Back Into Darkness

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Chapter 19: Retribution or salvation

"What's going on?" Gia asks, although she already knows. We're all just a little shocked. Marissa tells us to stay out the way, probably wisely. I know Enzo cares a lot about his family, his family is everything. And if Leo is hurt, he'll be distressed and short-tempered.

"Belle," Marissa calls, gesturing me over to her. "The doctor needs everyone else, asides from the nurse, out the room to work and they won't leave if the boss doesn't. Luca wants you to go talk to him." I nod, knowing I have to do this for Enzo, to help Leo, even if I get punished for it. I enter the room to see all four brothers, Leo unconscious on the gurney, Luca and Rafael trying to calm Enzo down, whose yelling profusely at the doctor. And the doctor is trying to do his job. The nurse is clearly frightened by all of them as he stays out the way, clearly not doing his job. The doctor is an older woman, of Italian heritage, who seems to be intimidated by Enzo.

I take a step towards them and cough, letting them know of my presence. Enzo ignores me though, maybe not even hearing me come in as he continues to berate the doctor. I move closer to him, grabbing his hands.

"She can't help him if you keep screaming at her," I whisper so only he can hear. He stops. He turns to me with a scowl on his face, red from anger and frustration. His skin is boiling, burning my own skin, but I don't care. His eyes search my face and I just stare at him, with sad watering eyes at his pain and seeing Leo in such a bad way. I notice that Enzo's hurt too, the blood staining through his shirt on his arm, the rip from the bullet evident. I tug at his hand but he pulls away, still full of rage. I hold on to his hand still, feeling the tension lessen the more I touch him. "He'll die if you don't let her do her job. Come with me," I ask him, tugging his hand again.

This time, he follows behind me, out the door. The other guys sigh and follow out too, letting the doctor do her job. I take Enzo upstairs and to his room, sitting him down on the bed. He just watches as I undress him, peeling off his shirt from his dried bloody arm. It doesn't look too bad, merely a scratch. I get a wet hand towel from the bathroom and clean him up, reddening the white cloth.

"What are you doing?" he asks, his tone only a whisper as he struggles with the fear of losing his brother and confusion.

"I'm taking care of you," I tell him, finishing cleaning his wound. As I'm bandaging it up with some I found in the cabinet, he grabs my hand, and then my jaw, forcing me to look at him.


"Because I'm yours." I pull back from his grip and gaze and continue to bandage him up, tying it off. He tugs me into his lap and squeezes the hell out of me, almost suffocating me. But it makes me feel warm, wanted. I push him further onto the bed, sitting on top of him, straddling him, as he watches what I'm doing. He still needs calming, and I watch to do this for him.

I begin to unbuckle his belt, feeling his erection pressing against it and my hands. I unzip him, freeing his member more and tug his pants all the way off. Taking his thick long length in my hand out of his boxers, I slowly stroke him, creating a groan from Enzo. His sounds are primal and deep, making me wet thinking of more. But this is for him.

I bend down, placing my lips at his tip and flicking my tongue over it and circling it. I then run my tongue up and down him, licking him sensually.

"Aw... Cazzo (fuck)," he moans as I take him in my mouth, getting him as far into my mouth as I can. I widen my mouth to take more of him, suck and then pull up slowly. "Belle, fuck."

As I bob up and down in a moderate steady pace, my hands begin to play with his balls, fondling them in my hands.

"Belle!" he exclaims, yelling in pleasure as he cums in my mouth, shooting his load. It tastes salty and hot but tastes sweeter than any other I've tasted. Maybe because I actually wanted to pleasure him, I wanted to make him climax, I enjoyed it. He screamed my name.

I crawl back up to him as he rests back on his elbows, gazing at me with lust and admiration.

"Gattina, that was..." he trails off, still dazed from his orgasm. "Leo, he's... I should be there."

"You should. Relaxed." I pull his boxers up and he puts on his pants and the fresh shirt I got for him. He still watches me as we head back down to wear Leo and the doctor is.

"Is he better?" Enzo questions, almost yelling again and I pull him back into a seat, calming him down again. He realizes he's being too harsh again and sits back, letting me talk to the doctor. The nurse relaxes as Enzo stays silent.

"How's he doing?" I ask.

"It was touch and go. But he's stable now. We removed the bullet and hopefully, with no clotting or infections, he should get better," the doctor tells me, getting back to treating her patient. Enzo drags me into his lap, breathing into my ear as he hugs me to him.

"He'll be okay, Enzo," I whisper.

"Yeah, he will be." He strokes my hair. "We're gonna talk about what happened later, gattina." What does that mean? Is he talking about when he went out or what happened in the bedroom? I hope he liked it. It sounded like he did, and he was definitely less agitated after.

Soon enough, I fall asleep in his arms, exhausted from my day. His arms are so warm and safe and comfy. I feel safe...

"J, good morning," I greet, flashing him a big smile after my shitty start. I was robbed last night, and I have to move again. I was already planning too, the neighbors were too loud anyway. But now, I start with nothing again.

"Are you okay? You look very tired," J says, cupping my cheek, his thumb swiping under my eye. "You have bags heavy enough to break."

"I got robbed again," I admit, sighing.

"I helped you get locks on this apartment. How did they get in?"

"They broke the windows. They robbed other apartments on my floor too the same way. I'm moving anyway."

"I'm sorry, Baby Belle." I tugs me into a hug, squeezing my petite body with his muscled arms. "Have you got a place?"

"Yep, I'm gonna be fine, J," I assure him, wriggling out of his hold and getting to work. The truth is, I'm not gonna be fine. The next apartment is just as bad as the first, second, third. They're all the same, all in a bad neighborhood. And I can't expect safety. Ever. I never will get safety. But I guess freedom is something. But do I want safety or freedom? Before, I didn't have both. Now, I have one. But would I trade my freedom for my safety? I think I would. Safety is a luxury. I'll never have it.

Now I have it. Maybe. I can feel it. But I can also see it going in the future. I can't keep my secret forever. He'll know soon enough. And then I'll be anything but safe. I could be dead. If Enzo abandons me and sends me into the arms of my uncle, I'm dead. If he decides to keep me but as his pet, I might as well not be living. There's only one chance he'll save me. That's if he truly cares for me. And I can't be sure what we have now is strong enough. I care strongly for him, as strange as that is. But does he care enough for me? That he'll protect me when the storm comes? This is the silence, and I can feel the storm approaching. I could always feel it approaching, even when I was free. I was in hiding. I couldn't make anything of myself because he'd find me. I couldn't go to school and graduate for fear of him finding me. I took every precaution, only getting paid in cash, paying for apartments in cash. They had my fake name and no one could name me as Isabella Moretti, having been locked away in that house.

But I just had to cover that shift. And I just had to be the last waitress there. And Enzo just had to take interest in me. It was all retribution really, for my crime, the patricide I committed. This is my punishment.

Yet, Enzo could be my salvation.

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