My Student’s Hot Dad

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Chapter Twenty-Two

It was the day of my mother’s birthday dinner and we were putting the last finishing touches on everything. Harmony had already made the reservations for the restaurant, Casper had called our relatives that were supposed to attend tonight to see if they were still coming, and I had everything from the cake, the balloons, and the presents in my car.

The balloons and other birthday decorations were going to be hung up in her room. She was going to love every last bit of this surprise when she gets home from a full day of shopping with our cousin Tamara. I’m so grateful that our cousin had managed to get her out the house because this made my job so much easier and made it worthwhile as well too.

“You really outdid yourself,” Casper said from beside me.

“Yeah I know,” I grinned excitedly.

“Mom is going to love it,” She said.

“Of course she is. We’re her children after all,” I replied.

“Let’s head out now. Tamara said that they’re like thirty minutes away,” Casper informed me.

“Alright. I’m finished anyway,” I smiled.

“The sign is outside right?” She asked.

“Yep. She’ll see it when she gets home,” I answered, grabbing my things. We both headed out the front door and locked it behind us.

“What are you wearing tonight?” Casper asked.

“You’ll see,” I smiled, “What are you wearing?”

“You’ll see,” She responded. We shared a laugh over how secretive we were being about what we were wearing. I already had a feeling on what my sisters were going to wear tonight and it involved outfits that showed off our curves in the best of ways.

“What are you gonna do until tonight?” Casper asked.

“I’m probably gonna chill at home or something. How about you?” I responded.

“Smoke a little with Toni. She wanted to hang out today to be honest, but I told her about us decorating mom’s room for her birthday,” She informed me.

“Ahh okay. Speaking of mom, who’s gonna be her designated driver?” I inquired. The only reason I asked is because I know our mom would want to drink on her birthday. Plus Casper driving her around after smoking is not the best idea at all. I love my sister, but no. Just no.

“Tamara is gonna take her so I guess it’ll be her,” Casper answered.

“And who is yours?” I questioned.

“Cousin Michelle. We’re riding together since she’s close by to me,” Casper told me.

“Alright. I’m glad that you’re with somebody responsible,” I nodded.

“You don’t know Michelle like I do,” Casper muttered under her breath.

“What is it about Michelle that I don’t know them?” I pursed my lips.

“Michelle is VERY irresponsible. She’s driven me home faded as fuck,” Casper answered. That was not something I expected to hear about my cousin. I thought she was responsible, but she’s not at all.

“Wait a minute. Why didn’t you drive?” I inquired.

“I was cross faded,” Casper answered.

“Don’t do that shit again,” I firmly stated.

“I won’t and Michelle definitely isn’t after that one accident,” Casper added.

“Y’all are going to send me to an early grave,” I muttered under my breath. She chuckled.

My phone started ringing and I saw that it was August. I pressed accept immediately.

“Heyy, baby. How are you?” I greeted.

“I’m fine. Just calling to see how you’re doing,” He replied.

“I’m doing good. Just leaving my mom’s house with my sister,” I informed him.

“You guys finished already?” He asked.

“Yeah we did. It was a lot of work and balloons,” I responded.

“It was more than a lot,” Casper said.

“True,” I agreed.

“I’m sure she’ll love it,” August chuckled.

“What are you up to right now?” I asked.

“I just got back home after leaving Mischa at my mother’s house. She’s gonna spend the weekend there,” He answered.

“I bet she’s having fun,” I smiled.

“She was hooked the moment she smelled cookies,” He said. I could believe. Mischa was a sweets addict, especially for chocolate chip cookies.

“That sounds like her,” I said, giggling.

“She took off running into the kitchen the moment she stepped into the house. No goodbyes or anything. Just cookies,” He sighed.

“You raised that Cookie Monster,” I replied.

“I did and I’m going to try and ween her,” He said.

“Good luck. You’ll definitely lose a hand doing that,” I jokingly stated.

“A grown man getting mauled by a child over cookies? Sounds entertaining like a fight between a cobra and a mongoose,” Casper chimed in.

“Except it’ll be extra sad and hilarious at the same time,” I agreed. We both laughed at the mental image of Mischa mauling her father over cookies. It was hilarious to even think about when she was such a sweet child.

“I’m glad you find this funny,” He said as his voice dropped with sarcasm.

“We don’t find it funny-” Casper started.

“Thank you,” He replied.

“-we find it hilarious,” I finished. We both began cackling and I could tell that he was rolling his eyes on the other end of the phone.

We finally calmed down after a while when I noticed that he went silent.

“You done?” He asked.

“Yes we’re done,” I answered.

“What time are you’re reservations for tonight?” He asked.

“Eight,” I replied.

“Do you mind coming over until then? I really want to see you tonight,” He told me.

“Sure. I feel like sleeping over tonight,” I smiled.

“Sounds like a plan. I’ll see you when you get here,” He said.

“You too. Bye,” I smiled softly.


“You got a hot date tonight and I’ve got nothing. How sad for me,” Casper sighed.

“What happened to that gorgeous French man you were seeing?” I asked.

“Away on business in Dubai. He asked if I wanted to come, but I turned him down,” She answered, sighing.

“There’s always next weekend,” I said.

“You’re right. It’s been three days since I’ve seen him and I need some dick,” Casper told me.

“Three days without dick. How will you ever survive?” I teased.

“I know. It’s been a literal struggle and my little electric friend isn’t cutting it anymore,” She sighed.

“Gross,” I grimaced.

“It’s the truth,” She said, giggling.

After dropping her sister off at her home, Emily headed to her house to grab her dress for tonight, her make up bag, and an overnight bag as well. Once she got everything, she set the alarm for her house and headed out to her car.

When she arrived at August’s house, the gate opened and she drove onto the property. She parked right in front of the garage and then called him to let him know that she was there. Moments later he came out of his house and helped her with her things.

“Thanks for helping me,” I replied.

“No problem, you plan on staying for a while?” He joked.

“Ha ha,” I rolled my eyes. He chuckled and kissed my cheek.

“Let me guess you brought two outfits with you?” He asked.

“How did you know?” I asked.

“My sister does it all the time. It’s pretty effective since she can have as many options as she can while staying over at her partner’s place,” He explained.

“Sister? I didn’t know that you had a sister,” I said.

“I do. She’s a couple years older than Casper,” He informed me.

“How come I never hear you talking about her?” I asked.

“Me and her don’t really talk to be honest,” He replied.

“Hm. I thought you only had brothers,” I said.

“Nope. I have a little sister and older brothers, even though those guys are dicks to me,” He chuckled.

“I’m sure they can’t be that bad,” I smiled.

“Oh you have no idea,” He told me.

“Hopefully, I’ll be able to meet them someday,” I giggled.

“I’m sure the three of them will love you,” He said.

“You sure?” I asked.

“Positive,” He answered.

For the short time we had before I got ready for my mother’s birthday dinner, we just played Uno and a couple other games. It was pretty fun creaming him in a couple of games and hearing the trash talk too. The trash talk was the highlight of the evening as well and it lifted up my mood even more.

“Do you know what time you’ll be back?” He asked, watching me strap on my heels.

“Considering how my family is when we get together, I’ll probably be back a little late,” I answered.

“Do you plan on drinking?” He questioned.

“Only a little, but I’ll be very careful,” I responded.

“Alright. Be safe and don’t drink too much either,” He said.

“I promise that I’ll be careful,” I smiled softly.

“I know, but I can’t he’ll but to worry,” He told me.

“August, it’s okay. I understand,” I kissed his cheek. It was kind of cute how he was worrying like this and I really appreciated it.

“If you do end up drinking more than planned, then call me. I’ll come pick you up,” He added. I’ve never had past boyfriends worry about my like this before. Most of the time they just brush me off and tell me to take an Uber or something. It’s never been a response like this and I’m actually surprised to hear that from him.

“I’ll remember to do that,” I said.

“Good. Have fun and tell your mom I said happy birthday,” He kissed my forehead.

“I will,” I nodded.

After getting dressed and ready and saying goodbye to August for what felt like the millionth time, I called Harmony to let her know that I was heading to the restaurant.

When I arrived, my sister and our cousin arrived as well. Both of our cars were parked by the valet and we headed inside together.

“Mom is going to be so happy when she gets here,” Casper said.

“Girl, did you smoke when you got here?” I asked.

“Yeah,” She responded.

“Both of you did?” I questioned.

“Yep,” Casper laughed.

“Lord. Y’all are a mess,” I shook my head.

“Not a cum filled one, but I am a mess,” Casper said.

“Casper, shut up,” I chortled. She laughed even more as we headed to the private of the restaurant. We spotted Harmony and her husband sitting together and conversing.

“Hey, Harmony. Hey, brother-in-law,” She greeted.

“Hey, Casper and Michelle,” Harmony smiled.

“Hello, Emily,” Francisco greeted.

“Hello,” I smiled. We took our seats at the long table together.

“What time is your mother arriving?” Harmony questioned.

“Tamara texted me a little while ago saying that they were on the way,” I answered.

“Life360 is telling me that they’re like ten minutes away,” Casper informed us.

“They should be here in a little bit,” She said.

“And all of her gifts are right behind us and we’ll bring them out during dessert,” Francisco added.

“Who did you guys leave the girls with?” I inquired.

“With my sister. She’s in town this weekend and wanted to spend some time with the girls,” He answered.

“I bet they’re having fun,” I said.

“A lot of fun considering how she brought her dogs,” He told her. Those girls loved their aunt’s dogs with a passion. Their eyes would light up the moment they heard the sweet sound of the dogs barking when she would visit.

“Of course they’re having fun. Maybe I should get a dog so they’ll love me even more,” Casper joked.

“Casper, the girls love you enough without you having pets. Plus you spoil the crap out of them and do some goofy shit with them,” Harmony added.

“She’s right,” I agreed.

Moments later, our other family members arrived and so did our mother and cousin Tamara. We all greeted each happily and then sat down with each other.

“I’m so glad that you’re all here. Thank you all for coming tonight,” My mother gushed.

“You’re welcome, mom. Happy birthday,” Harmony smiled softly.

“Thank you, girls. I really apprec-”

The door to the room opened and in walked our father with an extra guest, my ex-boyfriend to be exact. The mood in the room quickly shifted and my mother’s face dropped.

“I’m sorry, but this is a private event,” Harmony said, standing up.

“Harmony, how could you not invite me to your mother’s birthday dinner?” He asked.

“Because she didn’t want you here,” Tamara answered.

“She’s still my wife and I brought her a present,” He smiled. This man knew what he was doing. He knew exactly what he was doing. He was being especially malicious by bringing Jaylen along with him.

“She’s right. I didn’t want you here and we had reservations anyway,” My mother spoke up, “Now take your gift and leave.”

“C’mon, Erica. Don’t be like that,” He said.

“Dad, leave,” Casper hissed. He whipped his head around to glare at Casper hard.

“Don’t you take that time with me, young lady,” He scolded, “And you need to cover up. No daughter of mine needs to be embarrassing me dressing like that.”

“Be embarrassed all you like because I ain’t covering up a damn thing,” Casper countered.

“I’m not in the house for a couple of months and you’ve already forgotten how to talk to me? What have you been saying to that girl, Erica?” He asked.

“Not a damn thing, Zane. She’s grown enough to form her own opinions about the same man that’s constantly putting her down,” My mom answered, “Besides, you didn’t do anything for her that could ever earn her respect so I see no problem in her behavior.”

“Oop,” I said. He turned his attention towards me with an angry glare on his face.

“Don’t get me started on that dating a white man like some goddamn bedwench. Do you realize how you’ve made me look in front of our family?” He hissed.

“Okay? That’s my phlegm because...” I replied.

“Because you’re a black woman. You need to be with a black man like Jaylen. He was a better fit for you,” He said. That made me laugh loud and hard when he said that.

“Whew! You’re delusional as hell to think that I would ever consider Jaylen again. He can’t even stay faithful long enough for me to even consider it. Not to mention that I’ve heard around time that he got somebody pregnant too,” I told him, “If anything, you should be embarrassed for even saying that shit to me in the first place.”

“As long as a man comes home to the woman he’s married to, then there’s-”

“And that’s where you lose me,” I cut him off, “You sound so fucking dumb right now that I can’t. You think you’re saying something, but honestly you’re not. In fact, you’re an imbecile.”

“You should be embarrassed right because what you’re doing right now is extremely embarrassing,” Harmony added.

“Yes. These two gentlemen right here are not part of our party at all,” Francisco informed the male server as he walked back into the room. I hadn’t even noticed when he had left the room, but I was grateful towards him for doing it.

“Sirs, you’ll have to leave,” The server said.

“What? They know us,” Zane, our father, told him.

“Do you?” The server asked.

“Who?” My mother inquired.

“Erica, don’t play,” He nervously laughed.

“Whose Erica? I’m sorry, but you have me confused with someone else,” She told him.

“Erica,” He snapped.

“Sir, you have to leave,” The server told him. My father glared hard at my mother.

“Don’t think this is over,” He snapped.

“Is he a movie villain?” Casper snickered.

“He sounds like one,” Tamara said. Our father and his guest were escorted out while we waved at them like the petty people we are. The door to our room closed and we were all left alone.

“Mom, if he tries something, then tell us,” Harmony said.

“Don’t worry, sweetie. He won’t mess with me at all. He knows that momma is packing,” She winked at her.

“I know that’s right,” Casper said.

“Anyways, let’s forget about that man and enjoy the rest of our dinner,” She responded.

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