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The Last Dragon

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Chapter 1

I threw the sheets off and swung my legs over the side of the bed. I ran my fingers through my hair and sighed. I couldn't get that man, or whatever he was, out of my head. I got up off the bed and walked to the kitchen, where I grabbed a box of coco puffs. I opened one of the cabinets and grabbed a bowl. I set the bowl on the counter and went to the fridge. I opened the fridge and grabbed the milk.

I poured the coco puffs in the bowl, then took the cap off the milk and poured some of it in. I got a spoon from one of the drawers. I put the spoon in the bowl and walked back to the fridge. Before I put the milk up, I took a swig and put the cap on. I closed the door with a yawn.

I went to grab my bowl and head to my table, when I heard a strange noise. I grabbed my gun from under the table a slowly walked towards the noise. The noise was coming from my garage. I slowly opened the garage door. I turned on my phone light and moved the beam across the garage. I sighed and lowered my gun. It was just my neighbor's cat. "How did you get in here?" I asked as I went to pick the cat up.

The cat hissed and clawed at me, cutting my forearms as I picked it up. I hardly flinched, I'd had worse. The orphanage was a poor place, and all the other orphans were mean, and picked on me.


The dirt and grass filled mouth as the other orphans pushed my head into the soft ground. I fought, but it was no use. I was running out of breath, and losing consciousness. I kicked my legs and gripped their wrists as they pushed my head farther under the ground.

My kicks got softer, and my grip on their wrists loosened. Dirt and grass clogged my throat. Dirt and grime stung my eyes as I tried to stay conscious. My bruises flared with pain as the other orphans kicked me and pushed me farther into the ground. I felt my ankle snap as one of the orphans stomped on it. I screamed and dirt came falling into my mouth, I coughed and hacked, trying to get the dirt out of my mouth.

More dirt fell in my mouth, so I gave it up. I screamed as I got kicked again and again. In felt a boot connect with my riv cage before I lost consciousness.

End of flashback

I shivered at the memories from the orphanage, the pain, the bruises, the broken bones, and the feeling of helplessness. The cat scratched and tried to get put of my arms, by the time I put the car over in my neighbor's yard, my forearms were bleeding from multiple scratches. I sighed and went back inside my house. I looked at my, now soggy, cereal with a sigh. I picked it up and held the bowl in my hands. I leaned up against the counter and ate my cereal with slow bites.

How did the cate get in my garage? I thought to myself as I took a bite of cereal. I chewed slowly and swallowed. I put my, still full, bowl of cereal back on the counter with a sigh. I'd lost my appetite. I dumped put my bowl of cereal and rinsed out my bowl. I set the bowl on a dishrag to dry and went to my office, really it was just I normal room I had made into an office. I sat down at my desk and sorted through the papers on my desk.

I turned on my desk lamp and looked at the papers on my desk. I shifted through a folder of papers until I found the one I was looking for. I pulled it out and looked at it.

First name: Jason

Last name: Formidulosus

Middle name: unknown

Description: brown hair, brown eyes with gold flecks, darker shade of skin, fit, skinny, and always wears dark clothes.

Personality: never smiles, gets angry easily, shows zero emotion, and never let's anyone close.

Title: heir to the Formidulosus Mafia, one of the largest and strongest mafias in the world.

I sat back in my chair with a sigh. I massaged my temples and looked at his file. When I opened his file, I found it empty! I threw down the file and looked at the clock on the wall, it read four-o-clock A.M. I sighed and picked up my phone off my desk. I went to contacts and clicked on Akari, friend and police officer. I pressed call and put the phone to my ear.

"Pick up, come on, pick up." I muttered as the phone rang. My call went to voicemail. I sighed and hung up without leaving a voicemail. I grabbed my jacket off the back of my chair and swept into the living room. I grabbed my keys out of a drawer and put my jacket on. I opened the front door and stepped 0ut into the chilly night

I locked the door and went to my car. I unlocked my car and got in. I started the car and drove down the road. I turned onto Akari's road and pulled into her driveway. Her car was parked in the driveway, I parked behind it and got out. I went to the door and knocked, and when I didn't get an answe, I knocked again. I saw a light turn on a took a step away from the door.

I heard the door getting unlocked, I tapped my foot impatiently. "Whoever you are, you had better have a good reas-", Akari started to say with a yawn before she realized it was me. "Oh, it's you. Sorry, come in." She said and opened the door to let me through.

"Thank you." I said as I walked through the doorframe. "I need to look at the police files." I calmly said as I took my jacket off and put it over my arm.

"Um . . . why?" She asked as she closed the door. She was still in her pajamas, she had a blanket wrapped around her.

"One of my files was stolen, I don't know when or how, but it was." I said and sat down at her computer.

"Um, okay." She yawned and logged into her computer for me. Then she got into the police files and went to set on her couch.

I went to the search bar and typed in "Jason Formidulosus", it loaded for a second. Then a window popped up saying: Sorry, file could not be found on this person.

My eye twitched as I stared at the blank computer screen. Akari saw my face and got off the couch. She walked over to me and looked over my shoulder at the computer screen. "What the-"

I sat there, unmoving as Akari reached around me to mess with the computer. My eye twitching. My hands sat unmoving into my lap.

Then I snapped. "WHAT THE H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS IS GOING ON?" I screamed, a few dogs started barking.

"Amea, chill out, I'm sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this . . .", her voice faded as she saw my face. "Look, I don't know what is going on, but I know that something must be going on."

"I need to talk to the person in charge of the files."

She I

Sighed and went to get dressed,- knowing very well that there was no reasoning with me -we climbed into my car, since I was parked behind her car. I pulled out of the driveway and went to talk to the person, whoever it was, that was in charge of the files.

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