My Student’s Hot Dad

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A teacher falls for her Student's Hot Dad.

Romance / Drama
Maia Black
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Chapter One

I was getting my things together for the end of the day. All of my students were either outside waiting for their parents to come pick them up or out to the buses. I hear two short raps on my door.

"Caroline, I told you a million times that I can't go out to coffee with you," I said without looking up.

"I'm not Caroline," A voice said. I looked up to see a man with dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, well rounded lips, and muscular build standing in my doorway. I was pretty much speechless at how good looking this man was.

"I'm August Flores, Mischa Flores' father. I'm here to speak with her teacher Ms. King," He tells me.

"Well you're looking at her," I smiled a little.

"Oh I didn't think you would be...." He trailed off.

"Black?" I asked.

"No. Beautiful," He responded. That response shocked me so much. I hadn't heard that from a parent before at all, especially after they have talked to me over the phone.

"Oh...umm...well thank you," I said.

"You're welcome," He smiled.

"So...umm...w-what did you want to talk about involving Mischa?" I asked.

"I actually wanted to talk about her grades for this class," He informed.

"Mischa is a great student and she's very bright too, but it's getting her to pay attention, do her work, and turn it in is the problem," I explained.

"Well I noticed on the portal that she had at least four NTI's," He tells me.

"That she does," I nodded.

"Is there any way in which I can get copies of the missing assignments and have her work on them then turn them in?" He looked at me.

"Yes there is. Let me grab them," I replied. I walked over to the cabinet and I found the missing assignments folder on the second shelf. I grabbed it and then I flipped through it. I got out the four missing assignments that Mischa hadn't turned in. I handed them to her father. Our hands touched for a split second and I felt a small tingle. I knew that he felt it too.

"Here you are, Mr. Flores," I smiled.

"Thank you, Ms. King. I appreciate it," He smiled back.

"I'll check to see if Mischa brings them in tomorrow to be turned in," I said.

"That would be great. Once again, thank you," He said.

"No problem," I nodded.

"Have a nice day, Ms. King," He said.

"You too," I responded. Once he left, I let out a breath that I didn't even know I was holding in. Caroline, one of the other teachers, walked into my classroom. Caroline has blonde hair that reached past her shoulders, emerald green eyes, well curved lips, a slender frame, high cheekbones, a straight nose, and pale skin. Caroline had on her red horn rimmed glasses. Caroline was also a good friend of mine. She was a very sweet person who was as sweet as pie.

"Who's dad was that?" She asked.

"That was Mischa Flores' father," I answered.

"Wow. He's really good looking," She tells me.

"That he is," I nodded.

"We are still going on the field trip to the zoo?" She asked.

"Yes we are," I replied.

"Just making sure," She said.

"Why in the world would we get approximately two hundred parent signatures and their money only to not go on a field trip to the zoo?" I asked.

"I was just asking," She held up her hands. I rolled my eyes.

"Now what did you need? I know you're not here to ask about a field trip," I said.

"You caught me. I was coming to see if you were sure about not coming out to get coffee with me," She explained.

"I am sure that I don't want to get coffee with you," I murmured.

"Why not?" She whined.

"Because I'm tired and all I want to do is go home and take a hot bath," I responded.

"Understandable. I'll just ask Rachel if she wants to go," She sighed.

"The AP History teacher? I thought you said that she smelled like fish, old coffee filters, and cigarettes," I looked at her.

"Well she's actually starting to smell better," She replied.

"Whatever you say," I mumbled.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Emily," Caroline said.

"You too," I replied. She walked out of my room and I grabbed my purse and the papers that needed to be graded before leaving. When I got home, I went straight upstairs to my room and I went straight to my room. I closed my door and I walked towards my bathroom to turn on the shower. I thought back to Mischa's dad. He was a very good looking man and I started wonder if he had a wife or a girlfriend. I can't date my student's father. That would be wrong , but he is a good looking guy.

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