Who Are You?

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Chapter Four

“Mr. Moon! Wait!” Mona says, her heart racing as he turns around to look at her. His eyes pierce into her, light grey observing her up and down as she approaches. She stops in front of him, the realization of what she’s done overtaking her. I just chased him down- and I’m only in a towel. I must look insane, and he’s just staring at me. Say something, say something!

“Mr. Moon, I-” she starts.

“Who are you?” His voice is deep and questioning, his head tilting a little as he wracks his memory for who she could be. Is she a fan, maybe? He feels like he would remember someone like her, though it’s hard to tell when his attention continuously travels to the towel around her.

“Oh,” is all she can say as her face continues to change all shades of red. He doesn’t remember me. “My name is Mona Moore, I work for-.”

Oh, the secretary to Mr. Anderson, he thinks to himself. “Yes, Miss Moore. It’s nice to see you again. Has something happened with your boss since we last spoke?”

He watches her eyes widen, clearly taken aback. For a moment they stand in silence as a million thoughts run through her head. He’s only in a towel. What do I say. I can’t say anything incriminating. Should I ignore it? He’s only in a towel. Why am I talking to him? He’s. Only. In. A. Towel. Stop. Trying. To. Look. Down. Why am I here? God, what am I doing!?

“Miss Moore?” He says again when her eyes start lowering below his face. She wants to say something, I can tell. Will she admit it to me? Does she want help? “Care to join me for some hot tea? Coffee? There is a coffee machine in the other room,” he says, hoping to lure her in for a possibly more personal, private conversation.

“No! I- I need to go. I’m getting a massage, I was just saying hello. I’m sorry for taking your time, I know you’re busy.” The words stumble out of her mouth as she frantically gestures towards the room they just came from, obviously trying to justify her soon to be quick escape.

“Wait, Miss,” he smiles softly, white teeth gleaming at her. She can’t help but notice how his eyes smile along with his lips, his bottom eyelashes kissing his cheeks. “If you ever feel like talking, or just getting coffee, seek me out. You know where I work, I assume.”

Even if she tried, the words won’t leave her. All she can do is nod quickly, turning and rushing off away from him with her right hand gripping her towel so it doesn’t loosen. What has gotten into to me? What was that?

She rushes back into the massage room, a new man with blonde hair being massaged by the same woman. Thankfully, this time another masseuse is waiting. “Ah, there’s the woman. Are you ready for your massage, dear?”

Mona nods at her, the older woman’s smiling face nodding at her to lay down. “My name is Wendy,” the woman says as she goes to wash her hands. “What oil would you like me to use today? Lavender? Rose? Chamomile? Eucalyptus?”

“Lavender, please.” She nods in response, grabbing a bottle and returning to Mona’s side. “Long day?”

“A long week, long month,” Mona chuckles and the lady laughs in return. Don’t think about him, push him out of your mind. I’m getting a massage, this is relaxing. This is supposed to be stress free...

“I know the feeling, dear. You seem too young to have so much stress on your shoulders, though. These knots are large.” She says as she starts to dig her fingertips into her back.

“Wendy, maybe she isn’t much for chitchat,” the other masseuse scolds as she aggressively pushes her palm into the man’s back.

“And maybe Mr. Kim isn’t much for becoming a mashed potato,” she chides, turning back to look at them.

“Now, now. I don’t mind the roughness, if she can pop my back while she is at it then it’s double the pleasure,” the man says, turning his head to look at Mona and Wendy. “What do you do for work?” He asks Mona, his eyes lingering on her, curiosity having been peaked when he watched her chase after Moon. He had been walking in at the same time that she ran out, her following his writer immediately caught his attention.

Upon hearing this she looks up and over at the blonde man, his dark brown eyes looking at her curiously. He has a sharp nose and thin lips, but despite this his features were gentle. He doesn’t look much older than her, maybe in his late 20s. “Excuse me?”

“Your work, what do you do? What has you so stressed?”

Is it normal for people to talk to you when getting a massage? She hesitates for a moment and her masseuse catches on. “Leave her alone, Mr. Kim. She may want to relax in peace,” Wendy uses her thumbs to press into Mona’s back, the feeling sending chills through her body.

“It’s fine,” Mona says softly. I don’t mind a friendly conversation... “I work as a secretary. Nothing big.” He nods at this then smiles.

“So, are you a fan of him, then? You chased after him awfully fast.” He grins right as the woman massaging him pats his back, “don’t tease the other patrons.”

“A fan of whom?” She asks, playing dumb.

“Mr. Moon. You went after him very quickly. You can tell me, the best people to tell secrets to are strangers.”

She laughs a little, “I don’t know about that. You seem to be a very nosy stranger.”

He shrugs a little, causing the woman to hold his shoulders. “HaJoon,” his name slips from her lips before she can stop it. “Yes, Marcie?”

“Don’t move...” Wendy looks back at Marcie, the older woman giving her a warning look. There are limits to how casual they can be, it appears.

“No, I’m not a fan. I’ve never read any of his books.” Mona responds to HaJoon.

“But you know he’s an author?” He puts his head back face down into the head rest. “Interesting.”

Shit, I didn’t even think about it. She laughs it off nervously, “oh, well, I heard him and Marcie talking about his book.”

“This is true,” Marcie backs her up, patting HaJoon on the back right at Wendy pats on Mona’s. “You’re done. You can go get in the hot tub, it adds some extra-relaxing benefits.”

Shit, shit, shit... I’ve got to go... Mona jumps up off the table, securing her towel around her body as she quickly walks from the room. She gets all the way to a sitting area with open doors leading out to the patio. The warm sun rays of freedom kissing her skin as HaJoon comes up behind her.

“Hey, wait!” I’d really rather not wait, she thinks to herself. The last thing I want to talk about is Mr. Moon or being a fan of him. Whatever this man was trying to get out of me. “We should be friends! Let’s hang out!"

“I’m sorry, what?”

“I said, let’s be friends,” he walks up to her, smiling widely as the sun shines off his hair. His skin is perfect up close and she’s rather surprised that she needs to look up at him a little bit. Mona isn’t short, she is considered significantly above average for a woman standing at 5′10. But he has to be an inch or 2 taller. Despite his height, he appears to be even skinnier than Mr. Moon, his collarbones sticking out drastically.

“Why me?” She asks, backing away from him a small amount.

“Why not? You seem nice. And honestly, I’m just really bored. My friend ditched me and I have no one to talk to. Will you keep me company?” He looks at her with big eyes, and she can’t help but sigh. This man seems very childish, but there’s something endearing about him.

“Your name is HaJoon, isn’t it?” He grins at her question.

“It is! HaJoon Kim! What is your name?” The more she looks at him the more she is surprised. How can a man have skin like him? It’s not fair at all.

“Mona Moore, it’s nice to meet you." She smiles and he tilts his head. “Why don’t we change into swimsuits and get in the-”

“HaJoon! What are you doing?” Mona stiffens up the second she hears his voice. Oh god, he’s back.

“Well, there you are. You were supposed to stay with me for the massage, why did you ditch out on me?” HaJoon pouts, looking at Mr. Moon with a small frown. “I had to endure Marcie on my own.”

“You’re the one that was late to come in. That’s all on you.” He looks past HaJoon to Mona, a glimmer of something shinning in his eyes. She notices it, but she can’t tell what it is. “Miss Moore, how was your massage? Are you feeling refreshed? Would you like to get that coffee now?”

Oh god, this again.

“Let’s take a rain check, please, Mr. Moon,” she responds timidly. She can’t help but feel shy around him. He has been nothing but kind to her, but this hesitance won’t leave when he is near.

“So you two do know each other,” a sly smile forms on HaJoon’s lips, looking between her and Moon. He already knew who she was the second he saw her. It is his job to know his writer’s affairs after all.

“Well, we don’t really...” She fiddles with her hands, starting to feel uncomfortable. The feeling of worry starts to cloud around her. Part of her wants to just pull Moon aside and tell him, the other part is screaming to leave. This isn’t worth your career, a small voice says in her mind. No, your career isn’t worth your pride and safety.

Moon watches her intently, every movement she makes is a sign to him. Her increased breathing, her fidgeting, her avoidance of eye contact. He knows she’s hiding something, but he also knows she’s incredibly uncomfortable. “A rain check sounds great. We’ll leave you alone, then. We need to get going, don’t we, HaJoon?” He looks at his manager with a side eye that says, “agree with me” and he gains a nod in response.

“Alright, enough luxury for today, it was great meeting you, Miss Moore. We’re friends now, so let’s hang out some time. Get a drink or 4.” He winks and she smiles politely, a little confused by them suddenly dismissing themselves.

They give a polite goodbye, then as soon as they came- they leave. She stands there, taking everything in. Trying to understand all the things that have been going on inside her head. A bird flies into the room from the open archway, landing on a nearby chair in the small seating area they had been conversing next to. It pulls her from her thoughts and she once again realizes- she’s only wearing a towel.

What is wrong with me!? She quickly rushes to the dressing room, deciding that she is done with the spa day. She’s had a tiny bit too much excitement in such a small amount of time. She climbs into the shower, washing the oils off her body as her mind starts to wander again.

What has gotten into me? I’ve been working for Mr. Anderson for so long, enduring for so long. And I don’t have much longer until I know what I need to know. I’m so close to being able to leave, being able to be done with it all, but... Do I really want to sit back and do nothing against him? Tough it out until I can leave, then allow another woman or man to fall into the same victim place? It’s not like I didn’t think to stand up for myself, to go to the police or tell HR. All of those things crossed my mind a million times, but I had this fear of not being believed, but now... There’s him.

SiWoo Moon. A famous political journalist, held so high on a pedestal that his following deems everything he says to be true fact. With him, I won’t be ignored. With him I’d be more than a “whistle blower”- I’d be believed.

She runs her fingers through her long blonde hair, scrubbing the complimentary shampoo into her hair generously. What if...

She washes the shampoo out and puts conditioner on the ends of her hair, slowly brushing the knots with her hands. What if... I did both. I could wait until I’m done working with him. Get all the knowledge and experience I need to understand the political world- see these elections through as long as possible... then out him, siding with Mr. Moon, right before the final voting. That way the public will know, he will lose office, and I will be free of this...

How successful could this be, though? I guess it depends on if he helps me. Of course he will, he’s offered. He’s adamant. She finishes up in the shower after washing her body with soap, climbing out and wrapping a new, clean towel around herself. Just a little bit longer, just a little bit more.

She pictures Mr. Moon’s eyes in her head. Strong, intimidating, but holding a warmth in them. Holding what she can only imagine is hope within them. Or maybe that’s just because she knows that’s what he is to her.

If I do this, I need evidence. She goes to her locker, pulling out her clothes. I can’t just go in with accusations. I need evidence. Pictures, videos, doctor’s reports, voice recordings. She bites her lip, running her hand through her thick, wet tresses. I need something to take to court. Because this won’t just be a simple article to defame him, no. This is illegal. The things he does are illegal. And I know it, he knows it, and most importantly Mr. Moon knows it.

This is possible, this is a plan.

Mona’ thoughts are interrupted by a loud laugh, Val and Zahra walking into the locker room arm in arm. “Did you see that life guard? Girl, he can give me mouth to mouth- Oh, Mona! There you are!” Valentina smiles, walking over and hugging her, her body and hair smelling heavily of chlorine and sunscreen.

“The pool was so nice, where were you?” Zahra asks, opening her locker to pull out some shower shoes.

“Oh, I got a massage then just came in here and showered.”

“That’s it?” she says surprised, pulling her spotted, orange bikini top over her head, throwing it onto the bench beside us. “That’s no fun.”

“Ooooh! God, I forgot to get a massage!” Valentina moans, grabbing her phone and checking the time to see it’s well passed 5pm. “And now they’re closed. This is just my luck, that means we need to come back tomorrow.”

“Let’s get through today first,” Zahra laughs. “And by today, I mean tonight. Both of you go get ready, let’s get dinner! Then go clubbing!”

“I accept that as a proper trade for no massage...” Valentina says passively, walking toward the shower. “All well, can’t go smelling like sun repellent.”

Mona watches them both and smiles. She’ll enjoy the rest of the day. No more thoughts of Mr. Anderson or going to the police. No more thoughts of whistle blowing or her career. And mainly- no more thoughts of Mr. Moon.

But, maybe... I think...

I wouldn’t mind seeing him again.
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