My Student’s Hot Dad

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Chapter Twelve

It was a rainy Saturday night and I pretty much had no plans for today at all. Caroline was visiting her aunt that lived five hours away, August and Mischa were having a father-daughter date today, my sisters were off doing their own things with their lives, and Alex was off with his friends today. It was kind of nice to sit home and relax, but at the same time I was bored as hell and wanted nothing more than to go out. Times like this made me want a cat or dog. Hell, a damn fish will do if that means not feeling lonely.

As I continued to wallow in loneliness, my phone began ringing. With lightning fast reflexes, I snatched up the phone and checked the caller ID to find that it was August calling. Just so I didn't seem desperate to have him call me, I waited a couple of seconds before pressing accept.

"Hello," I greeted.

"Hey, Emily. How are you doing this evening?" He greeted back.

"I'm doing alright. Just sitting in my house watching television," I responded.

"Is that so?" He questioned.

"Yeah. How was your day? Did you and Mischa have fun?" I replied.

"It was great. We went to the aquarium, then to the botanical garden, and finally we went out to eat at Chili's. It was pretty fun," He answered.

"I'm glad that it was," I smiled.

"Anyways, how do you feel about having some company tonight?" He asked. My heart fluttered at the thought of him coming over to spend time with me.

"Company sounds wonderful," I responded.

"Do you mind opening the front door for me then? The food is getting a little cold," He answered. This man was just too damn sweet. He offered to keep me company and he brought food. Quickly, I slipped on my slides and walked downstairs to open the door with a bright smile on my face. August stood on the other side holding a Chili's to-go bag and a smile. I stood to the side and let him inside.

"Is Mischa with her mother?" I asked.

"No. Her mother is still in Italy so for now she's staying with her grandmother, my mother," He replied.

"She must be excited to spend time with her," I smiled locking the door.

"She is. They always have a lot of fun together," He said, "Where's your kitchen?"

"Oh. It's right this way," I replied. He followed behind me to the kitchen and placed the food onto the counter.

"Such a nice house," He complimented.

"Thanks. It took this job and my other one for me to afford this," I responded.

"You have another job?" He asked.

"Yeah I do. I forgot to tell you about that," I answered.

"What is it that you do on the side?" He inquired.

"Hmm...well sometimes I'll do tutoring outside of school to make some extra cash. Half the time I'll tutor middle school and high school students," I explained.

"Wow. Does it pay well?" He inquired.

"It does. I've been tutoring since college and it's paid off since I make sure to try and keep up with the new material that is being taught every single year," I replied.

"How diligent of you," He remarked.

"Was Mischa sad about your day together ending?" I asked.

"A little but as soon as my mother told her about cinnamon rolls, she left me in the dust," He responded. I giggled softly.

"Mischa seems like the type to do that, especially at school," I smiled.

"Really? That doesn't surprise to be honest," He beamed, "She loves sweets and is a total addict for them so she'll completely have a one track mind when it comes to them."

"It's a nice little quirk of hers that I find adorable," I said.

"That and it's a problem too. Her addiction to sweets is a huge problem, especially because she'll eat at least three a day, and possibly sneak one late at night when she thinks I'm sleeping," He explained.

"Uh-oh. That is a problem," I agreed.

"It really is and I've been trying to ween her, but it's no use. If this continues, then she'll be as chubby as she was when she was a baby. Although it would be nice to have that chubby baby from ten years ago," He responded. The room fell silent for a moment as I thought of a solution to his problem. When it finally hit me, I snapped my fingers during my "ah-ha" moment.

"Hmm...don't you think that maybe she should a join a sport? I'm sure she can burn all those calories she has from sweets off and have something to do on days when she doesn't have tutoring," I suggested.

"A sport, you say?" He pondered.

"Yeah. That way she can burn off those calories and have fun at the same time. Not only that, but it's a great way of making more friends too," I responded.

"She has been begging her mother and I to let her join soccer for a while," He murmured.

"See? Even she wants to do something fun and active," I replied.

"I'll have to talk to her mother about this because she's been against her doing anything that requires sweating and getting dirty," He said.

"That's understandable," I nodded, "I'm sure Mischa will be happy if she's able to join."

"You're not just a teacher," He smiled, "You're a miracle worker."

"Thank you. I try to at least help my students and their parents in any way I can," I beamed.

"Well do you mind helping this parent a little more?" He asked. A smirk formed on my lips.

"What did you need help with?" I inquired.

"Lately there's been a very gorgeous woman on my mind and I've had this little problem for a while now where whenever I see her I want to kiss her," He replied.

"Oh that is a problem. Have you tried communicating to this woman that you want to kiss her?" I asked.

"Not particularly no. It seems like I'm a little shy," He moved closer to me.

"Everyone gets a little shy every now and then," I responded.

"Yes, but I get nervous every single time I'm around her. I don't want to make a fool of myself," He sighed.

"How about you practice with me? I'm sure it would help you to get over your nervousness," I suggested.

"Are you sure?" He asked.

"I'm positive. My methods have been known to help others," I smiled.

"If you say so," He said. He leaned in and pressed his lips softly against mine. His lips are so soft and they feel so nice against mine. If possible, I could just kiss him forever without stopping.

Sadly, after a moment, he pulled away and placed his forehead against mine.

"Hm. Your methods are very effective and I have to say that you've helped me so much," He smiled.

"Well I'm glad to help such a handsome man try to win over this beautiful and intelligent woman," I beamed. He chuckled and kissed me again. His arms wrapped around me and pulled me flush against his body as he kissed me with passion. This kiss had my heart fluttering and my foot almost went pop. Damn. What is this fine specimen of a man doing to me?

"You know," He said between kisses, "If I...don't won' enjoy...your food."

I pecked him on the lips before turning my focus on to the food that had been forgotten. If only kisses were enough to feed my hungry belly. It might sustain him, but those kisses are reserved for a very special place.

August chuckled and sat in one of the bar stools at the island as he watched me heat up the food.

"Since next week is a holiday, how about you spend that week with Mischa and I? We would love to spend some time with you outside of school," August suggested.

"That sounds like fun. What do you guys plan on doing?" I inquired.

"Well if it's not too sudden, I would like it if you could spend the week with us at our cabin," He rolled.

"Your cabin?" I asked.

"Mhm. It's a nice little area to have fun in between the beautiful lake that we go fishing on and the woods that I always take Mischa hiking through," He explained.

"That sounds very tempting. I'll have to think about it," Emily smiled.

"Whatever you decide I respect your decision, although it would be nice to have you join us this year," He said.

"When you put it like that, then I have no choice but to go," Emily giggled.

"Well I'm trying my hardest to convince you to go. Is it working?" August chuckled.

"It is," She laughed.

"Perfect," August beamed. He got up and kissed her once more on the lips.

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