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Aria Jacobs has had a hard life. She has secrets that have left her damaged and leads her down a path of self-destruction. What happens when she meets the school's star football player and resident playboy? Will they be endgame? Or will her road of self growth lead her elsewhere? Follow this little Rebel on her journey through the drama of navigating a new high school, family, self discovery, love, heartbreak, and growth. * This story contains time jumps. * Mature content and strong language. * Trigger warning for mentions of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. * Not suitable to young readers. * Mentions of underage drinking, drug use, violence, and self harm.

Romance / Erotica
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1st day of 10th grade

"Wake up, Ari" Sadie yells. Her voice is so fucking annoying and it just seems to be worse in the mornings.

"What the hell, Sadie? Five more minutes?" I whine pulling the blankets over my head.

I fucking hate mornings. Why can't school start at night?

"No! Aria, if you aren't ready by the time I start my truck you will be walking to school." She hollers at me.

"Sadie, has anyone ever told you, you're a bitch?" I glare against the harsh onslaught of light streaming through the window hoping she knows just how much I mean it.

She smirks at me adjusting her wonder bra in the mirror to give the allusion she actually has tits. "all the fucking time. Get up!" She quips.

"I hate you." I mumble flinging my feet over the bed to find my new black pants and low cut black tank top, brushing my long blonde hair. Finishing my look with mascara, black eyeliner, and black biker boots.

We see a trend huh? Yeah black is my favorite color. Dark as my soul.

By the time I'm done, she's in her truck and slowly pulling out of the driveway.

"Fuck Sadie! I'm ready, stop!" I yell. I reach for the door handle and she pulls off a little faster. Slamming on her breaks so I can catch up. Then does it again. Laughing her ugly face off like it's the best joke ever. Ok, Sadie isn't ugly. She's actually pretty, but she's an awful person and I make the mistake of playing into her games far too often. That's why I hate her.

"Hades damn, Sadie! Can we just go to school now?" I say glaring at her while I climb into the truck.

"Aww you're no fun," she fake pouts. "Buckle up. I'm not getting in trouble, because the baby isn't wearing her seatbelt." She mocks.

Goddess I hate her so much.

Thank fuck the drive isn't very long. When she pulls into student parking I'm practically jumping out of her truck just to get away from her.

"Hey, I have practice after school so you have to ride the bus home." She says flicking her perfectly curled hair over her shoulder and walks off before I can even ask what bus I'm supposed to ride.

Well, welcome to your new school, Aria I think to myself.

Walking through the halls with my head held high. I'm exuding confidence and a new don't-fuck-with-me attitude or at least I am until I hear the whistles.

"Fresh meat!"

"Yeah baby!"

"Damn girl can I carry your books to class?"

I blush out of embarrassment and hide my face in my note book as I make my way to the office to get my locker information.

Where the hell did all this attention come from? I'm new. It's not like they know about the shit I've done or the hell I will cause to get out of here. The attention within the walls of this place make me feel embarrassed and on edge. Like they can see right past my carefully secured mask and it eats at me spiking my anxiety.

Doing this shit sober is going to be a fucking pain.

After getting my locker information I make my way to deposit my extra supplies. I should only need a notebook today. The woman at the front desk told me today was about getting to know my peers and what's expected in each class. I only half listened. I don't plan on being here long enough to really care.

Maybe I should have been looking up while walking. Maybe then I wouldn't have bumped into him.

My body slammed hard into a strong chest nearly knocking me on my ass. I stumbled back a couple steps, regaining my balance.

"Whoa. Are you ok?" His voice was smooth as honey standing a full head taller than me. That's not saying much I'm relatively short, 5 foot flat to be exact.

"Sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going." I replied looking into his bright blue eyes.

"It's alright, but you could make it up to me by letting me walk you to class." He flashed a perfect smile.

"Umm sure. I don't know my way around yet." I was put on edge by his friendliness, but I've had guy friends. Maybe he is just trying to be nice?

I deposited all of my supplies with the exception of one pencil, a pen, and a notebook into my locker.

On the walk to class I learn Conner, this boy with perfect teeth and bright eyes, is a Junior. He's on the football team and his first class is in the same hall as mine. I know I didn't learn a lot, but he seems like he may be a good friend. If I were looking for one.

Stay focused Ari! We are not staying here. Raise some hell so we can go home!

Home. 1,061 miles away, give or take a few.

In my first class I met Jack. I thought he was nice for letting me share his textbook, that was until I caught him staring down my shirt several times. I rolled my eyes with a groan.

Boys are all the same. How predictable and so damn disappointing.

I let him walk me to my second class. I know, what a gentleman right? Cue another eye roll.

By lunch I was on edge. Boys would talk to me and look at my body like they had never seen a girl before. It was annoying as fuck, if I'm being honest. Maybe if I wasn't sober I could deal with this bullshit. Goddess, I need to find someone who's holding.

I did make one friend. Which wasn't my intention, but Benny is cool. I like her. We kind of bonded. She's from Massachusetts. It's her 2nd year here. Her accent is adorable. Apparently I have an accent compared to people here too. She says I sound like a western movie. Haha. Yeah! That's me! I'm a cowgirl! I guess that's kind of true. We had animals of all sorts for food, grew small crops, and rode horses. I rode a juvenile bull for fun. I guess that counts. Where I grew up, it was normal.

Benny and I head for the outdoor lunch area where she says her friends are waiting.

"Hey boys! This is Aria. She's new." Benny introduces me.

Benny takes advanced courses so she's in one or more classes with the guys. She only got stuck in my history class, because her world studies course didn't transfer over. She's been taking additional courses while she was still in middle school. This girl is smart!

"Hey Aria" a cute blonde haired boy standing by a tree says and blushes slightly when I look up to meet his eyes.

Why does he look so shy?

"Hi nice to meet y'all." I say trying to sound confident and not give away that I'm hating every second of this. My anxiety is high. I feel like I'm crawling out of my skin with so many eyes on me.

Looking around I see Connor sitting in our group and shoot him a smile hoping it exudes a friendly acknowledgment.

Just because I'm not planning to stay doesn't mean I can't be polite. They never did anything to me.

"Oh fuck, yea haw cowgirl!" One of the older boys at the table says.

Except that guy. Fuck that guy.

I shoot him a glare. "Excuse you?" Unease is slowly clouded by irritation. I've heard comments all day about my accent and I wasn't about to listen to them at lunch too.

"Hey cowgirl can you ride?" A boy with short dark brown hair and piercing hazel eyes asks.

He should have stopped there.

I opened my mouth to tell him about my horses and the bull I once rode, but immediately snapped it shut when he continued.

"If your answer is yes, wanna ride me?" He flashed with a heart stopping smile and a wink.

He was the next target of my glare.

I look to Benny and she has a disgusted look on her face like she couldn't believe how crude her friends are.

A smirk spread across my face holding his gaze. "You couldn't handle me." I channel as much confidence as I can into that statement.

Benny giggles and the boys ohh at my response.

He seemed amused. "Baby, I'd have you screaming my name until you're begging me to stop." He licked his bottom lip and bit down.

My cheeks warmed. I'm sure I was blushing. Even through my glare he knew he got to me. I broke eye contact and looked at the ground.

"Oh, she's precious, Benny. You brought us a cherry." One of the boys says.

"I didn't bring you overgrown children anything. Shut the fuck up and behave you bunch of horny dogs." She shot back.

I couldn't even look at their faces. I feel embarrassed and actually kind of pissed off.

The boy at the tree pulls me into his arms from behind making me squeak out in surprise. He lowered his face towards my neck and I froze for a second. Whispering in my ear "my name's Alec. It's nice to meet you Aria."

Why did he grab me? Who the hell gave him the right?

Pissed off, I decide to toy with him.

I turn around in his arms so we are chest to chest. He smiles down at me. His arms around my lower back. Grabbing his shirt and pulling myself up to his ear. He closed his eyes like he thought I was making a move. I whisper back putting a playful edge to my voice, "why the hell did you grab me like that?"

His eyes shoot open giving me a half smile inches from my lips. "The guy are vultures" he nods to the table. "But, they won't bother you if they think someone else from the group has eyes on you." His half smile spreads into a face splitting good ol' boy beam.

Two can play that game.

I smile back. "Does that mean you don't have eyes on me?" I pushed my chest harder into his and watched him take a sharp inhale.


I pushed away from him. "That's what I thought. Kindly, keep your hands off or next time I'll hurt you far worse than blue balls." I lightly slapped his cheek and went to sit with Benny, leaving him stunned as the table erupted in laughter.

The rest of lunch was filled with getting to know the group.

Connor of course I already met. He's a tall, blonde haired, blue eyed junior on the basketball team.

Alec is slightly shorter than Connor with blonde hair and green eyes. He's a sophomore on the JV football team.

The boy who picked up on my accent I found out his name is Tim. He's a senior on the varsity football team. He has dark brown hair and eyes the color of chocolate.

A boy who keeps looking at Benny like she's his next meal. His name is River. He has bright blue streaks in his black hair. River is a sophomore and doesn't play sports, but his sketches are amazing. He pulled out a few to show. He's got some talent.

Then there's the playboy of the group. The one who asked me if I'd ride him. His name is Cole. He's a senior on the football team with Connor. This didn't surprise me. He's built, tall, and a cocky son of a bitch, but those hazel eyes looked like they could see into my soul. You know... if I had one.

After lunch Benny and her dad gave me a ride back to my grandma's house.

I did nothing productive at school, but hey it was just day one. Cut a girl some slack. I've gotta work up to being a total dick. Step one, make them think I've accepted this new situation and am not completely bitter and hell bent on getting the fuck out of here.

Putting my clothes away in Sadies closet, since we are sharing a room, I find a stash of bottles.


I sit down in the closet and take a big swig of the hot bottle of vodka. I've been on edge all day. Hanging out with Benny and the guys was more comfortable towards the end of lunch, but that doesn't mean shit. My plans aren't changing. I needed to numb my body and mind after my nerves were rubbed with sandpaper all day. This will do for now, but I'm going to have to find someone who has something a little stronger soon. I won't be able to deal with this shit for long.

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