Elf Prince

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500 years ago there was a tragic war between all the races and to make it stop they had to compromise. that compromise lead to a young boy named William Dragonfly getting he life sold away without happiness. But what if he finds happiness even though he was fine with being unhappy.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Once upon a time Selene, the moon goddess,was known for her countless love affairs. The most famous of her loves is the shepherd Endymion. Other affairs of Selene’s include involvement with Zeus with whom she had three daughters, and Pan who gave her a herd of white oxen. Some sources report that the Nemean lion, which fell to the earth from the moon was the result of an affair between Zeus and Selene. She was involved in many love affairs, however, not as many as her sister, Eos, the dawn.

She resembles a young woman with an extremely white face who travels on a silver chariot drawn by two horses. She is often shown riding a horse or a bull. Selene is said to wear robes, carry a torch, and wear a half moon on her head. She was not one of the twelve great gods on Olympus, however she is the moon goddess. After her brother Helios completes his journey across the sky, she begins hers. Before Selene’s journey across the night sky she bathes in the sea.

The seduction of Endymion is the love affair that brings Selene the most fame. She fell in love with the Shepard, Endymion, and seduced him while he lie sleeping in a cave. Some sources say Endymion was a king or a hunter, rather than a shepherd. Her seduction of Endymion resulted in the birth of fifty daughters and one son, one of which was Naxos. Since Selene was so deeply in love with Endymion she asked Zeus to allow him to decide his own fate. Zeus granted Selene’s request, and Endymion chose never to grow old and to sleep eternally. However, Endymion’s eternal sleep did not prevent him from Selene giving birth to his daughters. Endymion was visited by Selene every night and kissed by her rays of light.

Selene is a favorite of many poets, especially love poets. A moonlit night brings the feeling of romance. It is said that Selene’s moon rays fall upon sleeping mortals, and her kisses fell upon her love, Endymion. But without her love she grew very lonely and wanted to create and give her beloved children a place to always have each other and find their mates to have for the rest of their lives. Over time the humans killed all her children over being afraid of what they didn’t have, what they wanted. The humans didn’t just kill her children they also killed each other for fun or for land. To selene the humans were vicious and selfish beings, they deserved to be punished for what they have done. So from that day she made sure all her future children would be hidden and not seen. Only she did not know that now her children would fight each other just like humans would.

All I could see and hear was war at a very young age. I was hiding for the first 10 years of my life, from the monster of war. But one day there was hope for no more war and to have happiness. The leaders of all the different races came together to make a treaty, if you broke that treaty you would be punished by that race you hurt by their means and your king or queen couldn’t and wouldn’t help you, even if they wanted to.

“Will dear can you please pay attention to me and listen.” My mother asked, “yes sorry what were you saying.” my mother sighed “You need to pay attention, how are you going to rule the kingdom when you can’t listen to me for 2 mins.” with that my mother continued to talk about how her day was. I would listen but I really didn’t care for what she ate for lunch and what her bath smelled like. That’s when I caught sight of my older brother and gave him a very pleating look to help get me the hell out of here. He gave a soft smile and came over to free me from my very enthusiastic mother. “Mother milly asked me to come and get you. She needed help picking her outfit for the night’s greeting party”. Chris said with a very calming and sweet voice, “Oh ok well sorry my little dragon but my daughter in-law calls for me”. No mother it’s ok I know how much dressing up makes you happy go have fun”. I gave my mother a kind smile as she ran off to help dress up milly for tonight. “You know she means well, she just wants to spend as much time with you till you turn 18”. “I know Chris but sometimes she gets to be to much, did you know her bath tested like strawberries today.” with that he cracked a smile, “And here I thought you weren’t listening.” “shut up I tune in and out but now I have to go read a wonderful book and try to avoid my mother till tonight.” With that I get a good look at what he is wearing. A bright pink suit with a white flower behind his ear, my only thought was Milly. She has always turned her husband into a walking Christmas tree if she can get away with it. I give my brother a big smile and say nice outfit to only have him frown and tell me to shut up, and with that I walk away to check on the preparations for the party.

I have thought and thought of ways to write this chapter and the book in general and I am still learning and changing things. But in the end I came up with this chapter for now I have started the next, but updates will be slow so bare with me. Update: I changed the chapter just a bit sorry every time I look at It I end up changing things.

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