Back Into Darkness

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Chapter 18: His highness won't allow it

Belle Rose

“I need to go, gattina. I’ve got some business to sort out. I’m allowing you to go anywhere in the house but Ranger’s keeping an eye on you, making sure Rafael doesn’t try anything. Leo and Luca are coming with me,” Enzo tells me, kissing my lips again and smirking before leaving the room.

I can’t deny that I have feelings for Enzo, strong feelings for him. He’s not like the others, he looks like he cares, even though he’s hesitant to. It shows that he has feelings for me too, that he can’t help caring. And he’s letting me go anywhere in the house, do anything, because he knows I’m friendly with Sofia in the kitchens and he wants to make me happy. I don't know why I feel so comfortable around him, and safe even though he likes punishing me. I know he wouldn't go too far with them, unless I really fucked up. Which in my case, if he finds out who my father was, who my uncle is, that I'm Isabella Moretti, he might go too far.

I change into the most covered outfit I can with him not here today and Ranger acting strangely towards me. Once I finish, I walk out the room to be met by a scowling Ranger, his arms crossed over his chest, leaning against the wall.

“Morning,” I say with a polite smile.

“You seem happy,” he comments, strolling in front of me so that he seems more dominating and cold when he speaks to me.


“Well, especially after what he showed you yesterday, I would think you would be upset,” he states. What is with his change in attitude? It’s bothering me.

“I asked this before but you didn’t give me a good enough answer. What’s your problem?” I question, stopping in my tracks.

“Belle,” he warns, stopping also to look behind him as he hears my footsteps cease. “Let’s move.”

“Not until you answer my question,” I state firmly and confidently, although the fact that he’s a massive guy, as big as Enzo, with muscles and much more strength than me, it should make me scared. But he wouldn’t do anything, would he?

“I want to keep you safe, Belle. Giving in to a guy like Lorenzo, that’s not safe,” he answers, sighing. Why is he saying this? Enzo is his boss. I belong to Enzo. Why’s he trying to talk me out of trusting him.

“I don’t understand. Why do you care?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I like you, Belle,” he admits, rubbing his hands over his face and huffing.

“You like me?”

“Yes, I do.” He starts walking back over to me, reaching out to touch me, but I flinch, avoiding his reach. Enzo wouldn’t like this. “You are right under his thumb, aren’t you? The obedient little girl.” His tone is very bitter, as if he says it in jealousy. Is he jealous? He likes me, and I belong to Enzo. He shakes his head at me and I narrow my eyes at him. I don’t like this side of him. He’s been showing it to me for weeks, but I haven’t realized it.

He’s the mole.

Oh no.

I need to tell Enzo. Will he believe me? I have no proof except the fact that I know men. I can tell. Maybe if I tell Enzo what he said to me, something will happen. Enzo doesn’t like people trying to take me away from him. I don’t want to be away from him, as pathetic as that sounds. I have given in to him. But I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I’m no stranger to his type of life, my family was from that life. I’m not stranger to murder and violence. But Enzo doesn’t hurt me, not really, or threaten to kill me. I know he cares about me. He hasn’t forced himself onto me. He’s not like the other men I’ve been with. He’s not that kind of monster.

But Ranger might be. Although he hasn’t tried anything. He does work for my uncle though, a man whose trying to find me as well as in a war with Enzo and his family. What if Ranger has said something about me?

I just have to act normal. I’ll tell Enzo when he gets back.

“I’m obedient to him. I belong to him after all,” I state, stepping back further from Ranger. He scoffs, stepping closer to me.

“Belle, you can’t believe that. Do you?”

“Yes, I do,” I confirm.

“No, you can’t trust him.” He tries to get close to me again but I shift past him, now heading towards the kitchens. “You won’t even let me touch you because his highness won’t allow it.”

“His highness is your boss.”

“I know. But when he turns impressionable girls like you into his puppet, I have something to say about it.”

“Especially because you like me. But I am his highness’. So you should back off,” I tell him and head into the kitchens, getting away from Ranger.

“Belle, coming to help?” Sofia asks, throwing her head back in exaggerated boredom. I chuckle a little and head over to help her.

“You shouldn’t be in here,” Marissa says to me.

“He said I could go anywhere I wanted today.” She raises an eyebrow at me in question and narrows my eyes. I keep a sincere look on my face to assure her and she lets me carry on.

“He’s sent you back to the kitchens,” Gia snarks, giving me her most smug smirk. “I told you he would get bored with you.” I roll my eyes and just ignore her, carrying on helping Sofia in the laundry room adjacent to the kitchen. Gia joins in, having been sent by Marissa. “We should compare notes. He got me to call him master whilst he fucked me from behind.”

“I still wouldn’t know,” I mutter.

“What?” I hear Gia shriek a little, making my head raise to meet two curious faces.

“I said I still wouldn’t know,” I repeat, furrowing my brows at both their confusion.

“You’ve slept in his bed, you sleep in his bed. I know you have,” Sofia says. “Luca told me.”

“Yeah, I sleep in his bed. It doesn’t mean I have to do anything,” I comment. “He hasn’t tried to do anything.”

“Cazzo (fuck),” Gia mutters. “Maybe he doesn’t want you at all.”

“Why would she sleep in his bed if he doesn’t want her, genio (genius)?” Sofia scoffs. “I think it’s the other way around. He really likes her.” She looks over to me with a suggestive smirk and I avoid her eyes. “You don’t like gossiping, I forgot.”

“No, she’s too busy flirting with all the guys here. She wouldn’t want the boss to find out,” Gia states. Sofia slaps her arm, scolding her but Gia raises her eyebrows. “You’ve seen how Ranger looks at her. He talks to her more than he talks to anyone else, even the boss. And he’s been staring daggers into the boss’ back anytime he sees them together.”

“He doesn’t look at me like anything. Enzo told him to watch me,” I tell them.

“So it’s Enzo now?” Sofia teases, nudging me with her arm. “He allows you to call him that?” I stay silent, sighing to myself. I’m helping her out here.

“Belle,” Ranger calls out as normal but his eyes pierce into me as he enters the room, taking the shirt I was folding out of my hands. “We need to talk,” he declares, gesturing for us to head out of here.

“I think I’m fine,” I reply curtly, looking up to him. The room falls silent as Ranger and I stand off against each other. He holds a glare, I hold a glare. I’m not letting up. He has no power over me. He’s a fucking spy, for my uncle.

After several minutes of building tension, he shakes his head before walking out, huffing when he thinks he’s out of hearing range.

“What the fuck was that?” Gia asks, eyes wide in confusion and surprise. “The boss isn’t going to be too happy.”

“About what?” I retort.

“The tension between you two. The chemistry,” she replies, looking smug again. “Have you fucked him?”

“No!” I exclaim, outraged. “I get you’re jealous that the boss likes me but stop looking for trouble. Ranger is just a dick.” They both look shocked, Gia avoiding my eyes whilst Sofia smirking.

“I always thought Ranger was nice,” Sofia comments. “You know if you tell the boss, or he sees the animosity between you both, he won’t like it.”

“I know,” I mutter.

Bang! The slamming off doors ring in everyone’s ears. The cluttered yelling sounds of Italian swearing echoes throughout the house and above all else, a voice can be heard, Enzo’s voice. Loud and clear now.

“Leo abbiano sparato al cuore (Leo was shot in the heart). Chiama un cazzo di dottore (call the fucking doctor)!" Oh my God. Leo's been shot?

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