same age as Jordan and where Jordan was slim and perky, Hillary was more styled and fit. Hillary had some amazing curves, and as I man I had to tell myself to keep looking at her eyes and not the rest of her. Her eyes lit up with mischief as well and I wondered if they were playing a game with me. Maybe see which one could be the biggest flirt to the old guys.

I was an old forty and having both these girls smile like that brought me back a few years, but being forty, I knew it wasn’t really real. “Well ladies, it has been a pleasure meeting both of you.”

“I hope you know that your name was at the top of list for this rental. You even bumped me down, because I was next.” Jordan said mock pouting.

I laughed. “Donating that check last year had an advantage then. Well that’s good to know. I am sorry I stole them from you though. If you would like to read them first I can wait.”

I didn’t want to wait, but I was never the type to let a woman go without either. Her eyes lit up like she might accept but then she said “You can go ahead, I snuck and bought both copies yesterday. Wait till you get to chapter three in ‘Love on the Water’.”

It was my turn to laugh. She was cute in a perky way. It was so different than what I was used to. “Well, if I have any questions, I know who to ask then.”

“Just call me. We can even meet somewhere for coffee and discuss it. I love talking about books I just read. There is just something about it.” She said and it hit a note with me because I knew the exact feeling.

“Well you can’t do that without me, I want to read the books too.” Hillary said now taking her turn to pout. These girls were so different but so alike. I liked both of them immediately.

“I think we should plan something. That way we all have a deadline. I like deadlines and organization.” She explained and I saw some of the light leave Jordan’s eyes.

So they weren’t so alike. Jordan was a free spirit and Hillary was well organized and thought out. If you could put them together they would be the perfect woman. Of course if you could add their ages together then it would be someone I could actually think about even though I swore off dating.

“Spoilsport, I’m already on chapter five.” Jordan complained and we both laughed at her.

“How about we all meet at Lidia’s coffee shop Monday night at seven and we can discuss the book?” Hillary threw out there. She was sweet but I was much too old and much too much a homebody to accept. Before I could explain my thoughts Jordan jumped back in to the conversation.

“Great idea, the library closes at five and I can grab a quick bite and meet you both there. Ok so it’s all settled, we all bring our books with us, so we can reference back at things.”

“Um,” I started.

“Lidia’s is the coffee shop on the corner of Main and Peach. A lot of people go there to discuss books. Jordan and I hang out with friends there all the time.” Hillary said probably noticing my hesitation.

Ok so we were going to be friends. I guess it couldn’t hurt. I mean hell my daughter had been trying to get me out of the house, well now I could say I did. “Alright ladies, I will see you there. I will even try to stop by chapter five so I don’t get too far.”

They both laughed as I walked away. They seemed like nice girls. Of course they were my daughters age so there was no use thinking about the way Hillary’s deep dark gaze seemed to see inside me, or the way Jordan’s spirit just seemed to lift me up out of a fog. Nope, no uses thinking about stuff like that at all.

I pulled up in my Cherokee and parked out front. I didn’t see either girl from outside and wondered if I was set up, but I brushed it off and grabbed the book and headed inside. Even if I had been, this way I could tell my daughter I went out.

I walked through the door and saw people sitting in groups and they all seemed to be talking quietly about different subjects. I saw a comfortable looking free area with three chairs and walked over to it setting my book on the table and draping my coat over the back.

The counter was quiet as I walked up to it and I saw all sorts of coffee’s and teas but I never really developed a taste for either so I got a hot chocolate and went back to my seat.

I flipped open the book, and while I stopped on chapter five, there was no use going past that now. I was a couple of paragraphs in when I heard a voice that was already sliding by my defenses.

“You wouldn’t be skipping ahead would you?” Hillary asked taking one of the empty seats. She draped her coat over the back and looked at me with mock sternness.

“If I say no will you forgive me for the two paragraphs I just read?” I asked meeting her gaze with mine.

“I will this time because I was running a bit late. Let me get a cup of tea, and I will be right back.”

I watched her walk away and I was very appreciative of the womanly curves her body possessed. I reminded myself to our age difference and tried to focus. The book, we were here to talk about the book.

She came back and made herself comfortable. “Jordan is running late, something to do with her dog, so I told her we wouldn’t start without her if you don’t mind?”

“Of course I don’t,” I said meaning every word. I could look at her all night and her dark eyes crinkled and I knew she knew what I was thinking but I had no idea what she was.

“So, Hugh, tell me about yourself.” She said getting comfortable in her overly comfortable chair.

“I’m a man who lives simply since my wife left me a few years back, and my one vice is books. I have hundreds at my house in my library. I play golf in the summer and read when the weather is bad. I’m a pretty fair cook, who likes meat and potatoes over seafood, and I can carry on a conversation about most topics.”

“Your wife left you? I mean I did notice you weren’t wearing a ring, but why did she leave you?” Hillary asked and before I could say anything Jordan dropped her coat on the other empty chair.

“Don’t you dare answer that till I get back? I need a coffee so bad, and I don’t want to miss question and answer time.

“Well while she is gone tell me about you. I’m sure Jordan won’t be upset with that,” I said smiling trying to get her to talk to me this time.

She smiled back like she knew I was on to her. “I’m twenty-nine and work full time as a freelance writer for an advertising firm. I help out at the library because my father doesn’t pay the girls much so if something better comes along they split.”

“I like quiet dinners and quiet places over loud boisterous ones and I do like seafood over steak. I was editor of my school paper and finished fourth in my class.” She said smiling and I was smiling right along with her.

I never would have guessed she was twenty-nine, she looked much younger. I knew I was getting older but does everyone have to look young as we get old?

“Ok spill, I have my coffee now.” Jordan said flopping down in her chair.

I remembered the conversation but it wasn’t one where I really received any answers, so how could I tell other people when I wasn’t sure myself? “A little over two years ago she informed me that her and her boyfriend where leaving. I didn’t know she had a boyfriend, so maybe that was part of the problem. Looking back at it I think she wanted to be freer and have more fun, and she wasn’t getting that from me, so she picked someone who would.”

“Is that what she said?” Jordan asked taking a drink of her coffee and I watched as her eyes lit up from just that simple pleasure.

“She didn’t say much to be honest. Just that, and that it wasn’t anything I did or didn’t do, it was just what she needed. Then she left,” I said resigned.

“How long were you married?” Hillary asked.

“We were high school sweethearts and married right out of high school. We have a daughter, who just turned twenty-one a few months back.” I said and then took a drink of my own drink.

Hillary and Jordan looked at each other and smiled. I didn’t have a clue what that smile meant. Maybe they thought I was hopeless, who knows? I needed to get this conversation off of me. “What about you Jordan?”

She smiled and her face lit up. “I’m just me, a free spirit who floats whichever way the wind takes her.” Then she mimicked with hand motions how the wind moved and I laughed.

Hillary laughed to and then said “Except she just got her masters in history from State and was an all American in high school at soccer. Don’t let her easy going personality fool you; she was also on a debate team that one states. My young friend is after my dad’s job.” She said laughing and not at all upset.

“Yeah if he would only retire and give it to me,” she said with that pout of hers again.

They were so different but they were so similar in some ways. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I was attracted to both of them, the voluptuous brunette and the lithe blond. Then I remembered how much older I was and knew neither of these two could ever be interested in me.

She never said how old she was and I was too much of a gentleman to ask so instead I brought out the book we were supposed to be discussing. “Love on the Water, interesting name for a book about a guy on his own yacht.”

“It’s more than that,” Jordan complained. “The yacht is his freedom. He roams from shore to shore searching. It is his free spirit that calls to me. I want a yacht so I can do that.”

“Only you would get that from the first few chapters.” Hillary said arguing with her. “The yacht was an escape from the normal, and now he is looking for what is missing in his life, love.”

“Wow, I must have been reading a different book,” I said wanting to see how far I could push these two before they pushed back. “I just get the drift he is a playboy rich guy going from port to port to break hearts and leave.”

“No you didn’t,” they both said and then they laughed. “He hasn’t even had a hook-up or met the right woman yet for that. He is feeling free,” Jordan again argued. “He is finding his way.”

“Nope, he is looking for the right girl, and in chapter four he was introduced to that person but he doesn’t know which one it is yet. He has to find out. Mark my words that are what the book will be about finding his match, his true match.”

I looked at Hillary and she was serious. Book clubs could get that way if the book was thought provoking, but this wasn’t I would have considered one of those type books. “You’re a romantic,” I said before catching myself.

But she wasn’t mad, she smiled at me. “I am. I like to think that one heart calls to its mate. Soul mates if you will, but I also like to think that an initial attraction is part of to let us know who that person might be.”

“Wow that is awesome,” I said meaning it. She wasn’t wearing a ring so I had to assume she hadn’t found hers yet. “I hope both of you find that person.”

“Well what about you,” Jordan asked like it was a legitimate question.

I laughed. “I had my chance and I blew it. Maybe that’s why I read books like these so I can see how things always work out for the people involved and congratulate them.”

“You might be a little young to give up on love,” Jordan said and then she followed it right up with “besides love could be sitting right next to you, an you would never know if you never looked.”

Ok now wait a minute. Was that a pick up line? I mean she was sitting next to me as well as Hillary, or was it just a phrase? “I guess you’re right,” I said hedging. “Maybe I need to look at the world with some hope yet.”

“I think that is an excellent idea,” Hillary said giving me one of those see through me looks.

“You should have been at my birthday party; we had a blast, and got in so much trouble.” She said like she was glad she got into trouble. I couldn’t remember the last time I had been to a party. Our ages were definitely showing now.

“Yeah I’m sorry I missed that,” I said not really sure that I was. I was a simple guy and not one to party, so I was probably glad I had missed it. Besides it wasn’t fun being the oldest one at a party.

“You’re just saying that because of the belly shots,” Hillary laughed and Jordan laughed along with her.

I must have looked like I felt because they both quit laughing and looked at me. “You’ve never had a body shot have you?”

“Nope, been to a few parties, but that never came up.”

“So you don’t party much, so what’s your idea of a good time, or a date.” Jordan asked all serious.

“I don’t know. I mean this is fun, not that it’s a date, of course, but still fun. I don’t know, I guess I’m old school with dating. Maybe it would be dinner and a movie, or maybe a long walk with some ice cream at the end. I don’t know, what’s yours?” I countered back.

“I like your ideas, it makes it seem special. I mean nowadays people swipe left or right and poof, you have a date, but it’s not real. I want real.”

“Me too,” Hillary chimed in. “No one talks anymore, and I want someone who will talk to me, not text me.”

I nodded thinking about that. Both girls were right. The world has been changing so much lately that it was no wonder why people weren’t talking anymore, and why relationships didn’t last.

“I have a question,” Jordan asked with that mischievous smile again. “You’re a guy?”

“Last time I checked,” I said wondering where this was going.

“Say you just met us, which one of us would you ask out, if you were so inclined?”

“Nope,” I said quickly. “That happened to me once in high school and it didn’t work and then both girls hated me.”

“Come on,” she begged. “I’m really curious,” she said slapping at my leg as she leaned over.

“How about this,” I said thinking up an alternative. “I will tell you from a guy’s point of view what makes both of you worth asking out?”

“That works Jordan, I want to hear this.” Hillary said sliding forward and now both girls were looking at me expectantly.

Ok here we go. “Jordan, you are so free it’s like someone could bury all their worries and just relax with you. You are very pretty with your blond hair and blue eyes and the way you fake pout is adorable, it would make a man want to kiss you just to make that pout go away. You see life with such vigor that you sweep up everyone in the room and it’s contagious and when you move its like the wind is in every sway, you are very fluid.” I finished and I knew I was red from embarrassment.

“Wow,” she said looking at me like she hadn’t really seen me till now. “That was really nice; I think you have been paying attention to me.”

I had been. Probably more than I should have been with our age difference, but I was a guy and some things we just noticed.

“My turn,” Hillary said with determination now. She was like that and I knew how to start this.

“You are determined and head strong, which on you is perfect. You command respect and you have this intelligence in your eyes that when you look at people it is like you are seeing them from the inside.” I said but she didn’t look happy with my assessment so here I was turning red again and her eyes lit up.

“When I look at you with all your beautiful curves I can’t help wish things and then when you look at me, it just makes me want even more. Your dark eyes see me, and I don’t know if I have ever been seen like that before. You are both very special women.”

They were both smiling now and I was embarrassed as I had ever been. Maybe I should have been a little more circumspect, but I didn’t know how to be. For better or worse it was all out there now.

“What about you?” Jordan asked me.

I laughed. “I’m nothing special, just a guy who likes to read books.”

“Wrong,” Jordan said. “You are guy who hasn’t given up yet because you read romance books and look for the positivity in them.”

“You are also a guy who doesn’t give himself credit for the man he is. No one can evaluate themselves, but if I were to evaluate you, I would tell you that you are kind and handsome, with just a little gray to pull off an experienced look.” Hillary jumped in to say.

“And you are observant. You knew exactly what each of us was like and why we are who we are. Then you noticed some little thing and it shows how you pay attention to us. You are perfect.” Jordan said.

“Yes perfect,” Hillary agreed. “Except for one thing, we don’t know which one of us you would like to go out with.”

“Yeah, that might be important.” Jordan said nodding.

I was at a loss as I looked at each of them like what the hell just happened?

“Hugh, it’s pretty simple, we both find you attractive, and we hope you finds one of us the same way. If not we understand, but we would really like to see more of you.” Hillary said then she sat back in her chair and looked at me and Jordan did the same thing when I looked at her.

“I, um, I don’t know what to say.” I didn’t either. They both seemed to take some pleasure from that but their eyes still wanted answers. “I meant what I said earlier, and I know this is going to sound wrong, but, I like how things went tonight. I don’t want to choose. Don’t get me wrong the thought of someday kissing one of you is raging through my head, but I just don’t know. If I had met you separately I could see myself falling for each of you, but I didn’t, and it’s not fair to either of you to have to wait for me to make a decision.”

“Good try, but no.” Jordan said jumping up. “Next week, same time,” she announced. “I’ll see you on Saturday princess, Hugh, you aren’t getting rid of us that easy. See you next week.” Then she returned her cup and walked out the door leaving me staring after her.

“Yeah, she is like that. Makes you wonder about her and by the time you figure it out, she’s caught you.” Hillary said smiling and watching her walk away too.

“She is definitely a tornado on legs,” I said shaking my head.

“So, why didn’t you pull the whole, let me date both of you, and see who I like more, routine?”

I just shook my head. “You two are friends, besides I’m not really that kind of guy.”

“So were you being nice or did you really mean what you said about falling for either of us?”

“First,” I said holding up a finger. “I never lie. Second, why wouldn’t I? You are both amazing in some of the same ways and then some other ways that are just totally yourselves. To be honest I can’t stop looking at either of you, and that isn’t fair to either one of you.”

“So who would you want to sleep with more,” she asked and I began coughing hard.

She smiled as I got myself together. That caught me way off guard. I mean is that an option. I mean they are both beautiful and attractive and make me turn my head, and I wished it was possible, but this was the real world, and it wasn’t, and I wasn’t the type of guy to lead a girl on.

“Again, and I am not just saying this, it could have been either one of you, if I had met you separately, but I won’t break up your friendship no matter how hot I think you both are.”

“Now that Hugh Sparks is the nicest and most real thing you have said all night. Walk me to my car.” She ordered and I jumped up to follow her lead. When we got outside I began walking next to her keeping her company. We didn’t say anything and I think we were both lost in our own heads.

“Here I am,” she said pointing down to a newer four cylinder four door. It was red, and looked good, looked like something she would drive. We stood together for a minute and I was unsure what to do or say. It had been a long time since I had enjoyed a night like this with another adult.

Finally she smiled and moved in and kissed me on the cheek. “You are a good man,” she said before slipping into the driver’s seat and driving away from me. Should I have kissed her? I shouldn’t have let her leave. Damn, now I felt stupid.

The next few days had been quiet and I found myself totally missing the companionship I shared just a few nights before. I called my daughter, because face it, who else did I have to talk to. Her answer was quick and easy.

“Find out which one you like more before you lose them both stupid.” Those were the words of wisdom she shared with me. She didn’t care that they were closer to her age then mine and she didn’t care that there were two of them, she just cared that I had a great date.

It was a weekday and I wasn’t sure I would get either one of them but I called the library and it was Jordan who answered the phone. I let her tell me where I was calling and the whole spiel until she got to the what can we do for you part.

“Do you have any books on what a guy is supposed to do when he has had the best night he can remember in a long time just talking with two beautiful women?” I asked sincerely not making it seem weird, or at least I hoped I didn’t.

“I don’t believe we have any books like that. We may have some on decision making, or maybe some on dating techniques for those that haven’t dated in a while. Would either of those books be of interest to you sir,” she asked not acknowledging me, and that sucked.

“The dating technique one might be a big help. I mean it has been a long time. Just sitting and talking was special and felt so easy and comfortable, I guess I would like to try that again.” I said trying to find the right wording.

“I see, well, maybe we could talk about that at our next book club meeting. I will let all members know of our discussion topic.” She acted like we were through and I didn’t want us to be, not by a long shot.

“Um, before you have up, I was wondering if maybe we could expand our book club meetings. See, I am such a fast reader, well, it would be nice to be able to meet more often if that would be ok with the rest of the group.”

“Hmm, that is an interesting thought. I will make that part of our discussion to. I have to get back to work Hugh, thanks for calling, and will see you on Monday.” Then she hung up.

Different emotions were raging inside me. I was happy I got to hear her voice and then depressed when I didn’t hear it anymore. What the hell was wrong with me? I needed to get my shot together before Monday I knew that.

Double Play

I was a half hour early and on pins and needles sitting there. I wanted to see both of them so bad that I was having a hard time containing myself. I had already finished one hot chocolate and was on my second cup when Jordan walked in like the tornado she was.

Her fluid grace was amazing and the way she swept toward me was like a wind that caught me up in its breeze. She came right to me and gave me a hug and I pulled her tighter to me feeling her body tight against mine.

“Well, that was quite the greeting,” she said a little flushed as she backed away. “I need to get a coffee before Hillary gets here.”

She walked away and I admitted I watched her tight little ass swish back and forth in the tight jeans she was wearing and I knew I was busted as soon as I hear a sound next to me.

“I told you she has that effect on people,” Hillary said a little disappointed.

I didn’t hesitate. I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her and pulled her tight against me with a warm hug. I could feel her breasts crushed against my chest and it felt amazing and I didn’t want to let her go either. What the fuck was I going to do?

“Well, that was quite the hug,” she said stepping back. “I think I better get a drink. I’ll be back and she went and joined Jordan at the counter. They were talking and they were talking quietly. Shit should I have hugged them both like that? Damn, Jordan said something about making decisions, and I just hugged them both like they were mine, shit, shit, shit.

They both came back and sat down and Hillary pulled out her book we were discussing. Shit I screwed this up. Damn it I liked both these girls and I wanted to spend more time with them. Why did I have to choose?

“So, we were stopping at chapter ten,” Hillary began and I couldn’t stand it.

“Ok I’m sorry. I don’t want there to be any weirdness between the three of us. If hugging you was over the line then I deeply apologize. I just couldn’t stop myself. Damn it you are both amazing and for the last week I have been thinking about tonight, and well, I guess I got overwhelmed seeing both of you again.”

They both started at me like I had lost my mind. Fuck, I was going to lose both of them. Just when I thought I could get by never having another woman in my life again I was going to lose two incredible women in one night.

Hillary closed the book back up and looked at me hard. Jordan was doing the same thing from where she was sitting. Here is the part I knew where they both got up and walked away. Then each of them just let out a long sigh.

“Well, we can’t keep this up; it’s going to make all of us crazy. Give me fifteen minutes.” Hillary said getting up and grabbing her stuff and walking to the counter for a carry out cup and out the door she went. I just watched her leave in disbelief. My heart was breaking.

“Would you have looked at me like that if I was the one who had walked out?” Jordan asked watching me closely.

I just nodded at a loss for words. I didn’t want her to leave too, but I seemed to be losing my shit, and couldn’t speak. She let me collect myself then she began packing her stuff away too. She left her stuff on the chair and went to get a carry out cup as well and then came back.

She stopped and looked at me and I knew what was coming. I was prepared for it, but it was going to hurt just the same. “Are you going to get a cup before we go, or are you done with your drink?”

“Um, no I finished it earlier.” I said bewildered.

“Then let’s go,” she said heading for the door.

What the hell? I grabbed all my stuff and followed her out the doors determined not to lose her outside. When I got out there she was unlocking a Ford F-150. I never expected her to drive a truck like this.

“Just throw your stuff in the back when you get in,” she commanded and did exactly what she had told me afraid that if I didn’t I would be walking back to my car.

I got inside and she had started the truck but we didn’t go anywhere. She kind of stared straight ahead and waited for something. Traffic was nonexistent and I wondered what we were waiting for and then she turned and looked at me.

There was softness in her gaze that I had never seen before. It was a scared look that had a vulnerability that called to me. Before I knew what I was doing I had raised an arm and with my hand I closed it around the side of her face and pulled her too me and gently brushed her lips with mine.

It was a quick and light kiss but it was sweet and there was a meaning in it that I hadn’t expressed to anyone in a long time. When we broke apart we looked at each other. I longed for her to see how much I could come to care for her if she could let me and as soon as it had started it was over.

She turned back toward the road and pulled out and I was along for the ride. It was only five miles we traveled before we stopped outside I nice looking house in a good neighborhood that had all its lights on. She turned off the truck and looked at me.

“You can leave your stuff here,” she said smiling an awkward smile and then she turned and opened her door and got out.

I hurriedly followed and we were standing together at the curb and I wondered where we were and what we were doing. “This is Hillary’s house, since her place is more suitable for entertaining than mine.”

Then she took my hand in hers and led me to the front door that opened on its own and we walked in. Hillary was standing at the door and even though she hadn’t changed she was still as breathtaking as she was when I first saw her tonight.

Jordan hadn’t let go of my hand and I didn’t know if it looked awkward to Hillary that we walked in like that, but the kiss we shared in the truck was so sweet, that I wanted more. If that meant I was choosing Jordan, then so be it.

Jordan pulled me further into the house to the obvious sitting room that had a couch and two chairs. She pushed me down on the couch and then she went back to Hillary and whispered in her ear.

Hillary looked sad for a minute and then Jordan gave an unsure smile and said “I’m going to use the bathroom,” then she walked away toward a room I hadn’t seen.

Hillary came and sat next to me on the couch and our legs touched and there was a heat there that radiated off of both of us. “So you and Jordan kissed?”

“Yeah,” I said not apologizing but not wanting her to feel uncomfortable.

“How was it?” She asked and it was weird but I wanted to tell her.

“It was sweet and nice and I forgot how close someone could feel to you once they kiss you.” I said a little uncomfortable but again not apologizing.

“So you feel closer to her now?” She asked not upset, more intrigued.

“I won’t lie, kissing someone is a big deal for me. When I kiss someone it means I feel something for them. I can’t always explain it but the feelings are real.”

“I see, well, I guess there is nothing left to do then.” She said looking at me with a different look than I had seen before and before I knew it I was kissing her too.

This kiss was different than Jordan’s it was more passionate and deep. When our tongues met, it was like an electric bolt hit and it drove me harder into her mouth. Our arms were wrapped around each other and everything just felt right. We broke our kiss when we heard a small cough behind us.

Oh my god Jordan, what was I thinking? I wasn’t thinking. I was being a stupid man. Damn me, what had I done, but by god what a kiss. My mind was whirling as Jordan just plopped herself down in one of the chairs and looked at the two of us.

“Don’t let me stop you. I’ll go get some popcorn and get ready for the show.” She said pouting.

“I’m sorry Jordan. Shit, what am I saying? I’m sorry to both of you. I am acting like an eighteen year old boy. I apologize for trivializing what has happened tonight. Both of you deserve a man who can make up his mind about who he wants and when I am with each of you I can’t get you out of my head.”

“Kind of see that happening here.” Jordan said sitting forward. “How was your kiss Hill?”

“Wow, did you see us?” She said smiling still touching me.

“Yeah, I kind of did. I think our kiss was more of a spur of the moment thing. Do I get a hot kiss like that to see if the passion is there for me too?” Jordan looked at me but I was sure she was talking to Hillary.

“You better. If you don’t try you will never know. I am going to get some drinks, who want what.” She said getting up.

“I grabbed this” Jordan said shaking a glass of something at her “but you better bring the rest of the bottle.”

“I’ll bring wine and beer and then you can both decide from there. It will take me about five minutes, is that long enough?”

“Perfect,” thanks Hill. Jordan said standing from the chair and taking Hillary’s spot once she left the room.

She looked at me and there was mischief in her look. She grabbed my hands with hers and tucked herself into me. Then she looked at me with this look, I don’t know how to describe it, but we were kissing in instants.

Her tongue was a whirlwind like her as it attacked my mouth. She was all over the place and I had a hard time getting her under control. Finally I grabbed her head and held her close and showed her how a man likes to take charge and kiss a woman. She fought it but finally conceded and when the soft moans started escaping her mouth, well, I knew I had her convinced.

I don’t know how long we kissed but when we finally broke our kiss Hillary was in the chair Jordan previously occupied and was sipping from a glass of wine. I knew I should look ashamed but I couldn’t, I just had two incredible kisses from two incredible women, I wouldn’t ever forget this night.

“Well” Hillary asked Jordan and Jordan smiled back at her.

“I’m not giving him up,” she said with such veracity that I thought I would die.

“Well, I’m not asking you too, but, I’m not giving him up either.” Hillary said to her.

“Then we have a problem,” Jordan said and this time she seemed sad.

“Hugh, get comfortable, I need to have a talk with Jordan.” Hillary said jumping up and about dragging her coworker and friend from the room.

I wasn’t sure I liked them deciding which of them I should be dating. Ok that comes out wrong no matter how you say it. What I mean is shouldn’t I be man enough to say which one I want more? The problem was I still didn’t know.

I wasn’t a wine drinker so I grabbed a beer but I didn’t really want that either. Before I opened it I see she grabbed a soda as well so I took that and waited for them to come back.

They were gone a while. I wondered if they we were playing rock, paper, scissors for the outcome. God I hoped I was more important than a children’s game to decide.

They both came back in and I couldn’t tell from their looks what they had decided. They both sat in the two chairs and looked at me. Well here we go; they will make me decide after all.

“Hugh I’m not sure how to say this.” Hillary began and my heart stopped. Fuck, I was being dumped by both. “I think you are a sexy man and a great kisser. That is why part of me doesn’t want to say this,” my heart was gone, it was breaking as she spoke, “I am going to share you with Jordan.”

Ok what, I looked from face to face. They were both smiling and my head was reeling. I must have looked whacked out because they both began laughing at me.

“Who knows if we will match over time, but for right now we are both attracted to you, and well, neither of us wants to step aside.” Hillary finished explaining.

“Wow, um ok, wow, what do we do. I mean do we go on dates to figure it out?” I asked totally confused but excited that I didn’t have to give either up yet.

“I think clinical testing is the best start to see if we are compatible,” Jordan said smiling that devious smile again.

“I don’t understand,” I said and I didn’t. What did clinical testing have to do with anything.

“Maybe I will get tired of your kisses,” she said getting up and walking toward me. She pushed my shoulders back on the couch and then climbed on top of me and straddled me. “Then again maybe I won’t.”

Then her mouth was on mine again and we made out like high school students at prom. Her body was writhing on top of me and I was growing large thinking about all the things I could do to her. She began really grinding against my obvious erection and our tongues were dancing in a frantic dance.

I broke our kiss and began raining kisses down her neck. She moaned with the pleasure of the sensations and I could feel myself twitch to each moan. I needed her. I wanted her.

“My turn,” a voice called and I looked up to see Hillary approaching.

“I’m comfortable,” Jordan protested.

Hillary ignored her and took a seat on the couch next to me and before I knew what was happening her mouth was on mine. It was passionate and warm and it made everything just feels right.

I never broke our kiss but Jordan began saying things and kept grinding against me. “Wow, you two are like so hot when you do that.” Then she ground deeper.

I was getting caught up in the moment and I raised a hand and cupped the beautiful breast that I had been ogling for the entire night while my other hand grabbed on to the firm ass that was bucking around on me.

Hillary began moaning in my mouth. And while I was feeling her through the fabric of her shirt I could tell her nipple was getting hard at my touch. I wanted it in my mouth so bad I could have screamed.

“My turn again,” Jordan said kissing my cheek and prying her way between mine and Hillary’s mouths. My tongue snuck into Jordan’s waiting mouth and it was sweet with just a hint of wine. I continued squeezing her ass and when my other hand lost its hold on Hillary because she moved I grabbed her with that one too and pressed her down hard on my erection and made her sit there still.

We kissed for a while and then I heard Hillary again when she said “my turn and I want to go in the other room.”

“About fucking time,” Jordan said jumping off me like I was a fire. They both grabbed an arm and pulled me to my feet and then they both stared at the easily viewable erection threatening to split my pants open.

“Oh baby,” Hillary whispered and Jordan nodded smiling.

“You should have been grinding on it, it was fan-fucking-tastic.” Then the two of them began dragging me down a hall to a large bedroom with a very large bed.

They turned me around and pushed me down on the bed so I was lying on my back facing them. Hillary shut the door even though I was sure we were the only three people in the house. Jordan just looked at me and she looked like she was crazed.

“Hill, I need him,” she said and then she began peeling her shirt off in front of me. Jordan was the type that was thin and her breasts didn’t really need a bra. They were small and tight with no sign of gravity at all. Then she reached down and I watched as she took her pants off and stood there in the cutest little panties I had ever seen.

When she pulled her panties off I immediately realized she was a natural blond and then it hit me she was standing there nude as the day she was born. She came at me and climbed on top of me till she straddled my chest and then she dropped her lips back down to mine and began kissing me again.

I was so busy kissing her and playing with her beautiful little breasts that when I felt someone rubbing my erection I didn’t think anything about it. When my pants got unbuttoned and my zipper got pulled down I was still caught up in what I was doing.

“Oh fuck,” Jordan moved and then I grabbed her around her ass and pulled her up so she was sitting on my face and I drove my tongue deep inside her waiting folds. She was so wet and I was in desire I plunged into her with reckless abandon.

She began dancing above me and while my hands were once again occupied with her perfect little breasts her juices flowed over me and around me. I was in heaven and the way she was screaming you would have thought she was in hell.

Then a hand gripped my swollen staff and began pulling at me. A second later I felt a warm mouth envelope the head of my Penis and it was my turn to begin dancing. I was bouncing on the bed with Jordan writhing above me and I knew it wouldn’t be long before one of us was going to blow.

Then Jordan began screaming and I could feel her orgasm from where my tongue was lodged deep inside her. Her screams were enough though and I began bucking into the waiting mouth that had refused to let me get away in all the bucking I was doing. I poured myself deep inside that waiting mouth never once feeling guilty as I continued to pour it all in.

Jordan collapsed next to me and snuggled into me as she looked down at the bed at the dark hair that was still surrounding my deflating shaft. When Hillary finally raised her head long enough to look at us she did so with a big smile and hair all over her face.

“I think there are two people who need to get the rest of the way naked.” Jordan said simply from where she laid against me.

I couldn’t agree more. I wanted to see Hillary naked so bad that my penis began jumping at the thought of it. They both watched as it twitched and they both smiled. “See, someone likes that idea.”

I loosened myself from Jordan and stood up on the floor and pulled Hillary up next to me. Before she could say anything I buried my tongue in her mouth. My tongue that was just buried deep in her friend and her mouth that had just finished me off. I didn’t care. I wanted her naked and I wanted her with me now.

I pulled her top off and felt her breasts flop back down from where they were pulled up when I took the shirt off. They were magnificent. I snaked my arms quickly around her and unhooked her bra from the back and carefully brought it out and around her arms.

I dropped her bra to the floor as I witnessed her beautiful breast move with every breath she took. Her nipples were hard and I couldn’t look away from them.

“Yeah she has great tits, get her naked already.” Jordan called from the bed rubbing her own breasts with her hands as she watched the two of us get undressed.

I ripped my shirt over my head and before I could do it for her, her pants were down and off. I finished taking mine off and looked at her again. She hadn’t taken her panties off yet and while not as sexy and cute as Jordan’s what they held behind them had me fantasizing. I dropped to me knees and slowly peeled them down her very athletic toned legs.

Her dark hair was bushy and aromatic with her desire as I slipped it past that part and while never looking away I finished getting them off of her and down to the floor. I rose to my feet sliding a finger up the inside of her thigh as I did so and it came away wet.

Jordan sighed at the attempt we were both trying to take to draw this out so we could remember it. She jumped from the bed and got next to us but between us and the three of us were all standing there together.

Jordan pulled my head down to hers and we kissed. I dropped a hand and cupped her amazing tight ass and pulled her into my side. My other side was suddenly warm as Hillary leaned into me tightly and her breast was crushed against my chest.

Jordan broke our kiss this time and turned my head so I could kiss Hillary again. I felt a hand, a different hand, and snake onto my erection and then I heard, I didn’t feel it, but I heard a sucking noise. I broke the kiss long enough to look down and see Jordan stroking me and sucking Hillary’s breast.

Never in my wildest fantasies would I ever dreamed of something like this, and I could have watched this all day but Hillary began moaning and I returned my mouth to hers.

I was at full mast again and getting harder inside Jordan’s firm grip. Hillary’s breathing in my mouth was picking up and I wanted her so bad that I couldn’t stand it.

Breaking the kiss I pulled my mouth away and looked at her. Her eyes were full of fire and Jordan kept after her very hard erect nipple. I pulled them both toward the bed and pulled them on after me.

I was on my back again but at the head of the bed this time as they both got comfortable on each side of me. I kissed Jordan and then I would kiss Hillary. I was on fire and I had no idea who was stroking me now.

I looked into Hillary’s eyes and said “I want to taste you.”

“No, I’m too heavy for that.” She said looking shocked.

“Never,” I said with conviction. “I need to taste you now.”

She must have seen the conviction and the desire on my face because she didn’t argue as she positioned herself above me. I watched as she leaned her hands onto the bed post and slowly lowered her wet dripping folds onto my waiting mouth.

She held herself above me about an inch which was fine for now because I wanted to lick and tease her. I had my hands firmly on her breasts gently squeezing and massaging them.

“That is so hot,” Jordan said from below and I knew she could see what we were doing. I was glad she found it that way; she struck me as the one that was a little freer.

“Hillary, before you start screaming, tell me where the condoms are.”

Hillary never said a word she just pointed to the night stand and Jordan giggled getting off the bed and opening the drawer. I moved my hands down to Hillary’s side and gently pulled her down so my tongue was burying itself inside her.

She flinched when I hit a nerve but she relaxed and then folded on top of me. I held her and controlled everything now as I let my tongue do what I wish my penis would be soon.

I felt the condom slide on and then I felt the long ago feeling of warmth and tightness that I missed so much. Jordan slowly lowered herself down on top of me taking her time and letting me feel every inch she came down. When I hit her wall she stopped and just relaxed there for a minute.

I began licking Hillary’s clit and she began thrashing around. I held her tight and it was a fight to see who would lose overall control first. I wasn’t going to lose as I slipped a finger inside her. She began screaming just as Jordan picked up the pace.

“Let it out Hill, you’ve been waiting so long.” Jordan said to her and Hillary began screaming. She screamed and then she dropped down on me hard. My mouth was tight against her lovely folds and I had extracted my finger just in time as there was no way it could have stayed inside any longer.

“That’s my girl,” Jordan said rubbing her back and pushing her even more down on me. “Wait till you feel this Hill, it feels amazing inside me. It touches all of me. I don’t ever want to get off it, but then again I want to so I can get back on.” Jordan kept up even though Hillary was still breathing hard and trying to come back from her incredible orgasm.

“Lay still for a little while girl. I’m getting really wet, I need my turn.” Then Jordan sat back up and gripped me tight with her inner walls and began riding me up and down.

Hillary moved and flopped over on her side and laid her head on my chest as she watched Jordan ride me up and down. “She is so beautiful,” Hillary said watching her as a look of joy was forever layered on her face.

“She is,” I agreed. “So are you, you know. I am the luckiest man in the world.”

She looked at me with a soft smile and then I kissed her lips gently. It wasn’t a deep kiss, not this time. We both wanted to watch Jordan as she took what she needed.

It wasn’t long and she really began pushing down and forward with each drop. I could feel myself hitting her in so many places and when she began screaming Hillary sat up and took one of her breasts into her mouth and began suckling her.

Jordan was screaming now and I raised my free hand and began rolling her hard nipple with my finger. The screams went on and on and then finally after what seemed like forever she finally came down to rest tightly on my still hard erect penis.

Hillary let her breast drop from her mouth and she lightly kissed Jordan on the lips as she recovered and as I was still buried deep inside her. It wasn’t a passionate kiss, it was an understanding kiss. There were words spoken in that kiss that no man would ever understand but they did.

“Wow,” Jordan finally sighed out.

“Yeah, that’s what it looked like.” Hillary said like she was amazed at the performance.

“Ok babe, it’s your turn,” Jordan said falling off me and to my other side and laid her head on my chest.

The idea of Hillary bouncing up and down on me while her breasts bounced had me getting super hard again. The thought was taking charge and I even may have growled a little thinking about it.

“I don’t know.” She said hesitating.

“What’s there to know? Hugh wants you, I want to watch you, and by god I know you want it, so quit fucking around and ride that hard cock of his till he blows up inside of you.” Jordan said like she was losing patience.

“Wow you are bossy,” she said sitting up in the bed.

“She’s right though,” I said looking at her. “I am imagining you riding me and watching your breast fly all around and I am so hard I can’t stand it. Please baby, let me fill you up.”

She just looked at me for a minute and then she finally smiled and took the condom off that Jordan had previously put on. She replaced it with another one while Jordan and I watched her in awe.

“Don’t watch me, kiss or something.” She commanded and I didn’t hesitate. I turned my head and captured Jordan’s small little mouth with mine and drove my tongue into her.

I could feel when the condom was on and I could feel when the bed shifted alerting me that she was getting ready. What I didn’t know is how it would feel when she slowly lowered herself down on top of me.

I broke the kiss and watched as inch by inch went inside her and a look of pleasure came over her face. I could feel her. I could fell all of her from that moment and it was amazing. “Fuck, that feels good,” I stammered out.

“Better than I felt,” Jordan asked hurt.

“No, you felt fantastic too. Nice and tight and I could feel all of you. Hillary’s is just hotter inside, like she has a fire burning or something. Maybe it’s because she was waiting her turn?” I threw out there.

“Ooh, are you hot Hill?” Jordan asked the woman who was impaled on me and not moving.

“Yes,” she sighed out. “So hot,” she sighed again.

“Feels good doesn’t he?”

“Um hmm,” she cried out shifting a little here and there but still leaving me fully inside her.

“Hill, watching you is turning me on again.” Jordan said stirring beside me. “Watch me Hill,” she commanded and Hillary’s eyes snapped open and she watched as Jordan ran a finger up and down her folds slowly.

We both watched as a finger dropped inside her and as she slowly pulled it out. Then she traced her nipples with the juice that was evident on her glistening finger. Holy shit this was hot.

“Rock on him Hill, feel how hard he is inside you,” Jordan commanded and Hillary complied without as much as a thought. “That’s it baby, rock against him. Now, touch yourself.”

I watched in awe as Hillary, the older of the two, did exactly as she was told, and loved every minute of it. She was playing with her nipples and then she would drop a hand and rub her small nub nice and easy. I was getting harder and harder by the second.

“Jordan,” she breathed out. “He is getting larger inside me,” she cried out softly.

“That’s because you are turning him on with the touching. You better ride him before he blows, you wouldn’t want to waste that hard cock inside you now.” Jordan said grabbing my face and making me face her.

“Don’t you dare cum. She needs this so you will stay hard till she is done.” She commanded me but unlike Hillary I wasn’t about to take orders from a twenty-five year old girl.

“Then give me something to think about besides her perfect body going up and down on me.” I commanded this time.

“Men,” she said with a smile. Then she climbed on top of me and dropped her glistening folds onto my waiting lips. I didn’t hesitate and down my tongue deep inside her.

Even though I was fully invested in what I was doing, I could hear other noises from around me. I knew either they were kissing or one of them was kissing some body part and I could hear the steady thrum of either my heart or one of the girls.

I could feel Hillary sliding up and down on my hard member, and while she didn’t go as fast as Jordan had, it was still driving me crazy. I wouldn’t last long like this so I was hoping she was getting close. I definitely did not want to disappoint her.

The kissing stopped and my dirty little talker started up again. “Hill I love your tits. I think I am going to claim them and make them mine. Then I can nibble these nipples any time I want” and Hillary moaned.

I stopped my devouring of Jordan and used both hands on her ass cheeks to raise her up enough so I could speak. “Mine,” I said sounding possessive even to my ears.

“Oh really,” Jordan said to me. “For how long there stud. How long is Hill’s tits yours?”

“Forever,” I growled out.

Hillary began tightening around my hard shaft.

“What about me? What part of me do you want, and do you want me forever too?

“Yes, this,” I said slamming her back down on my tongue.

“Fuck,” she cried and her juices began running out of her. Hillary was getting tighter and tighter and when she began screaming and throbbing around me I couldn’t hold back anymore and blew inside her.

I bucked both my face and my hard dick with everything I had bringing both women to a complete and utter orgasm. When we finally all calmed down I ended up with a woman in each arm leaning their heads on my chest.

“Wow,” was all I said as I stared at the ceiling.

“Yup,” Jordan said snuggling into me.

“Forever huh, or was that just in the spur of the moment?” Hillary asked.

“I don’t do one nighters. I don’t know what happened here tonight, but I don’t want it to end. Please, both of you tell me it doesn’t have to end.”

“I’m not giving this up, what about you Hill?”

“No, I’m not.” She said like it was a fact and I relaxed knowing that it wasn’t the end. “Of course, it can’t always be like this, but we can talk about that later. Right now I want a nap.”

“Good Idea Hill,” Jordan said. “And then when we wake up we can all fuck some more.” Then she giggled and snuggled into my arms deeper. I had a hand resting on two women’s bare asses wondering how in the world these two amazing women consented to be with me. Who cares?

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