Back Into Darkness

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Chapter 21: He likes this girl

“Leo, are you okay?” I ask, walking into the dining room with Enzo. Enzo pulls me to his side and sets me in the seat beside him, dragging it closer to him.

“Yeah, I’m much better. Thanks for getting rid of my brothers, Belle,” Leo replies with a small chuckle as he watches us. They all watch us, with smirks on their faces.

“I didn’t see either of you yesterday,” Rafael comments. I’m starving, seeing as I haven’t eaten anything and as breakfast is served by Gia and Sofia, I dig in. Enzo places a hand on my thigh, making sure he has a hold on me at all times. “But we definitely heard you.” The other two brother laugh along with Rafael as they raise their eyebrows at us. Enzo stays silent but a smirk can’t be taken off his face. I just sit there, eating away.

As we finish breakfast, the guys clear out, having been sent to carry out different orders by Enzo. Leo, of course, is issued to rest, much to his dismay. He did take a bullet to the heart. The bullet came from the Morettis, and gunfire means officially war. Enzo’s family is at war with mine, if I can call them family. Only by blood...

“Are you serious?” I exclaim, my eyes widening in disbelief.

“He trusts me. I can take you outside, discreetly, of course. Where do you want to go, tesoro?” Adriano asks with a grin on his face.

“Anywhere? I can go anywhere?”

“Well, within an hour, sì,” he replies. "Anywhere you want, Isabella."

"Central Park," I state. He scoffs, cocking his head at me.

"You could go anywhere, amore, and you're choosing the park?" I nod wildly and he shakes his head with a little chuckle. "Come on then, piccola. Let's go."

“Gattina,” Enzo calls out, snapping me out of my trance.

"Yes?" I say in a sweet tone, turning to him.

"We're interrogating the guy who shot Leo, figuring out why they were given orders to do so. After, I'll take you anywhere you want, tonight," he declares with a small smile, suppressing it as I'm assuming he doesn't normally smile.

I can't leave here with him. If the Morettis are spying on him and one of them knows what I look like and recognizes me, I'm finished. But it will be dark, they won't be able to see me too closely, hopefully.

Oh no, there's still the matter of Ranger. He's the mole.

"Enzo," I call out as he makes it to the door. He turns to face me with a questioning expression. "It's... it's about Ranger."

"Oh, I heard about that. You don't get on with him. I'll have Marissa look out for you. Ranger's coming with me. I have to go, bambina," he says and quickly hurries out and out the door of the house, I'm assuming with Ranger. I need to tell him. But I don't have proof. Would he believe me? I need to find proof.

I travel into the kitchens and am greeted by Marissa suddenly in front of me, startling me a little.

"I'm meant to keep you entertained today. Whatever that means," she declares, raising an eyebrow at me.

"I'll just help Sofia," I reply, giving her a small smile before walking over to the two girls.

"Hey," I greet, joining in on washing dishes.

"Never heard the boss that loud before," Joe comments, smirking and looking over to me from across the counter. I just furrow my eyebrows at him in a questioning look.

"We all heard him groaning yesterday. It was like the grumbling of thunder throughout the house," Sofia giggles. "It was kinda scary. We were quite worried for you." I stay silent, feeling the heat rush to my cheeks in embarrassment that they all heard us.

"Ah, she's blushing," Joe smirks and I flip him off. "Whoa, tesoro, we had to listen to it all day. What did you do to him? I've never heard him so... animalistic." I like his growls and groans. They're hot. And in amidst sex, it was quite the turn on. "But I guess we should be careful what we say around you now. You're his girl."

"Why would you have to be careful?" I ask, raising my eyebrows in an accusing way.

"Well, Ranger certainly got an ear-bashing after he heard about your standoff with him. All because you don't like him," he replies.

"When did this happen?"

"Early this morning. Marissa told him." Maybe Enzo will believe me if I told him. But how could I be sure myself? He didn't actually admit anything to me. He didn't even hint that he was working for my family. But I just know. I feel it. I know my own family, even if I left a few years ago. Not all of them were the same though...

"We're here, principessa. We've got 40 minutes because we also have to get back," Adriano says, sitting down next to me on the bench. I open my book and start to read, a book written in French. It's more of a collection of poems, beautiful poems. And I'm sitting in a beautiful park. Thanks to Adriano.

"Thank you."

"No problem. You deserve something, even if this is the best I can get you," he replies with a smile.

"Why?" I question, looking up to him. He works for my father. Why would he show me such kindness? He's always been polite and sweet towards me, but this is very generous. He is new, he was only initiated into the family last year. He's young, only twenty. His father is a relative of my own, so he trusts blood family more than his crime family.

"You're twelve years old and you haven't been out of that house since you were seven. I'd say you need the change of scenery." I smile at him and he brushes the hair out of my face and behind my ear. "How could your father think of hurting you?"

"I don't know. He made me... he made me be with that man. Why?"

"Tesoro," he begins, cupping my cheeks. His eyebrows pinch together in sadness. "A girl's virginity is worth a lot, especially in a girl as beautiful as you."

"Will I have to do it again? It hurt," I sniffle, biting my lip.

"I don't know. It's up to your dad. It shouldn't be, but it is."


"Because you belong to him."

Now I belong to Enzo. And I'm glad about it. My father started hurting me after my mother died when I was seven. After that, I wasn't allowed out of the house either. I was trapped, no freedom whatsoever and no safety. But when I was twelve, he started selling me off. I was a tool to him. I could be used to get what he wanted. Five years later, I killed him, and escaped. Three years later, I get kidnapped by the rival family, the Calabrias. Hell of a timeline.

"Did he hurt you?" Sofia whispers, snapping me out of another trance I went into today.

"No, why would he?" I question.

"He's never sounded like that with me," Gia comments, looking a little disappointed as we move into the laundry room. "He kept you in there all day."

"We were just sleeping for a lot of it." Gia raises her eyebrows at me in question but I shrug. We were sleeping a lot. We fucked, then slept, then fucked again, then slept and it went around again. We did so many different positions and he seemed so insatiable, and so was I. But he made me feel wanted and I wanted him.

"Well, they are all on edge about the Morettis. After Leo got shot, Luca and Rafael went crazy on their hunt for his shooter. The Morettis are all savages. I'd much rather work for the Calabrias than the Morettis," Sofia says.

"Did you know that the boss was meant to marry one?" Gia tells us. Of course I know. I'm that one.

"He'd never have gone through with it. They all hated Christian Moretti as much as they hate Alfonso," Sofia declares.

"Why would they make that deal then?" I ask.

"Because Tony Calabria, the boss' dad, wanted a treaty, preferred it over war. But I think war was always inevitable," Sofia answers.

"You two hear a lot of gossip," I say.

"Yeah, when we serve their tables, we listen in to names. And the guys always know more than us," Gia comments.

"I don't really see a lot of the other guys around the house," I mention.

"That's because they don't usually meet here unless it's a party or official meeting. The Calabrias own a strip club for the guys to pick up the girls there, they have different bars and restaurants. They can take their pick of meeting places. They normally meet in the strip club though. I was a dancer there before the boss saw me and decided he wanted me working in his house. But he lost interest quick. It's probably because I'm Italian that he chose me. But he then chose other girls and tossed them aside after me, not even letting them work here," Gia explains.

"He's never kept a girl as long as he has you," Sofia says with a little smirk.

Why am I so special?

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