A kiss lead to 'Forced Marriage'

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**Current cover by @rainbowusers Swarna A cute, caring, understanding girl.. Whose life revolves around her family... She loves her family so much.. She can do anything for them.. She is what her name describes.. Swarna means gold.. She is pure gold in a human form.. She wants a fairy tale love story... Avyaan He is stubborn in nature.. And a manwhore by character.. His second name is anger.. Because all the time he get angry on small issues.. He doesn't believe in love now.. Now he is surrounding by darkness.. What will happen when due to a misunderstanding they both are stuck together?? The family whom she loves most.. What if they don't stand beside her when she needed most... Will she light up his dark life.. Or his dark life will bring her into darkness??

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Swarna's provision

I was in lift.. With a man.. I know he is the owner of this hotel.. And grandpa's Friend 's grandson..

Well i do not belong to this society.. Me and my parents live separate from grandpa and other members.. For some reasons..

I heard about this man.. He is.. Ummm... A loose character man.. That what we call these types of boy in our city.. Yes i m a small town girl .. We fought the Day i came here..

I was in my thoughts suddenly lift stopped.. And that man started to come near me..

"I never thought you would be interested.. As you were like a village girl.. But we shouldn't judge a book by its cover... So true.. So baby where should we do.. Oops you mentioned you want it here.. Its risky.. But thats what it make more excited..".. He was blabbering something i couldn't understand.. Suddenly he started kissing my neck..

What is he doing...

Hay krishna.. Ye kya ho raha hai..?.. Ye lakadbhagha kya kar raha hai??

(lord krishna.. What is happening? What this lakadbhagha is doing)

I pushed him..

" What are you doing? Stay away from me ".. I told him.. I don't want to create any scene like last time so i controlled my hand from slapping him..

I don't want anyone to taunt my parents because of me.. Again

But this lakadbhagha.. He can't understand..

"Oh dear.. Why still playing innocent card... Oh now i get it.. You have fantasy of being forced in all this?".. He said.. And i m like... Ab ye kya Bakwaas ho rahi hai yahan? (now what nonsense is happening here)

He look at my confused face and understand that i m not getting his weird talk so he tries to.. Key word tried.. To make in more explainable but hell he make it more weird ...

" You want me to play the bad boy role and you will be litte innocent girl.. And i'll force you.. Well interesting lets do it...".. He said and before i could say anything.. He did something which froze me to death..

He smashed his lips on mine.. And i stilled.. I couldn't move.. It was like My brain stopped working.. And.. And i was numb... He was kissing me.. His lips were moving on mine.. Be licked my lower lip again and again... Like he wanted to say something by this...

What does it mean?? Oh god does kiss have its own personal secret language??

Its not time for all this nonsense - IS

When I didn't do what he wanted.. He bite my soft lips..

Cruel monster..

Than he groped my breast..

What the hell?? Pervert

Suddenly evaluator 's door opened... But I was too numb to react..

Suddenly someone pulled me away from him..

Thank god someone did it..

But before I could thank enough to god i was slapped hard..

I look at who slapped me with teary eyes..

"Mumma".. I said.. Quietly..

"Didn't i told you she is a bad omen.. After her birth she killed my wife.. Than she snatched my son and daughter in law from me.. You left everything behind for her.. See now what she is doing.." Grand paa said...

And it hurts..

No... No..

Whatever they say doesn't matter.. Only mumma and papa matter.. Yes.. They will trust me..

" I should have known.. If daughter is goddess laxmi than she also can be suroopnakha.. If she bring prestige to our family.. Than she can also bring down family's name too..".. My papa said..

Papa said?.. No no.. Its not.. Its not real..

"We are sorry bauji (dad) we fought for her with you, with everyone.. But she.. She.. I m so ashamed today.. I m her mother.. I m ashamed that i gave birth to you..".. Mumma said..

No.. No...

"no mumma.. Its not true.... (i moved to that man) You tell them its not.. What they are thinking.. Tell them you forced yourself on me..".. I said to that lak.. man..

"Oh please now quit this 'i m innocent' drama.. They already know truth..".. He said like its not a big deal ..

No no.. What is he saying..

"We also saw your hands were free.. If you wanted you could have pushed him.. Stopped him.. But you wanted this so why would you push him ".. My cousin said...

She doesn't matter..

"Mumma please trust me.. I was shocked and i didn't know what to do.. I was numb.. I don't know why I was like that... Please muma.. Trust me" I pleaded..

Mumma papa matters.. They will listen to me.. Yeah... May be in front of everyone they had to be strict... Yeah they would listen to me.. Papa will beat him for touching me..

"Oh please.. We all know what happened.. We saw everything..how his hand were on your br.. Private parts.. And you were enjoying.. From when all this is going on huhh".. Aunty asked

"Mumma i m here only from three days.. I don't even know him..".. I tried to explain

"Wow.. Without knowing you kissed him .. God knows what you would have done if he was known".. My second cousin said..

Why they can't just mind their own business?..

Why no one is questioning him?..

Because its always a girl's fault.. Always she is the one to face the wrath.. Forgot in which type of society you live?.. IS.

Go away.. My parents will listen to me.. They will trust me.. - i replied to my IS

Yes i m weird i talk with myself..

"Avyaan.. What is all this?.. How many times i told you keep it all in dark... How can you.. I have a reputation young man..".. His father said..

He dismissed the audience.. And asked my mother to take me to room.. So all elders can find a solution..

Solution?.. Why?..

Mumma took me to my room.. I tried to talk to her... But she just said she is ashamed...

They didn't even hear me.. And proved me guilty..


After two hours mom came back..

"wear this and get ready you too getting married today".. Mom said..

No.. No..

"mumma please believe me... Its not that.. I was shocked when he.. I swear I didn't did anything wrong mumma".. I cried..

"Agar aur badnam nahi karna chahti hume to shadi ka joda pehno or niche aao... Varna hum maan lenge ki humari beti mar gyi hai... Magar ye maan ke bhi kya hoga.. Jindgi bhar ke liye taana sunna pdega...

Agar wo ladka tujhe pasand tha hume kehti... Bhut galat kia.. Jeete ji maar dia apne papa tune... Kitna guman tha tum pe.. Agar ab bhi thodi sharm bachi hai to ye shadi kar lo.. Tumhare jaisi beti kyu paida ki mene".. She said and left ... Her each word has hurt me brutally..

(If you don't want to ruin our name more... , then wear the wedding dress and come down ...Otherwise we will assume that our daughter is dead...But what will happen if we accept this .. we will have to listen to the taunt for a lifetime...

If you liked that boy, we would say ... You did very wrong .. you killed your father today ... How much pride was there on you .. If there is still some shame left then get married .. Why did I had a daughter like you?)

Aren't our parents supposed to believe us.. To support us in hard time...

Than why are they against me??

I knew coming to my cousin's wedding was bad.. Very bad..

I got ready...

If this give them happiness.. Than let it be...


So hope you guys like it..

Please tell me should i continue?

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