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(18+) "By the time that I'm done with you, the neighbours won't be able to forget my name." ***** Braden has never been the type to dream about settling down. Even after watching almost every single one of his friends fall in love, commitment still sends unwanted shivers up his spine. After finally being free of a toxic four-year relationship, Sierra plans on staying single for as long as she can. With her sights set on getting her much deserved promotion at her dream job, there's nothing she plans on letting get in her way. But after one spontaneous night of blissful passion spent tangled up in Braden's sheets, will it be as easy as both of them expected to continue on with their normal lives? With the spunky brunette spitfire clouding his every thought, who's stopping him from making his move? It is just sex, after all. One risky agreement later and they're lives are inevitably interlocked. Is it really possible to keep the lines between sex and love from blurring? Or are they just postponing the inevitable? With passion, jealousy, regret, and an uncomfortable amount of sexual tension, you'll be begging to find out.

Romance / Humor
Hannah Cowan
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Sharp nails tear their way down my back, drawing blood. The busty blonde beneath me moans in my ear, urging me to pick up my already fast pace. We’ve been going at this for what feels like hours. She has gotten off more times than I can count, but this chick’s moaning has halted every single one of my impending orgasms.

“Just like that!” My growl is loud, too loud almost as I pull out of her in one swift movement and lean back on my legs. This is ridiculous.

“What are you doing?” she whines, her plump lips jutting out in a pout.

“Sorry, Becky, I just remembered that I have to go pick up my grandpa’s friend’s son’s dog from the vet.” My tone is dry and careless. I move off of her bed and toss the unused condom into the nearby trash can.

“It’s Victoria.” Her breathless voice makes me cringe. I try to block her out and focus on finding my clothes. I could just about plant a thank you kiss on the lamp in the corner of her room when I spot my button-up hanging off of it.

“Sorry, what?” I hum and slide my arms through my shirt.

“You expect me to believe that you have to pick up this dog in the middle of the night?” she demands and wraps the blanket around her dangerously hot body. Yes, please cover-up. It was your hot body that tricked me into coming here in the first place and as much fun as it is to stare at your olive skin, I already have a bad case of blue-balls. The thought makes me reach down and anxiously rub at my aching boner with a deep, aggravated sigh.

“Hello? What is your deal?” she pipes up again, snapping me out of my lust induced state as I run a hand through my dark hair instead and slide my phone out of my jeans.

As the screen lights up, I’m met with several texts wondering where I ran off to and a select few praising my pick up. If only they really knew.

“You’re unbelievable!” she scoffs, shooting daggers in my direction and scurrying into the ensuite, slamming the door behind her. Well, that makes things easier, doesn’t it? Thank you, Cindy, for skipping the awkward goodbyes. The cold metal of my car keys bites into my skin as I pull them from my pocket and head out of the room.

A nauseating fruity smell flows through the house as I rush through the hallway and slide my sneakers on. How did I not notice this fucking brutal smell before? Oh right, I had my nose shoved between her tits the entire way inside.

I’m out the door and in the driver’s seat of my truck before my stomach has a chance to start swirling.

I wish I had busted as hard as this night did, that’s for sure.

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