Don’t Judge Silence

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“Monster’s don’t sleep under your bed, they sleep inside your head.” - The Joker A group of friends go to a party and decide to pull what they believe will be the prank of the year. Their victim Noah Gardener, the shyest nerdiest guy in school. What they don’t know is that Noah Gardener isn’t who they think he is. This one prank will change everything for everyone. One thing is for sure, the silence will be broken, Noah will never be the same guy again.

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1: The Beginning

This book contains: 16+

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I make my way through the sea of people that are pushing their way through the school halls.

As I hear someone begin to yell my name. "McKenzie!"

I look around but I can't see anything through all the people.

"Kenzie! Kenz! McKenzie!!!" The yelling continues as her voice goes into a high pitch scream.

I walk aside and get on my tip-toes. Looking for whoever is screaming my names eyes to meet mine.

A few minutes later I see my best friend Elle running over to me. "Kenzie! Why didn't you answer me?!" She exclaims as she crosses her arms.

"I didn't know who was calling me."

She rolls her eyes. "Whatever. Ok so I have HUGE news! Like you honestly don't even know." She says as her long light brownish blonde wavy hair falls on her shoulders.

"Ok, what happened?" I ask intrigued.

She sighs. "Well Danny told his brother, who told his girlfriend, who told her sister, who told her best friend, who told her grandma, who told her husband, who told his son, who told his wife, who told her daughter, who told her best friends brother, who told his best friend, who told his teacher, who told his cousin, who told her dad, who told his aunt, who told her boss, who told his wife, who told some cashier, who told..."

I cut her off. "Elle calm down! I can't keep up, you lost me at his girlfriend. I don't care who told who. What where you going to say?"

She takes a deep breath. "Noah Gardener has a crush on you!"

I raise an eyebrow. "Seriously?"

She nods slowly. "It's kinda obvious actually. He always stares at you in Anatomy. Remember when he asked us what the jaw bone was called, and you told him that it is called the Maximum."

I nod and laugh. "Yeah I remember that, and it's called the Mandible."

She tosses her hair over her shoulder. "Same thing."

"Not really." I laugh and look down at her lace bargendy bralett and brown faux leather coat that is wide open exposing her whole stomach and her cleavage. "Elle, you know Miss. Berlin is going to either send you the offoce or tell you to zip up your jacket, right?"

She shrugs. "Oh well. It's not like I care."

A few guys walk past us, stareing at Elle, they begin to smirk.

"Someone is looking down right sexy today!" Luke says with an impish smirk.

Luke Dillion is another one of my best friends.

He wraps his arm around Elle's waist and pulls her into the side of him.

I roll my eyes.

Elle and Luke always flirt with each other but nothing ever happens. They are strictly friends, although I think Elle has had a crush on him since Freshman year, when he started to work out all the time.

"Thanks Luke, you don't look bad yourself." She blinks her blue doe eyes at him and smirks.

He let's go of her and bumps his hip into me. "Now how's my best girl friend?" He says in an annoying girly voice.

I laugh. "Great!"

"What are we talking about, my main bitches?" He asks as he streaches his arms out towards us.

"First of all, I hate when you call me that. We were talking about some rumor that Elle heard."

"Rumors! Elle's favorite. What's the rumor?" He smiles.

"It's stupid and not true."

She bends down to fix her light brown high heeled ankle boot.

Luke checks out her butt and bites his lip. "I love the way your butt looks in jeans." He smirks.

I punch him in the arm.

She stands back up. "Thanks." She giggles. "You know that nerdy werid guy in Anatomy?" She continues.

He thinks for a second. "Oh yeah. Noah Gardener."

She nods. "He has a crush on Kenz."

He looks at me and starts laughing. "Looks like Kenz is gonna give little Noah his first kiss."

I shake my head. "Yeah definitely not going to happen."

"You should totally date him! That would be so funny!" Luke says through laughing spurts.

Elle pushes Luke's chest flirtatiously and laughs. "Don't be ridiculous, dating Noah is like committing social suicide."

"Don't say that! It's mean!" I exclaim.

She laughs. "Chill your tits, I was only kidding."

"Don't joke like that. I feel bad for him. He has no friends."

"Then why don't you be his friend if you feel that bad for him." Luke says leaning against the lockers.

"I don't mind being his friend but I would never date him."

Luke laughs. "Alrighty than."

Later that night,

I walk out of my room and into the living room.

"What should I make for us to eat?" I ask Elle.

It's a girl's night and I'm hosting it at my home tonight.

She shrugs and begins to put sheets and blankets on her blow up mattress.

Whenever we have girls night at my house, we always sleep in the living room on twin blow up mattresses because we like to watch movies on the huge TV.

I roll my eyes and cross my arms. "Do you want me to order pizza?" I ask.

Her eyes light up as she fluffs her pillow and places her silky purple pillow case over it. "Yes!!! I'm craving pizza right now."

She is such a perfectionist, her room is like something out of a magazine and it's always super clean.

"Ok, pizza it is then. How many pizza's, two large with cheesy garlic bread?" I ask.

"You know me so well!" She laughs as she picks up her pajamas. "I'm gonna go change real quick."

"Ok. I'll call the order in." I say unlocking my phone and calling our favorite pizza place.

She comes back out 20 minutes later wearing a low cut red satin spaghetti strap top and lacey satin short shorts to match.

I start laughing. "What's up with the lingerie? Are you expecting someone that I don't know about?"

She shrugs "As my mom always says, dress to impress even if the only person you're impressing is yourself."

Elle's mom works as a high end hairstylest and makeup-artist downtown. She's always been obsessed with image and looks. Elle is the only child so she's of course spoiled rotten. When Elle was little her mom dressed her up "perfectly" like she was her little doll or something. She is a lot like her mom, they both beautiful and perfectionists.

I lay down on my blow up mattress and sigh. All I'm wearing is my maroon Senior class shirt that I got for homecoming and zebra print spandex short shorts.

She pulls her wavy hair into a messy high ponytail and begins painting her finger nails red to match her toes.

"Put on some red lipstick and your ready to hit the club." I joke.

She smirks mockingly. "Haha so funny." She says sarcastically.

"Oh my goodness the food should be her by now, they said 20 minutes and it's been like 30. How long does it take? I mean they are usually super fast, why are they so slow tonight."

Elle laughs. "Stop complaining. If it's that one cute delivery guy then he can take as long as he wants."

I throw my head back onto my pillow. "Remember this morning at school when you were wearing that bralett and we went to class, and Miss. Berlin told you to zip up your jacket and you didn't so she sent you to the office?"

She starts laughing. "Yeah that was great."

I start to smile. "And then you came back into the class like 5 minutes later and said that the vice principal told you to go back to class."

"Yeah. He told me that he didn't see anything wrong with what I was wearing, but then again I may have persuaded him to say that." She smirks at her shiny cherry colored nails and blows on them.

"Oh my goodness! You didn't! How?! Mr. Martinez is always suspending girls for violating dress code." I say flipping over onto my stomach and facing her.

She rolls her eyes. "It was really not a big deal. I walked into his office and sat down. He asked me why I chose to wear what I did, so I said because I like to look good, and then he just looked me up and down and nodded and said ok well I'll let it pass this time, then I laughed and said I think I look good don't you, then he rubbed his face and kinda smiled, and I said do you want me to zip up my jacket and he said nah it's fine. So I left."

I cover my mouth and start laughing. "You could have gotten suspended. Do you like going to see Mr. Martinez or something?"

She shrugs. "I do whatever it takes to get out of stuff. You should know that by now. We've been best friends since kindergarten."

I squish my cheeks together "Yup I sure do!"

The doorbell rings.

"Finally!" Elle says annoyed.

I get up quickly and open the door.

The delivery guy hands me the food.

"That will be $32.40." He says rudely.

I hand him my debit card and he swipes it. His voice sounds so familiar, I try to see his face but it's to dark and his hat is blocking the porch lights.

"Sign the receipt." He says handing me my card and the receipt to sign, without even looking at me.

"Benji?" I ask as I finish signing the receipt.

"Yeah..." He says as he takes his hat off looking me up and down. "McKenzie?"

I nod. "I thought you worked at Target."

He shrugs. "I got fired for uh... running an old lady over with the carts."

I press my lips together trying not to laugh. "Oh. Poor old lady."

He laughs. "Yeah. It wasn't my fault she was super short and I was jamming out to my music, in the zone, and I just didn't see her. Next thing you know the carts stop and there's a huge thump."

I start laughing. "Elle, come here it's Benji."

He whispers. "Wait Elle's here? Is this like a girl's night or something?"

I nod. "Yeah. Why else would we order so much food." I look towards Elle's bed but she's not there.

I sigh and look back at Benji.

"Sorry I didn't recognize you at first Kenz. You just look... Different."

I roll my eyes. "I'm not wearing makeup."

He nods. "Oh... No wonder you look like the old lady I ran over."

"Wow thanks, goodbye Benji." I say closing the door on him.

He pushes it back open. "Wait. I want to see Elle."

I sigh. "Elle!!!" I yell.

No response.

"One minute." I say closing the door on him and setting the food in between the two mattresses.

I walk down into my room and see Elle in my bathroom washing her face after exfoliating.

I stand in the doorway " I called you twice."

"Oh sorry, I'm just getting ready for the night." She says patting her face dry and then applying moisturizer.

"It's fine. Benjamin is the delivery guy. He wants to see you."

"Why did you tell him I was here?" She asks.

"I thought you would want to see him." I lie as a smirk approaches my lips.

She laughs. "Yeah, because Luke's best friend is my favorite person." She says sarcastically.

"Come on, it will make his night. He will probably tell Luke that he saw you tonight and that you looked super hot." I say nudging her in the arm.

"Fine." She says walking towards the door.

We both take a deep breath and then I open it.

He turns to the door and looks at Elle. His mouth drops wide open. He looks her up and down. "Elle... You look stunning."

"Thank you, that's very sweet of you to say Benji."

He begins to smile. "You look so beautiful without makeup. You have perfect skin."

I clear my throat fishing for a compliment. He looks at me. I try to flutter my eyelashes like Elle but it doesn't seem to work.

"And Kenz you look... Zombie-like." He says quickly as he turns his attention back to Elle.

"Aw thanks Benji." She says touching his shoulder.

His smile grows larger. "I really mean it. And the outfit you wore today was all any of the Senior guys could talk about."

"Even Luke?" She questions innocently.

"Especially Luke."

She smiles and bites her lip. "Great seeing you Benji. Tell Luke I said hi."

"Ok I will. We might stop by tomorrow, if that's cool."

She looks at me and then back at him. "Yeah totally cool."

He nods. "Ok see ya guys then."

"Bye." She says leaning against the door frame as she waves at him.

I shut the door and lock it.

"Finally we can eat pizza. Benji is so annoying."

She laughs and starts dishing up her paper plate and so do I.

"You're just mad that he didn't give you a compliment."

"He told me that I look like the old lady he ran over with carts at Target!"

We both start laughing.

We woke up off and on all night. Our night consisted of: snacking, watching TV, watching movies, talking, and going on social media.

I wake up at around 3:15 am. I glance over at Elle and notice that she is fast asleep.

I turn the TV on and lower the volume.

Just then I hear knocking on the door. I jump and look out the peep hole. I turn the lights on.

"Elle!" I whisper yell, throwing a pillow off the couch at her.

She wakes up. "What?"

"There's someone at the door."

She gets up and walks over to where I am standing. "Then just open it."

"No you can't just open it! What if it's a serial killer!"

She rolls her eyes. "You're being overly dramatic." She as she opens the door.

Two guys come into our view.

"Hello beauties!" Says Luke as he walks in with Benji.

I rub my forehead. " You have got to be kidding me."

Elle closes the door behind them. "What brings you boys here?" She asks as she crosses her arms over her chest making her cleavage more define.

Luke elbows Benji, they exchange smiles and eye ball her cleavage.

"If you came here to stare at Elle's boobs then why don't you come back in the morning when she's taking a shower. We were sleeping."

He laughs. "Sounds like the two of you let the party die. Lucky for you, we're bringing the party back." He says pulling out a few beers.

"What the heck are you doing!? Luke you know I don't drink and neither does Elle."

He puts a few in the fridge and pops one open. "To bad. I'm sure your both fun drunks, especially Elle."

"Loosen up Kenz. You have to stop being so uptight." Benji says as he pops a beer open and takes a swig.

I roll my eyes. "I'm only uptight when the two of you are around."

Luke throws his arm around Elle and smells her neck. "Dang! You smell good!"

She giggles and pushes his chest gently as she bites her lip. "Stop it."

After seeing that, Benjamin chugs that beer fast and then grabs another.

I walk over to him. "Are you ok?"

He looks at me and raises an eyebrow "Yeah. Why? Do I not seem ok to you?"

I shrug. "You drank that beer really fast. Does it bother you when Luke and Elle flirt with each other?"

He looks me straight in the eye. "No. What makes you think that it bothers me? It's not like I ever dated her. She would never date me anyways." He says opening the beer and taking a big long swig. He braces himself on the kitchen counter.

I stand next to him. "If it doesn't bother you, why are you drinking so heavily?"

His eyes connect with mine again. "I like her a lot, but she doesn't feel the same about me. She likes Luke. And Luke always gets what he wants when it comes to girls."

"Don't say that Benji. Maybe Elle just isn't the right girl for you."

He shakes his head and chugs the beer then throws the can into the trash. "But she is! She's every guys dream girl... Well every guy but Nosh Gardener's." He laughs and looks at me. "You're Noah's dream girl. The one guy in school that no girl would ever want to be caught dead with."

I shake my head. "That's not true."

"You like him?" He asks raising an eyebrow.

"Well no, but I believe that everyone has someone out there for them."

"Hey you two get your funky little butts over here. We're going to play truth or dare, only this version is called dare or dare."

I sit down on my mattress, Elle sits on her mattress across from me, Benji sits next to her and Luke sits next to me.

I'm semi-shocked that he decided to sit next to me instead of Elle.

"I'll go first." Luke says slapping his hands together. "Benji, I dare you to makeout with Elle."

His face drops. "For real?"

"Yeah. Go for it. You have to it's a dare." Luke smiles and nods.

Elle's eyes go big and she gives me a "help me" look. I start laughing, I can't help it.

Benji turns to Elle and puts his hand on her cheek. He licks his lips slightly and then goes in for it.

It starts out as a slow gentle kiss and then quickly turns passionate. Benji drops his hands to her shoulders and then moves down her arms and pulls her waist. Elle puts one hand on his chest and the other one his cheek

I look at Luke awkwardly. "Ok this is getting really weird."

Luke laughs. "I like it! It's hot!"

I start laughing so hard that I flip over my mattress and fall onto the floor, still laughing uncontrollablely.

Luke starts laughing. "Oh my goodness! Are you ok?"

"I'm fine." I smile. "Are they done yet?"

"Nope their still going."

"Don't ever say that again. It sounds really wrong." I laugh as I get up and sit back next to him.

I glance over at Benji and Elle, still making out. Benji moves his hand down to her butt.

"I can't watch anymore." I say getting up and walking away.

Luke gets up and follows me. "How much you wanna bet that Elle is going to deny that she liked it?"

"I know she will deny it."

Elle comes up and gives me a big hug. "What ya doing in here?"

"Nothing. How was the makeout session?" I say glancing at Luke.

She shrugs. "He's a good kisser, but nothing special. I mean it's not like I liked it or anything. It won't happen again. It was just for a dare, no big deal."

I nod and smirk at Luke.

He mouths the words. "Knew it."

I roll my eyes.

"On with the dares." Luke says as he lays down on my mattress.

All of a sudden Chad, Luke's hot older brother, walks into my house.

I walk over and lock the door. "I thought the door was locked."

"Oh it was, I just picked the lock. You're welcome."

I roll my eyes. "Join the party. We're playing dare or dare. Benji and Elle just got done making out."

"Nice! Wait a go buddy!" He says giving Benji a high five.

I sit down on my mattress and Chad sits on the couch.

"Who's going next?" I ask proping my head up on my hand.

"Ok. So this dare is for Kenz." Elle says with a big smile.

"Oh great. I just love dares." I say sarcastically.

She sighs. "Kenzie I dare you to... Kiss Chad."

I glup and glance over at Chad.

"Isn't that like illegal? I'm 17 and he's 21." I question.

Elle chuckles. "No, it's only illegal if you have sex."

I walk over to him.

"Come on. It's a dare, you have to do it." He says leaning forward with a smirk.

I bend down and kiss him quickly and then go back to my mattress.

He leans back. "Kenz is a pretty good kisser. Anyone else wanna get in on that."

The room goes silent.

Wow. My friends are so nice to me.

Benj looks around. "Not to change the subject or anything, but where's Delaney at? She's usually always with you two."

"She's in Norway with her family on vacation or something. She won't be back for the next few weeks." Elle explains with an eye roll.

Elle has never liked Delaney. I think she's low key jealous that Delaney and her family get to go on a lot of trips.

Delaney doesn't know that Elle doesn't like her though, which I think is really sad. I like her though she's shy but super sweet.

Benji nods as he begins to stare at Elle's chest. He starts to smirk.

Luke nudges my arm and leans into me. "Aye! Do you think he's ever gonna be able to get some?"

"With Elle?!" I ask

He nods. "Yeah. Do you think his dream girl will ever see him as her dream guy?"

"It's Elle. You never know with her. She usually plays with guy's hearts and then crushes them." I whisper to him.

"She's hasn't crushed Benji's." He smiles. "That's a good thing, right?"

I look down at my sparkly sliver nails and say nothing.

He nudges me. "What's wrong?"

"Yeah she hasn't broken his heart in person but... You should hear the way she talks about him, behind his back." I say quitely, staring at my hands.

He rubs his face and looks over at Elle and Benji, then back at me. He leans into my ear. "What does she say about him?"

I shrug. Benjamin is his best friend, I mean he lives with Luke and Chad, they are practically all brother's.

"She just says that he's annoying and that she would rather hang out with you." I say glancing up at him. Knowing all to well that Elle says much more than just that about Benji.

He fixes his grey beanie as he looks at my eyes. "Oh. Benji is a great guy. I think they would be a pretty good couple."

I nod. "If she would only give him a chance."

"I have a really good dare for you." He smirks.

"I just did a dare. It's my turn."

"Nobody cares. I dare you to jokingly date Noah Gardener." He starts laughing.

"No! That's so mean. I don't like him."

"To late. It's a dare and only pussies don't complete dares."

I roll my eyes. "I don't want to hurt his feelings."

"Oh my gosh! That would be like the funniest thing ever. Can you imagine his face when he finds out it was just a joke?! Priceless!" Benji laughs.

"I don't know."

"Come on! It's not only the best dare ever but it's also the best prank! He won't even see it coming." Luke says nudging me.

"Fine! Whatever. How is this even gonna work?" I ask as I feel my heart begin to beat fast out of fear.

I don't want to mess with a guys emotions, especially Noah's. I'm not like Elle.

Luke throws his around my shoulder. "Leave the planning to the prank master."

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