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"you wouldn't believe what haa--" I let out a high pitched scream as I clutched my chest and baby bump when I find the grey eyed man sitting on my couch comfortably like he owned the place. "Oh my God" I said as I took in deep breaths. "What are you doing in my apartment? And how did you get in here" "I have my ways "he said smugly as he stared hard at my baby bump. --------- Meet Chimamanda Rowland A second year resident doctor from Nigeria. she is a very hardworking, diligent, beautiful, God-fearing girl. never partied always stuck to working and studying, some may even say she was stiff and hardly spontaneous. Meet Nicholas Wilson CEO of the Wilson construction company and other business ventures. he is of an Italian and American descent. he is ruthless, smart, enigmatic,articulate and precise in his business. No one messes with him, Some say he is a beast when it comes to his business dealings. The women love him for his looks, wealth and power. Read to find out how this two people from different worlds collide.

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Chapter One

The morning sun seeped into the room shinning its light on me, stirring I slowly open my eyes and look around the room, I shot from the bed to a sitting position. My surroundings very unfamiliar to me, I groan as I feel a headache hit me.

I slowly turn my head to the side when I hear shuffling next to me; pair of grey eyes were staring back at me. I scream and fall off the bed unto the neat rugged floor. What in the world happened? I couldn’t remember anything, how I got here, who the stranger in bed is, nothing!

I slowly raised the bed sheet wrapped around me praying I had clothing on and this was all a misunderstanding, but I get the shock of my life, I’m as bare as the day I was born. I feel tears seep through my eyes, I had promised myself and God that I would keep myself till I was married. I look up and find those eyes still staring at me with caution like he was waiting to see what my next move would be. I have never prayed to be swallowed by the ground so much in my entire life. I didn’t even know what to do, should I just awkwardly picked my clothes and run out of here before I embarrass myself anymore than I already have? Or just simply ask the man sitting across from me who is still staring intently at me. I opt for the latter.

“What happened?” I asked, more like squeaked, like my voice had somehow vanished. Clearing my throat I try again “Who are you? What I’m I doing here and where exactly is here? How did I get here?” I blurted out.

“You don’t remember we met at the club? We were pretty wasted and we got talking, one thing led to another and here we are” he said watching me intently, his voice was deep and beautiful, like what I imagined an angel would sound like, in fact he look like he just stepped out of one of those vogue magazines.

I nodded and slowly got up from my position on the ground, clutching the bed sheet tightly as I picked my clothes which were lying around on the floor and speed walked to a door which I presume leads to the bathroom.

I placed my dress on the counter and stared at my reflection in the mirror and winced, I looked like I was hit by a tornado, my makeup was smudged, mascara made my eyes look like that of a raccoon. Sighing, I grabbed some tissue paper and began to clean the mess called my face, when I looked somewhat presentable I threw on my dress, rinsed my mouth not bothering to take a bath. I just wanted to be out of here, the sooner the better.

Slowing opening the door, I peeked into the room to find it empty, throwing it open, I stepped into the room. I glanced around for my purse which was on the floor next to the bedside table. Grabbing it, I checked for my phone and other stuffs that I carry around like my house keys, ID and the rest. I look up to find a wad of cash on the table. What the hell, how dare he, did I look like I was some kind of wench, fuming I grabbed my shoe lying next to the door storming out of the hotel room. I got weird stares from people in the hotel, glancing at my outfit, I could understand why, I looked like a hooker. Not wanting to waste a second, I dashed out of the hotel which by the way looked very expensive and flagged down a taxi.

On the ride home, I couldn’t help but think about what had just happened, if someone told me that on this day I would be leaving a hotel without my dignity intact, I would have laughed in their face. Why? Because I was not the type to sleep around, I hardly went to clubs. Yesterday, I had gone to the club with my colleagues who are also my friends to celebrate my fist solo surgery as a 2nd year resident doctor. If I had known the night would turn up like that, I would’ve politely declined the offer and gone home to my apartment that I shared with my best friend Whitney who is a resident in another hospital. We would have just popped some champagne, watched a movie and gone to bed. It was a Friday and we were both off call at our hospitals the next day so we wouldn’t have had to get up early, but no, I just had to say yes to my colleagues and now look at where it landed me. I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn’t realize we had gotten to my apartment. I got down from the cab and paid the driver muttering a thank you.

I walked into the building and groaned when I remembered the flight of stairs I had to climb, the building had an elevator but it was crappy, it made noises like it was going crash soon, sometimes it would stop for like five minutes before moving again and it scared me to death. Right now, it was faulty and my shitty landlord has refused to repair it. I really don’t mind because this was the only place Whitney and I could afford and still have enough money to pay for our students loans. Getting to the door of my apartment, I fished for my keys in my purse and opened the door.

“Hey, you didn’t come back home last night, I was so worried” I heard Whitney say as she stepped out of the kitchen. “I was this close to calling the cops” she said pinching her thumb and her pointing finger in the air. “Where were you? I called you like a million times”. Sighing, I plopped myself on the couch as I told her everything that happened, the ones I could remember that is.

“Oh my God” she said as she walked towards me and sat on the couch gently. ” Mandy are you okay?, I mean that was your first time right, did he use protection?” she asked and at that moment I almost died, I couldn’t remember anything, my eyes bulged out as I stared at her with my mouth open like a fish out of water.

“I don’t know, I can’t remember a single thing from last night after the club” I said with my voice breaking.

I couldn’t believe how careless I was last night; I didn’t know what got into me. I usually don’t even drink as much as I did; I think I was too excited. I felt her hug me and that was when I realized I had been crying.

She understood why I was this scared, for one, if I got pregnant, it will be a total disaster because we are barely afloat with our students loan hanging over our heads, I couldn’t afford to take care of a child right now and two, my parents would kill me, I had very strict parents and they are both Nigerians so you could imagine my fear. I was the third child out of five children, three girls and two boys. The first two being the boys were already married one with a child and the other was expecting and for boys they were quite decent and I wouldn’t be the one to tarnish my family’ s name by having a child out of wedlock. My parents had sent me abroad to study medicine and get a good life. I have always had this dream that I would go abroad, study medicine, get a good job in one of the best hospitals, make enough money to build a hospital back in Nigeria and help millions of people. My parents wanted to bring my dreams to life so they sent me to the US to study, New York to be precise.

“Calm down, I know your scared, I would be petrified if I were in your shoes but let’s be positive okay” she said rubbing my arm gently.

I know she could understand how scared I was, she had met my mother twice, when we were in med school and she was scared for her life. She had never met such a strict yet kind and calm person, she said my mother’s eyes were really scary when she watched you like an eagle. We also video called my family from time to time, she knew every member of the nuclear part of my family and some of my extended ones cause we were extended as hell. She knew how disappointed my family will be at me.

“I’ll just go and shower, take some Advil, cause my body is killing me and just go and sleep, I feel like I was hit by a train” I said, after I had spent the last five minutes staring into space and thinking about my life. I got up and grabbed my purse and walked towards my room. It was a two bedroom apartment, a kitchen and a bathroom and toilet that we both shared.

“Don’t be too hard on yourself, calm down and take that rest” I heard her say before I shut the door. I dropped my purse on my reading table and walked towards my bathroom, I felt so dirty and disgusted with myself. I shrugged off my clothing and stepped into the shower.

I heard my door open, “uhm, I made you some tea, ill just leave it on the table for you” she said. “Thanks” I replied as I continued to scrub my body.

“No problem, just go easy on yourself” I heard her say before she left.

Sighing, I know she’s worried about me, that one of the qualities I love about her. We met on our first year of med school, I was new in the US because I did my pre med course back in Nigeria, and so I didn’t know how the system worked, she apparently had a friend who had got in the year before, so she had everything settled. We bumped into each other and I asked for help in finding the administrative building which she directed me and offered to help me with settling in fine, we later met again in one of the classes and we have been close ever since.

She is 5′8, tanned skin with a long black silky and curly hair, she was really beautiful, grabbed attention everywhere she went, me on the other was 5′6, fair skinned, shoulder length nappy brown hair. She had a nice figure, she could pass for a Victoria secret model, while I had a nice figure as well but my derriere grabbed more attention than I actually needed. We both had brown eyes; mine lighter than hers. She is actually mixed, her father being Ghanian and her mother American, she had moved to America when she was eight years old with her family, which was her parents and her younger sister, her brother came two years after they moved. I think we bonded so well because we were both West Africans and could relate to a certain extent.

I stepped out of the shower and walked to my closet. I grabbed my favorite grey over sized hoodie and sweatpants, they were really comfy, putting them on, I grabbed the tea on the table which was now warm and slowly sipped it.

I sat on my bed and looked around the room, I felt so weird and different like I had lost a part of myself, I felt so detached from myself, I wondered if this was how girls usually felt after their first times or maybe it was because it was the way I lost it, just a meaningless one night stand. I dropped my mug on my bedside stool once I was done with the tea and got into bed. Closing my eyes, I just hoped I’d feel better when I open my eyes again. I felt myself fall into a deep slumber after some minutes.

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