My Student’s Hot Dad

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Chapter Six

I had woken up at 10 am on this fine Saturday morning feeling like I was walking on air. I was just so damn elated, especially after last night's date. August had been a complete and perfect gentlemen. Not to mention that he was such a great listener too. Everything was just magnificent.

"You've been wearing that smile since last night," Caroline yawned as she walked into my room.

"Can you blame me? I had the most perfect date in the world with the most amazing man in the world. Excuse me if I'm feeling very happy," I responded.

"It's fine that you're happy, but why are you so happy so early in the morning?" She asked scratching her stomach.

"I swear you act like I'm supposed to be some sort of zombie," I rolled my eyes.

"Well that's how normal people are on a Saturday morning," She replied.

"If you must know, I'm happy because my date with August went really well last night," I said.

"Where did he take you?" She asked.

"He took me to a botanical garden. We walked around and talked to each other all then he took me out to eat," I informed her.

"Wow. A botanical garden," Caroline said, "Sounds romantic."

"It was," I sighed dreamily.

"Well do you guys plan on going on another date?" She asked.

"He says that wants to next Saturday and I agreed," I replied.

"Any idea on what this date is going to be like?" She questioned.

"Nope," I shook my head.

"Well I guess you'll have to wait and see," She said.

"I guess," I giggled.

"It's actually pretty sweet that he surprised you on your first date. I wonder if the next date will be a surprise as well," Caroline said.

"Me too," I smiled softly.

"Oh yeah. Your mom called earlier and said something about a birthday party and setting it up," Caroline informed.

"Crap. I almost forgot about that," I mumbled.

"Who's birthday party is it?" Caroline asked.

"'s for the third youngest out of my sister's kids, Baylee," I answered.

"Baylee? I haven't seen her in two months. How old is she turning?" Caroline inquired.

"Six," I smiled.

"Ahh. The wonderful age of six. The age of wonder, excitement, fearlessness, and magic. It's also the age where you have five years before things to complete and utter shit," Caroline grimaced at the last part.

"For someone who's so cheerful looking, you sure are cynical," I remarked.

"Eh. I blame it on a lack of coffee and seeing you smile on this unlawful morning," She answered.

"How is this morning unlawful?" I asked.

"I woke up," She frowned deeply. I shook my head and rolled my eyes.

"I need to get ready so I can help set up the party," I said.

"Where is the party being held?" Caroline asked.

"Some type of prissy, girly place where they dress you up and let you wear princess dresses while putting you in some sickly sweet smelling glittery make up shit that would give you pimples at our age," I explained.

"Oh gross. I'm so glad that I skipped that phase when I was younger. It was all hunting for bugs, playing in the mud, and getting scraped on my knees and elbows," She told me.

"So pretty much just acting like a barn animal?" I asked.

"Oh shut up," Caroline laughed.

"You also forgot to mention that you would start fights with the neighborhood boys as well and even force some of them to eat dirt," I smiled.

"That was only because they were picking on you," She replied.

"Picking on me or not, my mom thought you were a complete and utter brute," I chuckled.

"I was not a brute," Caroline rolled her eyes. I laughed.

"The neighborhood boys would tell a different story," I said.

"And I'd force them to eat dirt again," Caroline pursed her lips. I shook my head.

"Your brutish ways almost made my mother not want me to hang around you," I murmured.

"All because I made some shit heads eat some dirt?" She asked.

"Yep," I popped the 'p', "She didn't want her daughter to just be influenced by you and start doing things like that."

"I still had good reasons for doing half the things I did," Caroline told me.

"Like what?" I asked.

"Umm...ooh! Like that time that kid Tyler pantsed you and pushed you into some mud. Remember how I threw my football at him and then tackled him to ground before making him eat a clump of dirt that ironically had some gun in it?" She questioned. How could I forget that day? Tyler wound up throwing up the dirt and went home crying to tell his mom who marched up to my house and demand that my mother make me apologize for Caroline's actions. Needless to say, I apologized and so did Caroline, however the next day at school, Tyler got the crap beaten out of him by Caroline.

"How could I forget? I got an ass whooping for your actions," I grumbled.

"Hey. At least he didn't bother you again," She smiled.

"Yeah he didn't bother me because you beat him up badly at school and forced him to eat dirt again," I said.

"It wasn't dirt," Caroline said, "It was mud."

"Oh my bad, your highness," I sarcastically said rolling my eyes.

"Whatever. Don't you have a birthday party you should be getting ready for?" She asked.

"Shit. I do," I replied. I got out of my bed quickly and walked to my bathroom. I closed the door behind me and then walked over to the shower to start it. I grabbed a facecloth and then stripped out of my clothes before getting in. After my shower, I dried off then moisturized my body with Palmer's cocoa butter and Vaseline. I put on a red bra and matching underwear before walking out of the bathroom and into my room. I noticed that Caroline was lying face down in my bed. I rolled my eyes at the sight and went to my closet. I picked out a black spaghetti strap jumpsuit, an oversized denim shirt, and a pair of all red Nike Huaraches.

As for my hair, I took it down from my bonnet and I started to brush and comb it. I flat ironed the ends a little. As for my make up, I decided to go more natural with eyeliner, mascara, eyebrows, and lip gloss. I put on a pair of silver hoops to complete the look. I grabbed my black Michael Kors shoulder bag and placed my phone, my credit card, my debit card, and charge in there along with my phone and keys.

"Alright, Caroline. I'll See you later," I said.

"Okay," Caroline's muffled voice came from the pillows as she gave me a thumbs up. I chuckled and shook my head before leaving. I walked downstairs and I went to my alarm system.

"Caroline! I turned on the alarm!" I informed her.

"Alright!" She yelled from my room. I walked out of my house and locked the front door behind me. I jogged over to my car and got in.

I decided to make a quick stop to the store to buy Baylee a present. Since I usually talked to Baylee a lot over he phone sometimes, I knew instantly what to get her, a cute Clawdeen Wolf doll that she's had her eye on for a while. I bought a bag, a card, and some tissue paper as well from the store along with another Monster High doll for her. I knew she would would be excited to see it. I made sure to sign the card in my car and place it inside of its envelope. I put the dolls inside the bag and then put the tissue paper on top to conceal what they were.

I place the card inside and then I drove to the little venue where the party was being held. I picked up my present and got out of my car. I locked the doors and made my way over to the building. The place was called Lily's Princesses. The outside looked as gross and cringe-like as the outside. I wanted nothing more than to just run away screaming, but I had to remember that I was here for my cousin. I took in a deep breath and walked inside. The smell of sweet perfume and cheap make up for little girls quickly assaulted my nostrils causing me to grimace hard. I spotted my mom standing by a table of presents. I walked over there.

"Hey, Mom," I greeted. She turned and smiled at me. My mother, Erica King, was a milk chocolate skinned woman with short black hair that reached her neck, dark brown eyes, high cheekbones, a frame that stood at a height of 5'4, a toned and curvy body from working out daily, a button nose, and well curved lips.

"Hey, sweetie," She hugged me and kissed my cheek. I smiled. She pulled away.

"I'm so glad you're here. Your other sister acts like she's got two left hands when it comes to decorating," She muttered. I chuckled.

"I heard that," My other sister, Casper, said. Yeah. My sister was named Casper. My mom thought it would be cute to name her after the friendly ghost. Casper was the only one had chocolate brown skin, full lips, chocolate brown who skin, long black hair that went past her shoulders, thick eyebrows, chocolate brown eyes, high cheekbones, and a curvy body.

Casper was the third youngest out all of my siblings and she was in her second year of college as of now. Casper was majoring in music right because of her talent for singing and her interest in some day being up on stage.

"Good because you stink at decorating," She said.

"Rude," Casper mumbled. I giggled.

"Hey, sis. How are you?" Casper greeted.

"I'm fine. You?" I replied.

"I'm ready to throw up from being in this place. Like, how much pink and glitter do you need?" Casper asked. One of the employees shot her a dirty look.

"Oh don't give me that. You're probably ready to blow your brains out at any second," Casper shot at her. My mom and I shook our head. Casper was ever so the nicest one in the room.

"I can't wait until we get this thing over with," Casper said.

"Now don't say that. This is a special occasion. Baylee is turning six," Our mother said.

"I'm only saying that because this place is unbearably pink and glittery," Casper grimaced.

"If my memory serves correctly, you used to love unbearably pink and glittery things," Mom said.

"Oh God," Casper gagged.

"Stop that," Mother told her with a smile. I chuckled.

"So what all do you need me to do?" I asked.

"Honestly, I did everything with the help of the employees," My Mom informed me.

"Oh wow. So there was no point in me coming early," I said.

"No because Lawrence is picking up the cake right now," She informed me.

"Ah. Gotcha," I nodded as I set my present down on the table.

"Other than that, we can just relax," My Mom told me.

"Okay," I replied.

"So how is teaching going?" She asked.

"It's going well. My kids irritate me sometimes, but I love them all the same," I smiled.

"That's nice to hear. I know you told me about that little boy named EJ. Is he doing alright?" She said.

"He still comes to school in clothes that are either too big for him or too small for him, he's always missing supplies as usual and the kids are as cruel as ever towards him, and he never has money for lunch," I sighed.

"Have you talked to his mother about his supplies and such?" She asked.

"I've tried, but she doesn't give a damn. In fact, when I had those meetings this past week, she came in looking real nice with her hair done, her nails done, and her clothes looked good too. When she asked me why her son wasn't doing so well in my class, I told her that his homework half the time wasn't even right and that he constantly needed help with his math class. I suggested that he get a tutor, but she told me that there was no need for that. I even informed her about our morning and afternoon tutoring sessions here at the school and she still told me that there was no need for him to do that," I explained. My mom shook her head.

"I swear half of these mothers these days get on my damn nerves. They'd rather go out looking like a million bucks while their children look a damn mess. They'd also rather raise hell about their kids grades while in the same breath don't help at all," She ranted, "I swear that if I was you in that situation, I would've told her ass off."

"As much as I want to, I can't because she's the parent and I'm the teacher," I replied.

"That may be so, but she needs to realize that you can call CPS on her ass," She told me.

"Calling CPS may do more harm than good," I murmured.

"And not calling will do more harm as well," She responded.

"I don't know, Mom. I don't want him to go into the system that fails half the kids within it over half of the time," I sighed.

"I understand your concerns, but that little boy doesn't deserve to live like that," She said.

"I know," I agreed.

"Have you talked to the school counselor about this?" She asked.

"I've tried, but she won't listen at all. She doesn't give a damn to be honest," I replied.

"I'd say you should take it to the top," She said.

"To the top?" I asked.

"The principal," She answered, "Maybe they will actually listen to you."

"You think so?" I questioned.

"I know so," She replied, "And if not, duke a report yourself."

"Alright, Mom. I'll remember that," I nodded.

"Good," She said.

"Thank you, Mom," I smiled.

"No problem, sweetie," She smiled back.

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