Back Into Darkness

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Chapter 13: Not slept with him, yet

His arm is still trapping me as I awaken. I try to get out by wriggling, but that only makes him growl and squeeze me tighter to him. I didn't take him for a cuddling man, he probably isn't, but why is he forcing me to sleep in his bed? I don't necessarily hate it, because the past few days sleeping in it, I've had less nightmares, less troubling ones.

"Sir?" I whisper, trying to shake him awake. He punishes me if I call him by his name. I don't think he minds me saying it, but he likes to find reasons to punish me. He's an ass man. He likes spanking me. I shift myself around in his arms so I'm facing him. My hand subconsciously comes up to stroke his handsome face. He seems so relaxed, so warm and innocent. Very attractive. He still doesn't wake up so I press my lips against his, hoping for a reaction. In an instant, his eyes snap open, pushing his lips against mine and forcing his tongue into my mouth. His tongue strokes mine as he continues, rolling on top of me, pressing his morning wood into me. "I need to go to the toliet," I mutter in between a kiss. He pulls up from me with a smirk before chuckling and rolling to my side.

"Go, then," he says, slapping my ass to get me up.

Once I finish up in there, he's waiting for me with a slight smirk on his face. He yanks me to him, him towering over me and looking me straight in the eyes.

"You kissed me to wake me up," he comments, raising a brow. "Wake me up like that every morning," he commands. His hands grab my ass, squeezing lightly. "And we can do more." I pout at his statements which he slyly smirks at. "You want me to do more, no?"

"No," I mutter.

"Liar," he teases, a hand coming up to cup my cheek. "Lying to me is disrespectful. What does disrespect earn you?" My eyes widen at him. Right then, his hand comes down on my bare ass as my bed shorts had ridden up from the close contact. "I would love to do more but we have to go. Get changed." I hurry away from him as soon as he lets me and put on a shirt and skirt once again.

Finishing up another meeting, talking about Alfonso Moretti, my uncle, Enzo dismisses me as he needs to converse with his brothers. I decide to snoop and listen in in the next room. Ranger stands outside their door so this is the closest I can get. I hear very faint voices I can barely make out.

"Father... tomorrow... fucking Moretti... meeting..." I press my ear closer to the wall. They are quite thin so there is only a thin surface muffling the sound waves.

"When father comes tomorrow, he'll be expecting results."

"We need to find that fucking mole." There's a mole? Who? Oh, my. Someone here is working for Alfonso and if they mention me, what I look like, my name, he could figure it out. I'll be dead. He's been trying to find me for years, retribution for his brother, my father. And now I've made it a little easier for him, well, Enzo has, by kidnapping me. I'm very unlucky. Sure I wasn't living the greatest life before, but I had nothing to do with the criminal world, I couldn't be found. But now. If Tony Calabria, Enzo's dad, sees me, he'll immediately know. He's met me before, when he and my father were betrothing me to Enzo.

"How's your little gattina?" one of them asks. Is that me?

"Don't talk about her."

"She's very clever, isn't she? She does actually speak multiple languages fluently."

"You have to bring her to the meeting tomorrow. Father will want to meet her."

"I don't need a translator for the meeting so she doesn't have to attend."

"She doesn't have to attend. But you can make her. She sleeps in your bed, she attends confidential meetings, you trust her. Father shall want to meet her," Luca, I think, explains. Please disagree, Enzo. Please.

"You're right. She'll come," Enzo agrees. I have to get out of this. I really have to get out of this. How do I do that? If he wants me to come, I have to come. How can I say no and he listen? I can't tell him. Christian and Alfonso Moretti are his greatest enemies. And I'm a Moretti. He'll kill me himself. And if he doesn't, and he sends me out with Alfonso in town, Alfonso will find me and kill me, especially since there's a mole.

I back away and run out of the room, only to be stopped by Ranger as he pulls me into another room.

"What were you doing, Belle?" he asks, letting go of me in caution someone will see. "You're spying on them."

"I wasn't spying. I was just... interested," I lie. He doesn't intimidate me like Enzo does, but he's massive like a bear and towers over me.

"Belle, don't lie to me."

"I'm not lying. I just heard my name. They wanted me to be in some meeting," I explain. He narrows his eyes at me before nodding slowly, allowing me to leave. I hurry out and into the kitchens, finding Sofia chopping some veg. She smiles as she sees me and I decide to help her.

"Didn't the boss change your job?" Gia sneers, joining in on the prep.

"I have nothing else to do today," I comment, ignoring her tone.

"Belle," Ranger calls out, a concerned look all over his face. I sigh, putting down my knife and heading over to him. "Boss wants to see you."

"What does he want?" I ask, narrowing my eyes. Ranger cocks his head at my tone but I hold strong.

"How would I know what you two do together?" he retorts, scowling a little.

"What is that supposed to mean?" He seems a little venomous in his tone, like he's jealous.

"Nothing. You're his," he deadpans and I scoff.

"I'm still not sure what that's supposed to mean."

"Like I said, nothing," he hisses. "Let's go. He's in his office." I follow him out and down the halls.

"What is your problem?" I question, a little pissed he's acting so coldly.

"I don't have a problem."

"Clearly you do," I retaliate, halting my steps. He stops too, turning to face me.

"Move, Belle," he orders.

"You've been off with me for days now. If you have a problem with me, just say it," I demand.

"I thought you were stronger than this," he blurts out.

"I don't understand."

"You sleep in his room, in his bed, with him. Belle, I thought you had more will power than that. He controls everything you do and you just allow it. Why didn't you leave?"

"It was a trap."

"It doesn't matter. You didn't want to go. He kidnapped you, Belle, he holds you here against your will and yet you freely choose to fuck him," he says, rather yells now.

"I haven't slept with him," I state angrily and he takes a step back, looking confused. What is wrong with him? "I didn't go because I knew it was a trap. I knew you were fake, I know that all men are the same. You're unbelievable. I let him control me? I don't have a choice. And you are just the same as all of them. Now you get to judge me?" I scoff, feeling the urge to slap him but I back down. He's Enzo's right hand. He'll have me punished for it. "Why do you care? He's your boss. And I belong to him. You should want me to do whatever he tells me."

"Move, Belle," he mutters, placing a hand on the small of my back and pushing me forward. I reluctantly move, giving up on my interrogation and just walking to Enzo's office, ignoring Ranger.

I enter and see Enzo impatiently waiting.

"Gattina," he says in a frustrated tone. What have I done now? "I told you that you are no longer a waitress and yet you decide to work in the kitchen." He gets up from leaning against his desk and pushes me up against the closest wall by my throat. His grip isn't tight enough to stop me from breathing but still hurts. "You love defying me, Belle. You want me to hurt you?"

"No," I whimper pathetically.

"Then why defy me, gattina?"

"I didn't mean to. I was just trying to help. I wasn't doing anything else," I ramble. He glares at me, stepping closer, backing me into the wall even more and pressing himself against me. I can feel his erection against my stomach and I know he knows I can feel it. Maybe Ranger is right. Because I'm reacting to his advances, I'm letting him have what he wants. But I guess want it too. He hasn't done anything sexual unless I've wanted him too. He knows that. And I guess Enzo is right. I do test him, more than what's smart.

"You be careful, gattina." He lets me go and flee his office.

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