My Student’s Hot Dad

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Chapter Fourteen

"Caroline, when you said hang out, I didn't think you meant a sleepover," I said. We were currently at her house watching a couple of movies from the early 2000's that we used to gush over as children while stuffing our faces with snacks and home cooked food.

"Of course I meant a sleepover, silly," Caroline said, "We haven't hung out in so long and I thought it would be nice for us to do one of our famous sleepovers."

"That's true, but you could have warned me at least," I responded.

"Sorry. I'll have to remember to say something next time," She apologized.

"It's fine, but I'm lucky that I had some extra clothes to wear in my trunk," I said.

"Well everything worked out in the end," She grinned.

"Yeah, Yeah," I chuckled, "Let me shower and go change clothes."

"Okay," She replied. Despite it being an out of the blue thing, a sleepover at her place was something I've been wanting to do for a while. Sleepovers are fun to do, especially at our age. There may be some adult women who don't it at our age due to marriage and other things, but we do. It was so much fun to do and we talked for hours as if we hadn't seen each other for days, even though we just saw each other at school.

After my shower, I moisturized, brushed my teeth, put on my pajamas that consisted of a large tee and soft shorts that stopped under my booty, and wrapped my hair. I made sure to start on my skin care routine by putting on a face mask and then setting a timer for it to come off. When I finished, I walked out of the bathroom and sat on the bed with Caroline.

"You just reminded me of my skincare routine!" Caroline gasped. She scrambled out of bed and went to start on hers. I laughed at her reaction and got under the covers of her bed. Her black Labrador, Zeus, jumped onto the bed with his big self and curled up at my side.

"Hey, Zeus," I smiled scratching behind his head. He was such an adorable baby. He was so friendly and sweet towards me that I had half a mind to kidnap him and take him home with me. Not to mention that he was just as protective of me as Caroline was.

Speaking of Caroline, she cane out of the bathroom moments later with her hair in a messy bun, a headband pushing her hair back, a black charcoal mask on her face.

"I have to take this off in at least fifteen minutes, which is enough time for me to stuff my face full of this caramel popcorn and my heart full of Chad Michael Murray," She said.

"Same," I agreed.

"Chad Michael Murray is the one and only man that I will ever give my virginity up to," She sighed.

"Caroline, you lost it during our sophomore year of high school to Tyler Isaacs, the captain of the baseball team," I reminded.

"Okay. So I got impatient, but there is such a thing as a second time virgin," She told me.

"Ahhh true," I murmured,

"Plus it was worth it at the time because Sam did resemble him," She said. That was true as well. Samuel Isaacs did look like Chad Michael Murray. Hell they were almost twins in that sense, and I'm almost ashamed to say that I would have given it up for that damn doppelgänger had Caroline looked the other way.

Okay. So maybe I did give it up to him, but that was in college during the holidays. It was one of those New Years' drunk sex type of things that just happened. After it happened, I told Caroline who I expected to be angry, but instead she gushed to me over how good he was in bed. It was oddly surprising that she did that, but if she was okay with it then it didn't hurt to talk about my amazing experience.

"Believe me. I know," I murmured.

"Of course you do, you honey whore," She laughed.

"Are you sure you're okay with the fact that I slept him?" I asked.

"For the last time, yes," She laughed, "Sam was extremely good looking and a literal sweetheart too. Who wouldn't want to sleep with him?"

We both looked at each other knowingly before saying, "Angela Epstein."

We laughed at that response. Angela did not like Tyler at all and she called him a phony pretty boy that was just average. Needless to say that she got a bunch of weird looks when she said that at the time, but she kept it moving. Did she end up sleeping with him? No. Marry him? No because she stuck to her word about how average his looks were and kept it pushing.

"If only she saw what we saw," Caroline chuckled.

"Well she won't. Her husband is a literal male model," I replied.

"And I'm extremely jealous," Caroline groaned.

"Me too, but we both found some great men who are some showstoppers," I told her.

"Yeah they are," She smiled.

"Anyways, back to Tyler," I replied.

"Ooh yeah. We were getting off topic," She nodded.

"Now that man could tease," I smirked.

"And dirty talk too," Caroline shuddered as she thought about it.

"His dirty talk was amazing. Even though I was drunk, I still remember what he said to me," I smiled. If I could, I would do it again, but Tyler is now married to a very beautiful woman. She was a thick one too like me with chocolate brown skin and long 4C hair.

"Honestly, when I was dating him he seemed to have a love for plus size women, which I thought was cute. I'm surprised he actually dated me," Caroline remarked.

"I'm not. You're an amazing person, Caroline. Any man would be lucky to date you. Hell, marry you and have children with you," I explained.

"Thanks, Emily," She smiled.

"You're welcome. Now, I did peep his love for plus size women and I'm not surprised he knew how to take the mantle when it comes to that,," I replied.

"Let's have a toast to the single man that was known as Tyler Isaacs and his great bedroom skills," Caroline sighed. We both raised our glasses of wine in silence before taking a sip.

"So about your cousin and Alex. What's the deal with that?" She asked.

"The deal is that Alex thinks she's out of his league and she thinks that he wouldn't want a girl who has multiple sex partners," I answered.

"Whaaaat? That's insane. Your cousin isn't out of his league," Caroline said, "Above it, yes, but out of it? No."

"That's still out of his league," I told her.

"Oh. Well I guess she is, but Alex can still date her," Caroline said.

"That's what I told him, but he's adamant on thinking that way," I sighed.

"As for your cousin, she needs to worry about what Alex will think about her experience. Why? Because men wanting someone who's experienced but still a virgin is a logical fallacy at best. A woman's worth is not determined by how many men she has slept with. It's determined by her character," Caroline said.

"That's what I tried to tell her, but she didn't listen either," I responded.

"God! Those two are so ugh," Caroline rolled her eyes.

"I know, but we can't tell them anything. They'll just have to figure it out for themselves," I said.

"Yes they will. I wish we could give them a push, but they're two consenting adults who can do it on their own," Caroline agreed.

"Enough about those two before they make me upset all over again," I rolled my eyes.

"Let's talk in depth about how you felt about Lucas," Caroline said. Lucas and I had met almost week ago at the school and he was exactly Caroline's type. Tall, dark, and handsome. He had a very bad boyish air to him with a full sleeve on his arm, back length black hair, tan skin, and a lean build.

"He was a vey looking guy and he seemed to be the type to get into bar fights. However, when talking to him he is such a sweet guy and his love for children is very admirable. I'm surprised they didn't hire him at the high school," I replied.

"Me too, but he's looking to working here next year since we're going to have a couple of spots open," She informed.

"Really? Did you tell the principal about him?" I asked.

"Yes and she already loved him," She answered, "She would like to get him here as soon as possible, but he has to wait."

"Well that's good. It'll be nice to work with him," I smiled.

"It will be," Caroline sighed contently.

"Anyways, other than that he seems to really like you and you seem to really like him too. The way you two look at each other gives me some hope for the future, especially since you would love to get married before thirty," I explained.

"Thanks, Em," She beamed.

"You're welcome, but we'll see in s couple of months," I replied.

"You know, he's kind of scared of working here because of his tattoos. He thinks some of the parents won't approve," She admitted.

"I can see why, but times are changing. Piercings and tattoos do not determine your professionalism. They are just an expression of one's self," I said, "Tell him not to worry about what others think and to let his work speak for itself."

"What did I do to have such a wise friend?" She asked.

"Beat up a bunch of the neighborhood boys and force them to eat a bunch of dirt," I answered.

"They deserved it and so much more," She chuckled.

"That they did, but somehow they wanted me to give them a piece of the pie once we hit high school," I replied.

"Yeah right. Giving them a piece of the pie meant that you would've stooped lower to gutter trash," Caroline rolled her eyes.

"I couldn't have said it better myself," I agreed.

"Not to mention that the women they're married to are possibly miserable, especially Richard Johnson's wife. She looks extremely miserable," She said.

"That she does," I nodded.

"Enough about them, lets get back to these movies and my future husband," Caroline waved.

"Okay, But first let me take this off," I said. She nodded while I headed to the bathroom. I peeled off the mask and threw it away. I moisturized my face with my skin moisturizer and then got back under the covers.



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