My Student’s Hot Dad

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Chapter Four

It was 6:30 pm on a Friday, also the same day of my date with August, Mischa's dad. Currently, I was getting ready for the date with Caroline's help.

"You'd think that with all the clothes you have in your closet, you'd actually find something decent to wear," She said.

"Decent is not good enough for this date," I murmured.

"Well what is 'good' enough for this date?" She asked.

" about 'wow' or 'WHA-BAM'?" I responded.

"Do you really want this man to say 'wha-bam'?" An amused smile crept onto her face.

"No," I giggled, "But hearing him say 'wow' or something would be very much appreciated."

"I bet," She chuckled.

"Wait a minute. Aren't you supposed to be helping me while you're lying down over there?" I looked over at her.

"I've done all I can for you. You're impossible to please," She said in a fake, and haughty, French accent.

"All you did was come in and lie your ass on the bed," I pulled a straight face.

"Like I said, dah-ling. Vous êtes difficile à satisfaire," She said.

"Whoa. Somebody is putting their French lessons to use for once," I remarked.

"I only speak it when I'm around my family or something because you know how they are," She rolled her eyes.

"Yeah. I kind of guessed," I said.

"Oh yeah. Mon cousin a été asking me about my oh so 'belle amie' who has captured his cœur," She informed me.

"I didn't understand half of what you just said," I told her.

"My cousin has been asking about you," She tells me.

"Why?" I asked.

"His exact words were, 'I hope to see that beautiful chocolate goddess friend of yours again," She replied with a roll of her eyes.

"You sound salty," I raised an eyebrow.

"That my cousin has taken a shine to you? Umm...eww. No," She frowned, "This is not Strange Thing About the Johnsons."

"No I meant that you seem salty that someone has some type of affection towards me," I tell her.

"Oh that? Hell no I am not jealous and do you know why?" She said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because I. Get. Around," She grinned.

"Stupid," I chuckled.

"It's true though," She said.

"Yeah right. You get around as much as Steve Buscemi," I said.

"Okay, first of all, don't compare me to him, and second, ewww. Never in your life compare me to him," She shook her head in disgust.

"Hey. You get around as much as he does," I shrugged.

"You're a dick," She tells me.

"I can't be a dick if I don't have one," I quipped. She opened her mouth to say something, but shook her head instead.

"You win this round," She grumbled. I smiled and turned back to my closet.

"So where is he even taking you?" She asked.

"I don't know. All he told me was to dress comfortably," I answered.

"So are you gonna do that?" She queried.

"Yeah I am, but I have to look cute while doing so and I also have to look like I'm not trying," I answered.

" You're making this even more complicated than it should be," She said, "Well did he give you any other hint besides that?"

"Yeah he did. He also said that I'll be walking around a lot," I informed.

"So you need to wear sneakers and maybe a sweater or something because it is cold outside," She tells me.

"I think I've got just the outfit," I smiled.

"Really?" She asked.

"Really," I smiled, " But it doesn't involve me wearing sneakers or anything."

"Please show me," She said.

"Alright," I murmured. I pulled out a really cute outfit from the closet and laid it out on the bed.

"Hmm...very fashionable," She nods in appreciation.

"I know right," I smiled softly.

"Did you take a shower and moisturize?" She asked.

"Yes. I'm not daft," I replied.

"Okay well just get dressed," She said.

"I will," I tell her.

"Okay," She nods. She takes out her phone and starts to read a book on it.

At around 7:30, the doorbell rang. I knew that it was him. I made sure that my make up was perfect before walking downstairs. I answered the door and there he stood in all his glory with a bouquet of Stargazer Lilies.

"Hello," He said.

"Hi," I smiled.

"Are you ready?" He asked.

"Yeah I am," I responded.

"Oh. These are for you," He hands me the lilies.

"Thank you so much. I really love them," I smiled, "They are very beautiful."

"Beautiful, yes, but compared to you, they cannot compete," He told me. I blushed a little with a smile smile. Good thing that blushing isn't visible on all this melanin.

"Why don't you come in while I put these in some water," I suggested.

"Alright," He said.

"You can have a seat over there," I gestured towards the couch.

"It's fine. I'll stand," He smiled.

"Okay," I nodded. I walked away and towards the kitchen.

After putting the flowers in a vase with some water, I walked back towards the living room. I grabbed my black Michael Kors shoulder bag off the stairs.

"Ready?" He asked.

"Yeah. Just one more thing before we go," I said.

"Take your time," He replied. I went upstairs and I saw Caroline sitting on my bed in her pajamas. She was eating chocolate from the big bag of Hershey's Bliss she brought over here.

"Caroline, I'm about to head out. Can you come lock the front door?" I asked.

"I'll do it after you lave. I don't feel like putting on any pants right now," She answered.

"Lazy," I pulled a straight face.

"And you know it," She winked at me.

"Well I'll see you when I get back," I said.

"I'll be up by then," She replied.

"Okay," I nodded before leaving the room. I walked downstairs again and I see August standing near the door.

"Ready" He asked.

"Yes I am," I replied.

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