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Love, the inevitable desire. We all have crossed our ways with love at some point in our life. For some people it is the passion which has given meaning to their life. For others it is the curse which has completely destroyed them. Still love remains to be the most powerful emotion for mankind. It has brought peace, it has caused wars. The prose and poetry in this book takes you to the journey of different phases of love. It talks about love which starts innocently and grows passionately. You will find a growing story full of confessions in this book. This journey is about everyone who has been in love. It is about the person who has survived love. It is about the ardent lovers who fell in love with souls. It is about the girl who cried in the darkness of night with her pillow beside. It is about the boy who has travelled miles to get a glimpse of his better half. It is about life which changes in the presence of love. Love as we know is not the easy walk. It faces difficulties, it has expectations and it desires sacrifices. Will the love survive here or will it die the most undesirable death?

Romance / Poetry
Chavi Sehgal
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When you fall in love

The best things in life happen unexpectedly.

I don't believe in love at first sight but I do believe that the best stories in life start all of a sudden. And by that, I don't mean that they always have a happy ending.

Four years back, I was way too practical to fall in love. For me, the heart was necessary to keep a human alive and love was a beautiful theme in books. Who knew destiny had something else planned for me. Who knew I would start believing in love. I was feeling it all, the butterflies in my stomach and the happiness in my heart. I was falling for someone. An ordinary person was becoming extraordinary for me.

And then enters your life an ordinary person.

Who cheers you up with his extraordinary qualities.

Who takes care of you more than ordinary people do.

And then becomes for you someone more than ordinary.

Your attachment to him becomes arbitrary.

And the strength he gives you is better than any artillery.

And the bond you two share seems like a luminary.

Coz the person is now special no more ordinary.

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