Sheepskin Tearaway

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Chapter 20

We can reach the sea. They won’t follow me. Shadows they fear the sun. We’ll make it if we run!

Scarlett joined her voice with thousands of others, her plastic pint cup half filled with cider raised to the roof, her hair sticky from the drinks flying over her head. She had sang every word, she had jumped on the spot, she had screamed in between songs, she had flung her hands forward whenever the lead singer would walk towards where her and her friends were stood, crammed together at one corner of the square stage which had been assembled like a boxing ring in the middle of the huge arena.

It had been one of the best shows Scarlett had ever seen. Flashing lights, disco balls and colourful projections reflected in her huge, wide eyes and when Jarvis Cocker had walked onto the stage for a special rendition of one of her favourite songs she thought her heart could burst from the fiery excitement licking at her from the inside. It had been everything her and Drew had been hoping for and his smile had been as big as hers whenever she’d stolen a glance or threw her arm around him to sing their favourite line.

By the time the band disappeared off the stage after their encore, Scarlett was dripping with sweat, with sore feet and cheeks that hurt from smiling so much. She couldn’t wait to sit down with Drew and dissect the gig, gushing over their favourite parts and looking up the lyrics to new songs together on their phones.

They filed out of the arena, squeezing between people, hearing snatches of enthusiastic conversation, until they were outside, their hot, wet skin meeting with the cool summer evening air.

“Best gig ever!” Drew exclaimed, his eyes wild and his hair sticking to his forehead, “I usually hate arena gigs but they killed it!” Scarlett eagerly nodded her agreement.

The gang ambled through the car park which was flooded with lights from the arena and full of people leaving the gig, until they stumbled upon a nearby spot. A Mexican tapas restaurant by day and a cocktail bar by night, the walls depicted the day of the dead and neon signs promised two for one margaritas. They decided to stop in for one so they could reconvene with some other friends who they hadn’t managed to catch before the concert. Scarlett pulled her phone out to text Tabitha while queueing at the bar when she felt eyes boring into her. She instinctively looked up to be met with two blue bolts of lightning. Jim was looking at her intensely but inquisitively, a small but friendly smile on his lips.

“You looked like you had fun,” he said, moving closer.

“It was great, didn’t you think?” Scarlett bit her lip, “Do you really think they’re boring?”

“Of course not. They’re a good band. But I must admit I had a better time watching you.”

Scarlett’s mouth fell open, she hadn’t considered that she was being watched and the thought of it made her feel nervous. The truth was she’d been nervous all day and had only really forgotten about it once the band had stepped onto the stage and she was able to lose herself in the music. Jim had been super flirty and he gave her so many butterflies it felt like she could fly away at any moment.

“Come outside with me?” he interrupted her thoughts and reached out his hand. She took it and followed him wordlessly outside.

Scarlett suddenly felt self conscious about her appearance. She was sure her hair would be limp and her make up smudged. She was wearing a thin, clingy Arcade Fire tee that she’d had for years and was worried now that she had sweat through it. She anxiously tried to check her appearance in the glass window of the bar.

“You look great,” Jim had smiled, noticing her, “you always look great. You’re gorgeous.”

Scarlett blushed hard and stared down at her knackered white converse as she kicked at the floor. She didn’t know what to say.

“Has no one ever told you before?” Jim reached out, his hand cupping her chin, raising it so she had to look him in the eye.

“Billy used to say so,” she shrugged in response, her breath hitching when she noticed the fire behind his eyes. He was looking at her as if he was looking inside her soul.

“I want to show you,” he nearly growled, his voice low, his face so near hers now that she could smell the beer on his breath, mixed with something sweet and minty.

Scarlett didn’t understand what he meant but didn’t have time to respond before he had taken her by the hand and was guiding her away from the bar, away from the arena, towards the underground station they had alighted from.

“Where are we going?” Scarlett asked. The train was packed out with gig-goers who were all presumably travelling from the arena back into the heart of London and they couldn’t find seats so they huddled together, up against the door.

Instead of answering her, Jim put his hands either side of her face and kissed her, hard but sweet, his thumbs gently stroking her cheeks. She felt her heart quicken, the butterflies in her stomach going into overdrive. They broke from their kiss but Jim kept his hold on her.

"You looked so beautiful tonight. I don't think I've ever seen you so happy before and it suits you. I want to try and make you happy tonight," he whispered, his breath tickling her cheeks, his eyes so beautiful and intense from this close angle.

His words made her blink and swallow and she felt like she was melting in his touch. Like if he took his hands away from her face she'd become a puddle on the floor. She suddenly ached with longing. A familiar feeling but this time wrapped up in arousal and excitement. If only he could make her happy. All she'd ever wanted was to be happy.

* * * * *

Her lips tasted sweet like cider and salty like sweat and he couldn't wait to see what else she tasted like. He hadn't planned to take her away so early but he wasn't able to take his eyes off her so what was the point in waiting any longer. When he'd seen her lose her inhibitions in response to the music it had made him curious to see if he could wield that power over her again. Make her forget whatever it was that usually clouded those pretty features.

She had been responsive to his touch immediately, leaning into his kisses and forgetting her shyness or self consciousness. He felt like he was able to unlock a secret little part of her that no one else could. She was usually a closed book, quiet when sober, occasionally even sullen or cold, but when he reached for her the darkness would lift from her eyes and it was as if he could see into her soul. It was addictive and he wanted more.

They stumbled off the train together, eager not to break their physical connection. Scarlett clutched to his chest, Jim could feel her breasts pushing against him as he held her closely and they walked, quickly but carefully back towards their house. Jim could tell from the lusty fog in her eyes and the deepness of her breath that she was ready for him.

He had his keys ready by the time they reached the front door so that he didn't even have to pull away from her lips to let them in. They fell up the stairs in a tangle of limbs and kisses. Jim pulled them past Scarlett's bedroom door and up the attic stairs to his.

They fell through his door and Jim eagerly reached for the bottom of her t-shirt, pulling it up and over her head. She did the same to him and they both took a moment to allow their eyes to hungrily roam over each others body.

She looked magnificent, illuminated by the moonlight trickling through the window. Her hair falling over her pale, delicate shoulders in thick, wild curls. Her impossibly big eyes, never-ending in their darkness, rimmed with black kohl which was smudged. She looked edgy and rebellious and alive in the twilight.

Jim still remembered the first time he had seen her naked, how he had marvelled at her perfect curves and her flawless skin. She looked like a dancer or a glamour model under those plain clothes with full, round breasts and a smooth, toned stomach. He looked at her now, her bosom heaving with breathlessness, her breasts straining against her white, lacy bra. She had no idea how perfect she was.

He reached for her with urgency, guiding her towards his bed while kicking off his own shoes and socks. He lay her down gently on his bed and removed her shoes and socks before unbuttoning her jeans. The whole time she was staring up at him, her face a mixture of pleasure and trepidation. He was glad of the streetlights outside, spilling soft and atmospheric light into his bedroom, highlighting her curves and angles perfectly.

"I want you, Scarlett," he said as he pulled down her jeans, leaving her in just her underwear, "Do you want this?"

She bit her lip and he became painfully aware of his erection, struggling against the denim of his tight jeans. She took a deep breath and nodded. He then watched in delight as she removed her own bra and pants and looked up at him, her eyes innocent and apprehensive but undoubtedly aroused.

He took off his own jeans and boxers and joined Scarlett on the bed, his kisses deep and hungry. He positioned himself between her legs and begin to kiss his way down her body, savouring the smell of her skin, feeling her shudder as he lingered on one of her nipples. He kissed across her stomach and licked at her hip bones before settling himself between her legs. He felt her begin to close her legs, self consciousness trying to take her away from him, but he put his strong hands on the inside of her thighs and looked up at her. "I want you," he repeated, his eyes fixed on hers. She nodded her understanding, her lip nearly bleeding with how hard she was biting it as she looked down at him.

He kept his eyes fixed on her as he leaned forward and kissed at her hot core, already wet in anticipation. His tongue darted out to taste her sweetness. He was intoxicated by her fragrance and inebriated with passion every time he felt her jerk in his touch. She seemed nervous. He reached out for her hand taking it in his, "Relax," he said, pulling away to speak in between licks, "I want to make you feel good. Just close your eyes and forget everything."

He felt her relax obediently so he licked and sucked at her clitoris, his senses tingling as he tried to gauge from her movements what she liked and didn't like. She bucked underneath him and he heard her take in a sharp breath when he increased the pressure with his tongue and so he did it over and over again, introducing his finger when he felt her clamping her thighs down, her back arched. He looked up at her as she writhed in pleasure, her hair streaming out behind her on the pillow, her dark eyes scrunched up, her long black eyelashes splayed like spider legs on her pink cheeks. Even in the darkness he could see the pink on her cheeks. He put his finger even deeper inside her, tickling at her soft inside as he moved his tongue faster over her. He eventually felt her tighten around him, his cock aching when he heard her moan her release.

He crawled up her body, smiling to himself as he listened to her pant and reached into his bedside table to find a condom.

She gulped and blinked as he opened it with his teeth and rolled it on to himself, pulling it deftly down his length. He reached for her, kissing her deeply, licking her tongue, wanting her to see how good she tasted. "Can I?" he asked, his eyes searching for hers in the darkness. "Yes," she replied breathlessly, her voice barely more than a whisper.

He kept his face a few inches from her, occasionally planting sweet kisses on her lips, face and neck as he reached down and positioned himself to enter her. She reached up for him, her hands knotting in his hair, her eyes drinking him in. He was addicted to the way she looked at him. He was used to women with eyes full of lust and desire but there was something different about her. She looked at him like he was the first person she had ever seen.

He thrust forward slowly, keen to hold onto the pace and rhythm he had achieved before, slowly stretching her to accommodate his size. She felt hot and warm and tight and when she wrapped her legs around his back she made a sound that nearly made him come there and then.

He started slowly at first, keen for her to relax into it just like she had before. He kissed her collarbone and ran his thumb over her nipples, doing everything he'd noticed she liked. When he felt her scratching at his back and gyrating her hips to meet his, he sped up until he was hard and deep inside her and their lips were crashing together and both of them were moaning and breathing and clawing at each other in ecstasy.

Scarlett's head fell backwards and her mouth opened, a wild moan escaping her mouth as she stretched into another orgasm. Jim realised he couldn't hold on for much longer and so he allowed himself to succumb to the building pleasure inside him, coming hard into the condom at the same time as he felt Scarlett's walls clenching around him.

Jim collapsed on top of her, burying himself in her neck, breathing heavily before rolling to one side and quickly disposing of the condom. He turned to look at her, her eyes jet black and twinkly in the darkness of his room. She looked raw and beautiful and dazed in a post coital haze. He pulled the cover over them both and reached for her, contentment and tiredness spreading through his bones as she laid her head on his chest, her soft breath tickling him there. They fell asleep.

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