My Student’s Hot Dad

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Chapter Seven

It was twenty minutes into my niece Baylee's birthday party and I already wanted to bang my head into the wall. This was place was giving me a headache. It was so fucking girly and so fucking gross that I wanted to kill myself already. Why is there so much pink? Why is there so much glitter? Why is there so much sweet smelling perfume and make up? I just want to throw up.

"I am so glad that she is our only niece that likes girly things," Casper murmured to me. Casper was my younger sister

"Me too. I can't believe I used to like stuff like this," I grimaced.

"I've tried telling you before that this stuff is just disgusting," Casper replied.

"I'm grateful that Desmond likes sports and that Nikki likes anything with the color black," I said.

"God this party is so gross," Desmond, my fourteen year old niece said. I giggled.

"Yeah. It's so...." Nikki, my twelve year old niece, gagged. Casper and I laughed.

"So how was your date from last night?" Casper asked.

"Ooh!" Nikki and Desmond chorused. I smiled and rolled my eyes.

"It was great. He took me to a botanical garden," I replied.

"How unique," Casper smiled.

"I know," I agreed.

"I wish some guys my age would actually figure out that going to Burger King isn't exactly my idea of a date," Casper rolled her eyes. I chuckled.

"All I can say is that someday you'll meet a guy who will want to take you somewhere spectacular or plan out something spectacular," I smiled.

"I'll hold my breath until that happens," She muttered under her breath. I giggled.

"I'm surprised grandpa isn't here yet," Desmond remarked. My smile began to fade from my face at the mention of my father, Zane King. My dad and I didn't have the best relationship to put it lightly, which caused me to avoid him every chance I got at any family barbecues, birthday parties, holiday parties, and many other events that we were invited by family. I know it's childish to avoid him like that, but the little comments he makes and the constant disapproval he voices over my career path are what made me want to avoid him. Not mention that he loves to bring up my ex-boyfriend Jaylen, which extremely gets on my nerves.

"I hope he doesn't show up," Casper muttered under her breath. Casper, like me, didn't have the best relationship with our father. He didn't approve of her dream of being a singer because he didn't think she would have any luck with it at all and wanted her to get a real job. He also didn't think that she would get her big break either and told her that to her face. Casper didn't like what he said so she just stopped talking to him.

"What?" Desmond asked. Nikki, Desmond, and Baylee didn't know that Casper and I disliked our father. We kind of just acted as if we liked him around them so they didn't ask questions. We didn't want them to just dislike him because we did. It was best that we didn't let them know why we avoided our father because we'd rather they form their own opinion of him rather than just dislike him because we do.

"Nothing. I was just wondering where dad was," Casper smiled.

"Oh," Desmond nodded.

"Oh snap. Mom made velveeta dip," Nikki gasped.

"She did?!" Desmond exclaimed. They both ran off in the direction of the food. Casper and I laughed.

"I swear those two are like hound dogs when it comes to food," Casper joked.

"It's hereditary. Just look at their mother," I chuckled.

"Oh God. Don't remind me. She used to be on me whenever she found out I had opened just a Hershey wrapper," Casper smiled.

"I remember when she could literally smell hot wings on me after I had eaten them like an hour ago," I said.

"That was so funny. She started searching the house for those wings until you finally gave her some," Casper laughed.

"I was so mad about that," I shook my head, "I still am."

"I can tell every time you remind her whenever we go out to Buffalo Wild Wings," Casper chortled.

"And she always ends up giving me half of her wings," I smirked.

"I oughta use that against her because she ate the last piece of my birthday cake that I was saving for myself," A mischievous look came over her face.

"Oh God. What wheels are turning inside your brain?" Our older sister, Harmony, asked as she approached. Harmony, my older sister and mother of my three nieces. Harmony had chocolate brown skin, almond shaped eyes with brown, natural black hair that she usually kept in protective styles like weave, full lips, a very curvy body, high cheekbones, and deep dimples.

"We're not doing anything," Casper and I said in unison. She gave us that do-you-really-think-I-believe-that-bullshit look.

"Okay a) I don't believe that and b) who said that you were doing anything?" Harmony inquired.

"Nice going, Casper," I muttered.

"Oh shut up," Casper hissed.

"Who are you talking to like that?" I narrowed my eyes at her.

"Obviously you," She replied with an attitude. We both began to bicker like we'll usually do whenever we're together.

"If you two don't shut the hell up, I'll force you both to participate in every activity they have here," Harmony threatened. Casper and I instantly stopped, then shuddered visibly at the thought of being included in something like this.

"You both were about to give me a headache worse than what this overly, disgustingly sweet perfume that they're assaulting my senses with," Harmony grumbled.

"How did Baylee turn out to be the only daughter of yours to like girly things like this?" Casper inquired.

"Hm? Oh. Blame it on her father. You know he designs dresses and all that, plus he loves to help her indulge even more into the world of glittery, overly girly things," Harmony answered. It was true that Harmony's husband, Nicolas, was a dress designer, but he didn't just stop at dresses. He designs clothes, bags, shoes, and many other things that have caught the eye of those within the fashion industry. He was a well known designer and very rich as well, but he didn't like to have flashy things like expensive cars, big houses, more vacation homes than you can count, and very expensive clothing. Francisco loves to live the mundane life and I can't blame him at all.

"Let me guess. He paid for everything including the cake?" Casper inquired.

"Don't remind me of the cake," Harmony groaned. Uh-oh.

"He went all out for the cake didn't he?" I asked.

"Yes he did," She replied, "I love my husband, but he just goes over the top for these girls. You know he's already designing Desmond's prom dress?"

"Be happy that you have a husband who is a designer and who can make you guys things like that for free. Do you know how much they charge for an original prom dress to be made?" Casper inquired.

"I'm guessing around the six-hundred to a thousand range," Harmony replied.

"You better remind yourself every time some of the parents at Desmond's school complain about the costs of their children's dresses that hers is free and so is any dress she and her siblings choose to wear for the rest of their lives," Casper explained.

"You're right. I shouldn't complain," Harmony agreed, "I should be proud of the fact that my husband is our own personal designer."

"That's right. All you have to pay for at Desmond's prom is the shoes and limo," I murmured.

"Oh God. That limo is gonna break the bank," Harmony groaned.

"Who's bank?" I asked.

"Oh yeah that's right," Harmony murmured. Casper and I rolled our eyes simultaneously. Sometimes Harmony forgets that she's married to a rich man.

"There was something I needed to tell you both before it's too late," Harmony informed us.

"What?" Casper asked.

"Dad's coming to the party," She replied. Casper and I groaned collectively.

"I know. I know," Harmony said, "I know you two have your reasons for not wanting to be around him, but I want you two to remember that no matter how much he gets under your skin that you'll keep calm no matter what for Baylee's sake. Baylee is the one and only reason why we're here to celebrate this occasion and Baylee is the only reason why we should all keep it civilized. I don't think your niece would forgive you both if your ruined this party for her. So promise me you both won't let him get to you."

She's right. We're only here for Baylee and Baylee alone. Our dad could shove his unwanted opinions that he has on Casper and I'd career choices up his ass.

"We promise," Casper and I mumbled.

"Thank you so much," Harmony beamed, "I know you both have your separate issues with dad, but don't let that deter you both from celebrating Baylee's special day."

"We won't ruin it, Harmony," I assured her, "Like you said, we're here for Baylee and Baylee only."

"She's right. Now matter how much I would want to go King Kong in this piece if he says something to me, I have to remember that this is all for Baylee," Casper smiled. I rolled my eyes as Harmony looked at the text she received.

"C'mon, you two. Nicolas needs some help bringing in the presents," Harmony informed us.

"How many presents did she receive?" I inquired.

"More than you can count," Harmony murmured, "Especially from his mother."

"Oh gosh. She outdid is again this year," I said.

"Yeah, but it's the thought that counts. Baylee, Desmond, and Nikki are her only human grandchildren," Harmony responded.

"Doesn't she have grand-dogs?" I asked.

"Yeah she does," Harmony replied, "She has exactly two from Nicolas' sister Pearl."

"How is Pearl?" I inquired.

"Hm? Oh she's fine. Her and her wife Tamara just got back from Europe," She replied, "Their Mom took care of the dogs for them while they were away."

"Aw, man. Must be nice to be able to go to Europe," Casper sighed solemnly.

"Don't you have a trip coming up?" I asked.

"I do, but I didn't have enough to pay for this month's installment," She answered, "Plus Mom won't let me get a job."

"How much is the trip?" Harmony inquired.

"At least two thousand," Casper informed.

"Hm. Well I can pay for the trip for you, but over the summer you have to work for Nicolas as an intern," Harmony told her.

"You're really going to pay for my trip?" Casper's face lit up like a Christmas tree.

"Yeah I am plus it'll be a great opportunity for you to at least talk to some people in the music industry," Harmony smiled.

"Has anyone ever told you that you're the best sister in the world?" Casper grinned.

"No," She answered.

"Well starting today you are," She said. Harmony laughed.

"Thanks," She smiled.

"You didn't pay for my class trip to Europe," I told Harmony.

"Your independent ass got a job despite our mother's wishes and paid for it yourself. You got irritated even at the tiniest mention of me paying," Harmony rolled her eyes.

"Oh right. I forgot about that," I chuckled.

"I remember that the only thing you even allowed Harmony to pay for was the passport, but you paid her back as quickly as possible," Casper added.

"Oh yeah I did," I murmured.

"See? So there's no reason for you to complain," Harmony said.

"Eh. I'm still salty that you made me allow you to pay for my passport," I responded.

"You wouldn't let me pay for anything else so shut up," She told me. Casper snickered.

"Anyways. What is this I'm hearing about you going on a date?" Harmony inquired. A small smile came over my features.

"What you heard is true," I replied, "I, Emily Donna King, went on a date last night." Harmony grinned broadly and squealed as she clapped her hands.

"Ooh! I can't believe it! You went on a date!" She excitedly said. My smile grew even wider as she went on and on about it.

"By the looks of it, it seems as if it was spectacular," Harmony remarked.

"It did," I nodded. She squealed softly and hugged me tightly.

"I'm so happy for you! Now I won't have to pray to God every single night and on Sunday that you finally find a man," Harmony said.

"Hold on. You e been praying for me to find a man?" I asked pulling away.

"Umm...dug. I've been doing it for almost a year now," She replied.

"So has Mom," Casper chimed in. My family never ceases to amaze me with how they go about things.

"Mom thought you were going to swear off men and become an old maid of some sorts," Harmony said.

"An old maid? Do you guys really not have that much faith in me finding someone?" I asked.

"Oh no. We did, but we just gave you a little push with our hopes and prayers," Harmony responded.

"Why didn't you guys pray for Casper?" I asked.

"Huh? Oh. Casper already has a boyfriend," Harmony replied. My attention went towards Casper who was texting in her phone with a huge smile on her face.

"I guess that-wait a minute! You should still pray for her too!" I snapped.

"For what? I'm not looking to get married right now," Casper spoke up.

"But still," I said.

"Marriage isn't my priority right now. My priority is me, my family, college, and my boyfriend. In that order," She explained.

"It's nice that you have your priorities in order, but that doesn't excuse the fact that I'm the only one being prayed about," I frowned.

"Don't get so upset about it. We're only thinking about you," Harmony said.

"I appreciate if, but why pray about it?" I inquired.

"Mom and I just want you to be happy no matter what," Harmony answered, "Scratch that. Happy and married."

"You guys are so unbelievable half the time," I mumbled.

"Thanks," Harmony grinned.

"That wasn't a compliment."

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