My Student’s Hot Dad

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Chapter Twenty-One

It was the weekend of my visit to August’s house and I was extremely excited to finally come here. It had been two weeks since we made it a plan for me to come and visit, which had me on cloud nine for two weeks as well. God. I can’t wait to finally take a peek at his home and the greenhouse that Mischa talks fondly about.

“So he invited you over to his house?” Caroline asked as she was lying down on my bed.

“Yes,” I answered from the closet.

“Did you pack some condoms?” She questioned.

“No and I won’t need them because we’re going to wait,” I answered.

“Wait on what? The second coming of Jesus?” She inquired. She’s such a damn smart ass.

“No, Caroline! I was going to wait until we were dating at least seven or eight months,” I answered.

“What happened to waiting a year?” She asked.

“A year is too long for me after all plus he just oozes sex appeal,” I explained.

“Ah! So you’re horny too?” She snapped her fingers.

“Yes,” I responded. She began laughing at me while I just rolled my eyes and grumbled under my breath.

“Also, you shouldn’t have this much trouble finding an outfit to wear. This is a causal thing and you’ll want to be as causal as possible,” Caroline said.

“You’re right. I don’t know why I’m freaking out like this,” I responded, slipping on a pair of ripped jeans and a white v-neck tee. As for shoes, I decided on my black vans.

When I walked out of my closet, Caroline nodded in approval and gave me a thumbs up.

“This is a good outfit to wear. It’s comfortable and cute,” She said.

“Thanks. If not for your guidance, I would have been overdressed,” I replied.

“No problem. That’s what friends are for,” She smiled. I walked over to my vanity and sprayed some perfume onto myself.

“So it’s going to be just you two in that house today?” She asked.

“Yeah. Mischa is staying with her mom for the weekend,” I answered.

“A handsome man, a daughter that is away for the weekend, and an empty house,” She listed, “Are you sure you want to wait?”

“For the love of-YES!” I exclaimed.

“I’m just asking because if a man was practically offering himself to me on a silver platter, then I’d definitely pounce,” She responded.

“Well, that’s you,” I said.

“True because I already pounced on my man,” She replied.

“I know. You told me in full detail,” I muttered.

“Yes I did,” She proudly grinned.

“As great as it would be to have sex with him, I still want to wait. If my resolve weakens tonight-”

“And I don’t see how it hasn’t weakened when you’ve had so many opportunities to just take him,” She said.

“-then I’ll have sex with him, even though I highly doubt that it will,” I finished.

“Just break down that resolve and fuck already. It’s pure agony for me,” Caroline said.

“You’re worse than the little devil on my shoulder,” I remarked.

“And proud of it,” She said.

“That’s nothing to be proud of,” I pulled a straight face.

“Who cares? I’ve dealt with worse demons,” She replied.

“Let me quit talking to you before I’m late,” I said.

“Late? This isn’t a reservation. You’re just going to his house,” She made a face.

“Well, we both had a specific set for me to come over. Sue me,” I informed her.

“Oh well. Carry on,” She waved me off.

“You’re leaving too. Get your lazy butt off of my bed,” I grabbed her arm and pulled her off the bed. She groaned and complied.

“Ugh! Why can’t I stay over?” She asked.

“Because I said so. Now get a move on it, missy,” I replied, slipping on my olive green hoodie. I put on a denim jacket to complete the outfit.

“Fine, fine,” She sighed slipping on her boots. We both headed downstairs and out the door together.

“Good luck and have fun,” Caroline hugged me.

“Thanks. I-why the hell are you slipping a condom into my pocket?” I asked holding up the small, gold square.

“What? It’s a good luck charm,” She feigned innocently.

“Good luck charm my ass,” I muttered under my breath.

“At least keep it on you. You never know when you might need it,” She said.

“I’m throwing this in the garbage,” I gave her a blank look.

“Prude,” She mumbled.

“I heard that and I’m not a damn prude!” I hissed.

“Could’ve fooled me,” She murmured.

“Go home,” I firmly stated. She threw up her hands and walked towards her car.

“When you guys have sex tonight, you’d better thank me,” She said.

“I won’t have sex and I won’t thank you. Now, goodbye,” I replied.

“Prude!” She exclaimed, sticking her tongue out at me. She got into her car and drove off while I just shook my head. Sometimes she makes me wonder about whether or not she’s alright up there, then other times she makes me wonder why I deal with her every single day. After watching her leave, I got into my own car and headed to August’s house.

When I arrived at his place, I was in awe. It was so big and yet so beautiful. It kind of made me self conscious about my own house, but I had to remember that there’s a difference in what he makes and what I make. My home is the right size for me.

The first thing I noticed when I pulled up was the security, which made me remember what he instructed me to do when I arrived and that was call him.

“Hey, Emily,” He greeted, “Are you outside?”

“Yeah I am,” I responded.

“Alright. I’ll let you in a second,” He informed.

“Okay. See you soon,” I smiled.

“You too.”

As soon as our brief call ended, the security gate opened and I drove into the driveway. I made sure that where I parked my car didn’t interfere with anyone coming in and out, which wasn’t likely since he promised that we would be the only two in the house.

Before I could lay a finger on the door handle, it was opened for me and I smiled at the handsome man before me.

“Somebody’s eager,” I remarked.

“Very eager,” He added, helping me out the car.

“Thank you. Your home is very beautiful,” I said.

“Thank you. I had it built a couple years before Mischa was born,” He replied, closing the car door behind me.

“Well, whoever did this, did such a good job,” I said.

“Thanks. I’ll be sure to tell him the next time I see him,” He smiled.

“Do you mind giving me a tour?” I asked.

“Sure,” He answered.

True to his word, August showed me around the entire house. The interior, just like the exterior, was breathtaking and beautifully decorated. Whoever helped him pulled all of this together deserved an award because this was just immaculate.

“So what do you think?” He asked.

“I’m at a loss for words. It’s so gorgeous,” I answered.

“Thank you,” He smiled.

“You’re welcome. Now, didn’t you want to show me your prized possession?” I inquired.

“You mean the greenhouse? Yeah. Let’s go and take a look,” He nodded. He took my hand into his and led me out the back door and into the backyard. We went inside the greenhouse and my breath was taken away at the amount of flowers inside. Each and every single one was so beautiful and well taken care of.

“This is so amazing,” I said.

“Thank you. It’s taken years and years of care and attention to grow these,” He replied.

“I can see,” I murmured walking around the large greenhouse. The love and care August put into these flowers was apparent in how beautiful and vibrant they were. There was nothing more attractive than a man who put his everything into the things he took care of.

“What do you think?” He asked.

“It’s really beautiful. I could stay in here for eternity,” I smiled.

“I’m glad you feel that way,” He grinned. We walked around the greenhouse together and he told me the names of almost every single flower. It was fun to walk around.

After exploring the greenhouse, we went inside together to eat. He decided to cook dinner for the both of us, which didn’t go so well at all. Instead, I had to do it myself while he watched.

“You know, Mischa is going to get a kick out of this,” I remarked.

“She already makes fun of me for burning Christmas dinner years ago. Don’t give her any more ammo,” He groaned. I giggled and continued cooking dinner.

When I was done, she set the plates down on the table. August thanked me and I sat down across from him.

“As embarrassed as I am, I’m grateful that you cooked dinner. It looks delicious,” He said.

“You’re welcome. I find it cute that you were trying to impress me,” I smiled.

“You call it cute, but I call it embarrassment,” He remarked. That made me laugh again.

After dinner, we washed the dishes together. He washed them and I would dry them. We did goof off a bit and ended up soaking each other with the hose.

We laughed for a bit about the fact that we were soaked, but when the laughter stopped there was a thick tension between us. The jovially mood was now more of a sexual one.

In an instant our lips met and all the desire we had for each other was being completely laid out on the table. Maybe I do have to thank Caroline this time.

“Wait. What about the kitchen?” I asked August.

“I have a maid. She’ll clean it up for us,” He answered. When he noticed that his answer satisfied me, he took my hand and guided me upstairs to his bedroom. Our lips met again as soon as he closed the door behind us.

We both began to quickly strip from our clothes as we walked backwards towards the king sized bed. My back hit the bed and he was on top of me kissing me again. My hands made quick work of undoing his pants and his did the same with mine.

Once we were both undressed, his eyes raked over my body that was adorned by a beautiful black lace bra that held up my large breasts beautiful and red thong that was swallowed up by my plump, round behind.

His cock twitched at the sight of the black undergarments that complimented my skin. Slowly, he unclasped the front of my bra and my breasts spilled out. He groaned at the sight and helped me to take it off before throwing it somewhere in the room. Next came my underwear and he noticed that there was a little resistance from the way it cling to my bare mound and he smirked. He slipped it off of my legs and pressed his nose against the crotch to inhale the intoxicating scent on it.

He was met with the sight of my glistening pussy. My wetness was glistening on the inside of my thighs. He looked up at me with a smirk.

“God. You’re so beautiful,” He said. The desire I held for him grew even more

August ran his tongue between my folds. A small moan slipped past my lips at the feeling of his tongue. He took that as the green light and began feasting on me like it was his last meal. This man was so skilled with his tongue that he was like a god.

He buried his face deeper into my cunt. My moans and cries of pleasure filled the room as he ate me out. I’m sure that I could be heard all throughout the entire house.

A gasp slipped past my lips when I felt his tongue wiggling around inside of me. The gasp turned into a soft moan as it thrusted in and out of me wildly. My hips bucked as my hands pulled him in closer to me.

My legs began to tremble and she knew that he felt it. I knew that he knew that I was close with the way I was being very aggressive by pushing my sex into his face.

He continued his ministrations until I came causing the entire lower half of his face to be soaked in my essence. August lapped up every drop as if he were a starving man. When he finished, he licked his lips that were glistening with my essence.

I caught my breath while he went on the hunt for a condom somewhere inside his room. I was thankful that he even thought of one because it was too early for me to even think about having baby, especially with him. Children are nice, but not right now.

He walked back to the bed moments later with a condom. His lips captured mine in an intense kiss filled with desire. He nipped down harshly on my bottom lips, then tongue slipped inside of my wet cavern and began to explore. I relaxed and began to kiss him back with the same amount of emotion.

We pulled away moments later due to a lack of air and his large hands gripped the underside of my thighs. Slowly, he spread my legs to reveal my glistening sex that begged to be touched. He kissed the side of my thigh tenderly.

He lined his cock at my entrance and slowly pushed in. My legs were wrapped tightly around his waist. August allowed his entire upper half to cage my body with his forearms supporting him from crushing her entire body. Slowly, he began to rock into me giving slow, deep strokes that had me moaning below him. He buried his head into my neck and began to nibble onto my soft flesh.

My nails raked down his toned back as he continued to stroke me all the way to heaven. He moaned softly into my ear. My toes curled as my heels dug into his lower back. It felt so good having him inside of me. I wanted more of him. I wanted him to give me more of this.

Even when I had orgasmed, he made sure to treat my body with care and not pound into me until he reached his. It would have been nice to feel him fuck me like that and not just make love to me. Some part of me wanted to see that rough, wild side of him, but at the same time this was enough for me.

August pulled off the condom and went to go flush it before climbing into the bed with me. Soft lips press against my shoulder as his arms wrapped around my waist. Soon, I fell asleep in his arms.

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