Worth Fighting For [Sample]

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Author's Note

Thank you all so much for reading, voting, and commenting. It means so much to me!

There is so much left of Doriane and Levi’s story. It is now available on goodnovel.com. The book is completed and the rest of the series will be posted there as well once it is complete. Please feel free to go on there and finish the book, you won’t be disappointed!


There are many reasons it has been moved onto that website. One is that they are actively looking for plagiarizing for me and will take care of the legal side of things for me. I have already had someone try and I am not willing to let it happen again. Another reason is that I will now be paid for my writing, which is a dream of mine. There are many other reasons, but those are the main ones.

So please don’t be upset with me. I so appreciate your time and attention to this book! It has made me incredibly happy hearing your comments and feeling your support through my writing.

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