Back Into Darkness

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Chapter 11: Lorenzo Calabria

Lorenzo Calabria

I creep through the connecting door, the one that joins her room to mine. She lays under the covers, soundly asleep, curled up. I brush the stray strands of her silky hair from her face. Even after everything, she still manages to stay strong and beautiful, like the first time I saw her.

She has her demons, by the looks of her apartment, she's better off living here. I want to take her, claim her fully mine, mark her with my mouth on her neck, on her lips, on that tight little pussy of hers and my cum dripping down her thighs and out of her mouth. But she has to want it. I'm not in the business of rape, I detest it, even though my brothers have different views. I don't need to rape girls to have sex, many beg me for it. But this girl, she doesn't deserve anyone hurting her. Belle. She's definitely a mystery. The stunt she pulled today was a shock.

I press my lips to her forehead, feeling her stir underneath me. But she doesn't wake. Her face scrunches up and she starts to whimper, grabbing onto me whilst sleeping still. I stare at her hand resting on my arm and I feel her relax, mumbling something. I slide into the bed next to her, just laying there, watching her sleeping form.

"Mine, bambina," I whisper and she rolls into me, nuzzling her head in my chest. I don't like cuddling, I don't know how to do this, to be with her.

"Hmm... Enzo..." she murmurs. My body tenses, believing she's caught me here, but I look down to see she's still asleep. She said my name in her sleep? She's dreaming about me? I can't help the smirk that grows on my face. What type of dream? A sex dream? Does she want me like I want her? I'm a mafia boss, I don't do love or relationships. I'm cruel and vicious and I don't need anyone.

So why do I feel so drawn to Belle.

I detach her from me, making sure to cover her completely with the sheets and I leave to my office. I lean back in my chair with a bottle of whiskey in hand and a cigarette.

"Bit early for drinking?" Luca muses, taking a seat in front of me.

"It's never early for drinking," I comment, going over past reports. Fucking Moretti raided three of our drop locations. I've got a fucking mole and family are the only ones I trust. Staff are not allowed out of the house, so they can't be the ones leaking it. It's one of my men, one of the thirty I disclose drop points with.

Alfonso Moretti. Brother of Christian Moretti, a dead mob boss in New York. He used to be my family's rival, my father was striking up Christian, back when he was alive, betrothing Christian's daughter to me. Thank fucking God they're both dead. I'm not being forced to get married to some entitled bitch. After Christian's death, Alfonso took over, determined to control all of New York and take control from me. He's not going to take my fucking city. Over my dead fucking body.

"Maybe it's time to sit down with Moretti. I mean, we were going to becoming allies once, we could do it aga-"

"No," I refuse, slamming my glass on the table.

"One, there's no longer any deal that could secure our families alliance. And two, he's too power hungry. The Morettis have control over a lot of the city, but we have more. He'll keep taking and taking until he has all of it. We're at war."

"Keep talking like that and Rafael will start with the fucking snipers on the roof again. Shooting Moretti is still a shit idea. The bulletproof windows he's got around his complex, the number of bodyguards around him and the fact he takes three cars every time he goes out."

"I know." I sigh deeply, inhaling the smoke from my cigarette and blowing it out. "Then again, it's not... impossible." I place the cigarette in the ashtray. "Just figure out who the mole is, and make him fucking suffer." Luca nods to me and heads out.

As lunch rolls around, Gia serves me my food in my office and I roll my eyes at her desperate advances. She leans on the corner of my desk and puffs her chest out.

"You wanted something?" I question in a frustrated tone.

"Did you want something? From me?" she asks seductively, biting her lip.

"No," I grunt. "You could get Belle in here, but other than that, I don't think so." Her jaw drops a little but she recovers quickly, standing upright and huffing to herself. She hurries out and I chuckle, thinking of Belle. Would Gia actually get her? I was joking but I do miss Belle serving my meals. She gets a little nervous any time I touch her, even though she comes in with lots of confidence. She wants me. I can tell. She hates that she does too. I would if I was in her shoes. But I'm not. And I want her. She's going to be mine.

Soon enough, Belle knocks on my door. I tell her to 'come in' and see her luminescent blue eyes glow as she enters, a small smile gracing her lips in a polite sweet way.

"You wanted to see me?" I gesture for her to come over to me and I grab her, pulling her into my lap. I grip her ass in my hands, tugging her closer to me. Fuck do I love her ass. It's so fucking perfect. She stares right into my eyes, biting her lower lip in anxiety rather than seduction. But she tempts me anyway. How does she fucking do this?

"I did want to see you," I whisper into her ear, squeezing her round ass tightly. She squeals, her hands falling onto my shoulders in shock and her back also arches into me, giving me a good view of her cleavage. I can see the lacy outline of the bras I bought her and I want to rip them off her right now. Whilst her neck is bare to me, I latch onto it, sucking which makes her arch into me even more.
I make sure to suck hard enough that I leave my mark, hickeys plastered all over her neck. Her little whimpers and suppressed moans make me chuckle against her skin.

"Enzo," she breathes out, biting down, hard, on her bottom lip. I spank her butt for the use of my name. I watch her pout and fight the urge to smile at her.

"You want more punishment?" I tease her, raising my eyebrows. She shakes her head rapidly, and I grab her jaw in my hand. "Be a good girl then. Remember my rules."

"Yes... sir," she mutters and I feel the corners of my lips upturn.

"I prefer master." Her eyebrows furrow and she once again pout those full pink lips of hers. "But sir is fine for now." She'll soon submit to me completely, wanting to please me, to pleasure me.

She climbs off me, which I let her, and straightens out her clothes. I ditched the uniforms I was dressing her in but she would still only wear dresses and skirts from now on. When I gripe her ass, I need her bare skin on my hands. She chose a blue skater skirt with a white shirt. I had buttons removed from the top so that she has to wear it how it is. Although now thinking about it, with the other guys in the house, I take my hoodie I keep in my office for working out and slide it over her body.

She looks at me, puzzled, but I can tell that she’s grateful for the warmth and coverage of my hoodie. And I have to say, I enjoy seeing her in my clothes, for some odd reason. I don’t let girls where my clothes or sleep in my bed or cuddle with me. I’m a ruthless bastard and the girls I fuck know that. But this girl, she forces me to dial it back a little, to not be so forceful. But I will have my way with her.

As night falls, I pour another drink, almost finishing the full bottle I had this morning. Ranger, my most trusted man here who isn’t one of my brothers, is tasked with watching Belle, unraveling this mystery for me. He’s also watching for anything I can punish her with, but I’m beginning to believe he actually likes her.

Ranger has been less... stoic as that used to be his normal state. She’s having an effect on him, and I know he talks more to her than he does to anyone else in this house asides from me. He told me he had caught her having a panic attack in the kitchen early in the morning, and that she had over-cleaned the kitchen in anxiety. What does that even mean?

Although, I hate to say I’m worried myself. I haven’t seen her cry at all, not once. She barely shows any fear, it’s more anxiety when I’m near her, touching her. But she has nightmares, I’ve seen it myself. She gets panic attacks and she already has coping mechanisms, thus, she must get them a lot. What could have happened to make this fearless girl so tormented?
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