Back Into Darkness

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Chapter 20: Begging for him

“Hello,” I whisper as I open my eyes to be met with his honey gold ones. I try to move but I’m stuck to him like glue, and also trapped by his arms and legs.

“Hello, gattina,” he replies, holding back a smile as he locks eyes with me in a heated stare. I realize we’re now in his bed, that he must have brought me up here.

“How’s Leo?”

“He’s resting. He’s gonna get better.” He tilts my chin up to him so I can keep his gaze easier. “Now we can talk about what you did.”

“What did I do?” I ask innocently, playing dumb. Of course, we both know what I did, and that I did it more than willingly. He scoffs a little at my response, releasing me a little so that he could roll us over. He hovers over me, his face close to mine, his legs trapping mine.

“You know what you did,” he growls, his eyes flickering to my lips as they fill with lust.

“Did you not like it?”

“You did very well, neonata, very fucking well. But I take control. You’re mine.” He begins to discard his clothing, and my own, and I don’t attempt to stop him. I’ve never wanted sex, ever, yet here I am, wanting him more than anything else.

Once I’m in my underwear and so is he, he smashes his lips against mine, devouring my taste with every suck over my lower lip. His tongue plunges into my mouth, attacking every corner as if he wants to mark every part of me with his own taste. His lips move from my mouth, down to my neck. I moan as he bites down gently, nibbling my skin as he makes his way further down my body. I feel him smirk at how responsive I am. My hands grip onto his broad muscled shoulders, my nails digging into his skin. I bite down on my lip, muffling a moan but this makes him stop, looking back up to me.

“You’ll be crying out my name, bambina. Be as loud as you want,” he declares, pulling my bottom lip out from my teeth. “I told you, you are mine. Your lips...” He presses his lips to mine gently and quickly. “Your tits...” He unclasps my bra, tossing it aside without a care and sucking on my nipples, swirling his tongue around it. “Your pussy...” His big hands cup my sex over my panties and he smirks devilishly. “Maybe you already know. You’re so wet for me already.”

“Please...” I moan out, his thumb circling my clit over the fabric.

“Please what, gattina? Tell me what you want.” His fingers trail down over my hole, rubbing around it.

“You...” I breathe out, barely able to speak. “I want you.”

“To do what?” Oh, come on. He smirks wildly at me at the fact it’s difficult for me to get the words out. He’s teasing me.

“To fuck me.” His smirk grows into a full-blown grin. Ripping my panties off my body, the musky air hits me, the juices leaking out of me. He removes his boxers too, revealing his massive dick I loved yesterday. He positions himself at my entrance, his tip brushing against my hole.

“Tell me how badly with want me to fuck you, gattina.”

“So bad,” I moan, practically begging at this point. I would be ashamed of myself if I was in my right mind, and if it was with anyone else. But I do want him so badly right now.

“Tell me who owns this fucking pussy,” he growls in my ear, pushing in slightly.

“You, y-you do. You own all of me... ah,” I cry as he plunges into me. I throw my head back in a wave of pleasure and the stretching of my pussy. His thrusts are fast and harsh and deep and he pounds into me like a hammer on a nail. The sounds of skin slapping fill the air mixed with his and my groans and moans. His are extremely manly and rough and fill the entire room. “Don’t stop, Enzo!” I exclaim, feeling myself building higher and higher.

"Ask for permission before you cum, I want to hear you beg for it," Enzo orders and all I do is frantically nod in agreement. "Do you like how I'm fucking you?"

"Yes...sir. So much," I scream, never feeling this way in my life. He makes me feel so full and complete, like he's a perfect fit for me. My nails dig even deeper into his shoulders, but it doesn't look like it hurts him. He just grunts as he thrusts into me. "I need to cum," I moan, on the edge of a mind-blowing orgasm.

"Not yet, bambina," he tells me, deepening himself even more inside of me. "Beg for it."

"Please... please, sir. Let me cum," I plead, overwhelmed and needing a release.

"Cum for me, gattina," he commands and immediately at his words, I shudder there and then, shaking and clenching around his cock. He thrusts a little more to let me ride out my high and then pulls out of me. "Get on your knees."

I do exactly as he orders, wanting more, needing more. He needs more too. His hands come to my hips as he pulls my ass in the air even more. Without warning, his cock enters me fully, a loud manly groan echoing through the room, making me wetter. His hand comes to my neck, choking me lightly, just enough that it's hot. His fingers snake around and down to my clit, rubbing harshly as he's inside me. He makes me feel so amazing that I'm close once again.

"Please, I need to cum," I beg, moaning out in another thrust.

"Already, bambina? Hmm, such a responsive little girl. You can cum for me, neonata," he allows and again, I cum at his orders. "Good girl," he coos but he continues to pound into me. He taps my ass lightly, rubbing after and squeezing. "So fucking beautiful, bambina."

He plays with my breasts in his hands, squeezing them roughly between his fingers. He brings me up so my back is flat against his sweaty chest and it makes me feel fuller. His cock hits my g-spot every time he thrusts, exactly in that position. He kisses my shoulder, trailing up to my neck. I already know he's left marks there from before but he continues to suck hard on my skin, leaving inevitable hickeys.

Soon enough, I feel myself coming to my climax once again and once again, I ask him to cum. He seems very amused by the fact he keeps making me climax repeatedly.

"Oh, cazzo," he yells as he cums right after me, filling me up with his hot cum. He doesn't pull out of me. He just lets his seed spurt into me and dribble out of me, between my legs. We both collapse on his bed, him still inside of me, pulling my waist to him and fondling my breasts as he gets us under the sheets. "You're all mine."

"I'm all yours," I tell him back. He pulls out of me and rests his dick between my legs, grinding up against my butt.

"Go to sleep, gattina," he orders, still grinding in a slow steady rhythm. I'm soon lulled asleep by his warmth and the feeling of pleasure. I'm so tired by our sex that I basically pass out.

The next morning, the soreness in my legs makes it impossible for me to move. I whimper a little, also finding Enzo's body and heat not behind me anymore.

"Enzo?" I call out. I feel the bed drop on the other side and a hand on my shoulder, twisting me to face him.

"Morning, bambina," he greets.

"It hurts," I whine, pouting a little at the ache. But it was certainly the opposite last night. He made me feel unimaginable pleasure. I never thought I'd feel safe being with a man, but he made everything safe and exciting. He slide back into bed with me and caresses my cheek.

"Let me clean you up, piccola." I nod at him, still exhausted, and let him carry me, bridal-style, into the shower. He undresses himself once more and starts to clean me, rubbing soap all over my body. He spreads my legs, biting his lip as he stares at me, and scrubs the inside of my thighs. As he moves inwards, he smirks as I moan when he reaches my sex, cupping it in his hand. I watch him get very hard by the sounds I make and I crawl over to him to help him out. But he stops my hands. "If you start, I won't be able to stop and we need to eat something." He finishes cleaning me and wraps me in a towel. "Get changed and we'll eat some breakfast, gattina." He pecks my lips and walks out. I catch a smile as he turns away from me.

He's smiling. I'm smiling. How long will that last?

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