Back Into Darkness

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Chapter 10: Translator to the enemy

“Fucking hell!” I hear one of the guys yell in the big meeting room. There are other loud voices in there, hissing a little as Sofia and I enter the room with their food. All the men immediately stop, unfamiliar faces on one side of the table and Enzo and his guys on the other. The boss fixes his eyes on me, placing his head in his palm in frustration. I place a plate in front of one of the guests, one that sits in the middle. He grasps my wrist and I look over to Enzo, whose face instantly tenses and he scowls.

“Ești atât de frumoasă (you are so beautiful),” the man flirts in Romanian.

“Vă mulțumesc (thank you),” I reply with a sweet smile, cautiously taking my hand out of his grip. It proves to be easier as he turns completely to face me, his face laced with confusion.

“Vorbești română (do you speak Romanian)?” he asks.

“Da (yes),” I mutter.

“Belle,” Enzo calls out, getting up out of his seat and leading me out the room, yanking my arm hurriedly. “What are you doing?” he growls.

“Am I not allowed to speak to him?” I ask, challengingly. Why do I do this to myself? He narrows his eyes, backing me up against the closest wall and towering over me.

“We don’t have a translator. You speak Romanian?” he questions, his hot breath hitting my face at how close he is to me.


“How? You’re not Romanian,” he states. It’s like he thinks he knows everything about me. He doesn’t even know I’m Italian, mainly because of my changed surname.

“My dad didn’t let me go to high school. He met lots of people with different languages and I decided to learn some,” I answer honestly, looking him in the eyes.

“You speak it fluently?” he questions. I nod and he takes my hand, dragging me back in to sit next to him at the table, replacing his brother. “She’s the translator,” he announces, looking over at me and raising his eyebrows.

“Sunt translatorul (I’m the translator),” I tell the man and he nods with a smirk.

After a long and, in fact, interesting meeting, the guests leave, thanking me and it’s just Enzo and his men in a room with me. I make a move to leave but Enzo grips my wrist, pulling me into him.

“Everyone out,” he orders and the guys obediently follow his commands, shuffling out. I notice Rafael, Luca and another guy, I’m assuming Leo, smirk at me as they leave last. “Sit.” I take a seat next to his, wriggling in my anxiety. I look up to him and pout a little in a ‘don’t punish me again’ way. He leans back in his chair, just watching my face and it makes me more nervous. I start to fiddle with my fingers, grating my nails against one another. “Some,” he says after many minutes of silence.


“You said ‘I decided to learn some’. That’s more than one. What’s some?” He picks me up from my seat and brings me over to straddle him. His hands obviously settles on my ass, rubbing my skin as he normally does.

“Um... I know Romanian, and French, um... Russian and Mandarin and Spanish,” I tell him and he raises his eyebrows, searching my face.

“Gattina, conscete il italiano (kitten, do you know Italian)?” He places my chin in between his thumb and fingers, forcing my eyes to his. “Why lie to me?”

“I didn’t lie. You never asked,” I tell him. I’m just saying what I’m going to say. I can’t stop myself from talking back to this dangerous man. He’s killed people. He’s hurt me. He kidnapped me. I should fear him right to my core, right to the point where I can no longer get full words out. But I don’t.

“No, I didn’t,” he agrees, his lips brushing mine. “Hai sentito un sacco di cose (you’ve heard a lot of things). Più di quanto avresti dovuto, forse (a lot you probably shouldn’t have). Ma tu sei mio (but you’re mine), hmm?”

“I’m yours,” I breathe out.

He smashes his lips against mine, forceful and rough like his personality. He bites my lip, seeking an entrance into my mouth and I oblige, letting his tongue explore my mouth. He squeezes my ass and makes me moan in his mouth. I feel him smirking but he continues to attack my face, his tongue twisting around my own and battling. Why am I kissing him back? Why do I like the way he’s holding me? This is how I dreamt him kissing me, with this fierce passion and dominance. Why do I like this?

He breaks away from me and places his forehead against mine, keeping me in his hold.

“You let him touch you,” he whispers and I instantly tense up, not wanting another spanking, although it turned me on, a lot. “But since you helped me, I’ll forgive it.”

My eyes widen and I say, “you will?”

“Yes. I’m changing your job here too.”

“To what?”

“My translator. You’ll sit in all my meetings and you won’t speak to anyone else here about what you hear. Understand, gattina?” I nod. He lifts me off his lap and onto my feet. With no warning, his hand makes contact with my butt, making me gasp and twirl around to face him. He smirks at me and stands to loom over me and intimidate me. “Something to say, piccola?” I furrow my eyebrows at him but he just chuckles slyly. “You belong to me. I can do whatever I want with you. You disagree?” he says in a dominating and deep tone. His eyes drill into me, telling me to submit. And all I can do is gulp and shake my head. “Good girl,” he coos. “Go to the kitchens and help them clean up. Your last day as a waitress. Ranger will take you to your new room.” New room?

I don’t have time to question it as he spanks me out the room and closes the door. I don’t understand why I’m dripping wet after that but he makes me feel so... hot.

As I enter the kitchens again, I pick up a cloth and start to scrub down the surfaces.

“What happened?” Sofia asks, hurrying over to me with Gia watching. Everyone in the kitchen is waiting for a story of what happened. “Was he mad?”

“He needed a translator anyway. He told me to stay in his meeting and translate. Then he made my job his translator,” I tell them and I hear Joe scoff, leaning against the counter with the other cooks.

“You’re serious? He told you you would be his new translator?” Joe asks, very skeptical. I nod, continuing to scrub. “Why? You need to speak more than one language.”

“And I do.”

“You don’t even speak Italian. That’s why you always get to serve their dinners,” Gia sneers, narrowing her eyes.

“I do speak Italian actually,” I mutter, refusing to look at any of them.

“Sei proprio una puttanella (you’re such a slut),” Gia says and my eyes snap up to her as she smirks at me.

"Solo uno può riconoscerne un altro (it takes one to know one)," I retort, moving over to wipe down a different surface. I hear a few chuckles and giggles after my comment, as most of them are Italian, and I hear Gia huff.

"Belle," I hear Ranger call and I follow him out the kitchen and to wherever I'm suppose to go.

"Where are we going?"

"To your new room."

"Where is that?" He glances down at me, concern plastered over his face.

"Out of staff quarters," he replies. Why is he being so cryptic? We reach my old room and I start to clear out my things in the bag he gave me. "Don't take the uniforms. He's giving you different clothes." So that leaves just the underwear, well, the lingerie. Most of it is lace thongs and skimpy bras. Yet they're exactly my size.

He takes me out of the staff quarters and over to the other side of the house, where Enzo and his brothers sleep. I see Luca roaming the halls and raising his eyebrows at us with a smirk.

“What you doing, Ranger?” he asks with a sly expression.

“It’s none of your business. This is Enzo’s orders,” Ranger replies, pushing me into the room next to us and closing the door. Ranger’s careful not to touch any of my skin, probably on Enzo’s orders too.

“Have you known the boss for a long time?”

“We grew up together. Our mothers were friends, naturally we were. I’m his right hand, asides from his brothers,” he tells me, taking my bag from me and setting it down by the closet. “This room, your new room, connects with his.” I already knew that, I think. I assumed I was being moved closer to him, so he could do whatever he wanted so easily. Just a door away. The connecting door sits right next to the head of the bed, the perfect place to sneak up on me in my sleep. How will I sleep now?

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