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Is about a poor family trying to pass all their struggle to reach another level.

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"Leo,Mary, Jimmy, Eric and Richard it's 8 o'clock. Please come on you will be late for school!" I woke them up.

"Ugh ... Rehab why are you always disturbing me? I was watching amazing dream." Jimmy said.

Actually this happens always. Jimmy, is the second kid in our family. He is the clever student in our house actually from the school. He is a college student. He is 20.

"I am up." Leo said.

Leo is the last kid in our house. He is 4. He is also the cutest. He spends time playing with his dinosaur . He has light brown hair and blue eyes with very small ears and nose.

" Oh today I have exam. " Mary said running.

She is the the fourth kid in our family. She is 11. She is not that much in her lesson but she tries. She helps me with some house chores. She has black hair and brown eyes. She is only 1 years older than her brother Eric. Eric is the 10. I am so bored of going to his school because of his fight. I don't remember a month with not going to school because of him. He has black hair.

"What is breakfast today?" Richard asked joking. Because we don't eat different food like rich peoples.

Richard is the third kid in our family. He has very curly hair. He helps me by working in a store.

"You useless kids why are you going to school? There is no use of going to school. You better give me the money for my beer instead of paying for school. " my father said.

"Dad don't say that again."

My father doesn't care about us. He spends money on his alcoholic drinks. He also has a curly hair as same as Richard. I am always embarrassed of my dad because he sleeps outside. Then the policeman's brings him back. I know one of the police men his name is Tony. He always brings my dad from outside. He has black hair and blue eyes. He lives in our street with his mother. I think his father is dead. He is so gentle policeman.

Finally me, my name is Rehab. I am the oldest kid in our house. I am 23. I work in a burger shop. I am the most responsible for the kids and our family.

"Have a good day!" I said Washing the dishes.

So after I finished washing the dishes I went to work. The owner of the burger shop really looks like owner of a burger shop. He is so fat.

"Okay what can I help you ?"

"Can you give me one hamburger and juice? "One handsome man ordered. Actually I don't show my feelings. And also I am serious on my work. But something bad happened. When I was trying to give him the food and drink I accidentally dropped the other side of the plate and all the food was dropped on his cloth. At that time my boss came and yelled at me and was gonna fire me but the man told him that it was okay. Then he left the shop. My boss was very angry at me. I was already fired if it was another person.

After I finished my job I went to my friend. Her name is Helen. She is my neighbour. She is so thin and green eyed. She works at a massage centre. Her husband's name is Rafael. He works at a tea shop.

"Hey Helen, how are you? How was your day? "

"I am fine. It was good. What about you? How was your day?"she asked.

"I am good. The day is the worst day after I joined the burger shop. "

"Ohh ,what happened? "

"I dropped a burger and drink on a customer. God saved me! He didn't said anything. He was so calmed. "After we finished our talk I went to home.

I don't know where my mother is. The last time I saw her is when I was 19. I hate her very much . Even Leo doesn't know her.

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