Back Into Darkness

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Chapter 3: Worth 900 dollars

"Six black coffees," I say, trying to control the shaking in my voice and in my hands as I serve them. The suit man grasps my hand roughly and pulls me into his lap, his erection poking into my ass as I uncomfortably sit on him. I try not to move as I know it’ll just make him more turned on. I wouldn’t want him to do anything more rough from anything I do.

"Don’t touch her," J calls out with rage and irritation plaguing his face. The suit man chuckles slyly as he looks at J. But then he focuses back on Harry.

"You owe me ten grand, there's no getting around it. I'm not a kind and generous man, as you know. It wouldn't be smart to keep me waiting any longer," suit man declares, his voice now so close to my ear. "But, we've known each other for a long time. I'm prepared to allow you to pay in installments. One grand each month and I'll leave with a grand today, that’s more than fuckibg generous," he offers but it's definitely an order.

"I-I can't pay that amount. We don't have anything for you. We have a hundred in the register, t-that's it," Harry rambles, wiping the sweat from his brow. Suit man stares intensely at Harry, making him crumble and shrink into his seat. Suit man's head moves closer to mine so I feel his breath on my neck.

"What's your name, gattina?" he whispers, hugging my stomach to him as he wraps his arms around my waist and gropes my right breast.

"Belle," I reply, whimpering quietly as he squeezes.

"Hmm," he hums and then spanks my ass to get me out of the seat and he stands up behind me. I squeal but quieten it by biting my lip. The other men stand as well, all anticipating their boss' next move. "I'll take the girl, and the hundred and that's the payment for the week, with a little roughing up. You get me next month’s payment on time or the most generous I can be is digging two graves side by side, son and father buried next to each other." He's taking me? I'm not something to be taken.

"You can't just take me," I say although now, as he gives me a malicious smirk and narrowed eyes, my confidence shatters.

"You should be happy, gattina. You're worth 900 dollars, I know girls worth much less," he whispers and pushes me into the other men. Two of them grab my arms and drag me across the floor as I struggle against them, screaming and crying. I'm all too familiar with instances like this, and that fact alone could break me. Why does everyone just look at me like I'm a toy, a puppet that they can use, that they can sell? I know I'm small and light, thus easily thrown around and I'm unable to fight back. But I'm still a person. And I'm worth 900 dollars.

The frosty air hits hard on my face as I'm thrust outside onto my knees. I try to get up and flee, trampling on any fear emotion that would prohibit me from moving but I'm pulled back by my waist and thrown into the backseat of an incredibly expensive car. The leather seats cushion my fall however I whack my head fiercely against the car door on the opposite side. The sudden heavy weight of my head creates the inability to hold it up anymore, flopping to the side and awkwardly onto my shoulder. Someone follows in behind me, yanking me by my feet so that they rest on his lap and he begins to wrap my hands and feet in ropes. Blindfolding me, I curl up into myself as he lets go, allowing me to hog the corner of the car, hoping that if I make myself small enough, I may just disappear.

There wasn't anything waiting for me at home though. There was no home to go to. I was hesitant about staying at J's and now I guess I don't have a choice. I have no family or friends that would care if I didn't come home. I have nothing. And yet, I still felt I had more than now. I'm 900 dollars. Maybe I should be happy; my father had sold me for less than that numerous times. What's the matter if I had hope of getting into the light, I was already falling back into darkness. Would this finally drown me for good?

8 years ago

"This is my daughter," my dad declares to a middle-aged man dressed in a grey slick suit who looked at me as if he wanted to eat me. What is happening? Who is this man? I haven't been out of the house in years, since my mother died, and now my dad is introducing me to some stranger.

"She's beautiful," he comments, stalking closer to me and taking my hands in his to look at me. I snatch my hands away which receives me a backhand from my father. I clutch my aching cheek in pain and just submit to whatever is happening. It would be easier. I know that something bad is coming, I can feel it, but I also know I can't stop it. "What's your price?" Price? Price for what?

"200 dollars," my dad states, raising his eyebrows.

"Really? Your daughter's virginity is worth 200 dollars? We have a deal," the man agrees, shaking the hand of my father vigorously with a devious smirk. My virginity? This man wants to have sex with me? And my dad's selling me for 200 dollars. How could he? I know he hates me, he shows me that all the time when he beats me senseless. But often he's pissed about something else, he wants to hurt someone else. And he also feels like he needs to control me and everything I do. Now he's just selling me.

My dad promptly leaves the room and I just stare after him as he leaves me alone with this weird man. "Take off your clothes," he orders, making my head snap to him. I adjust my ears, making sure I'm hearing correctly. He grips my jaw in his hand and squeezes until I'm certain it'll bruise. "Take them off." He smacks the side of my face where my dad had, raising his eyebrows at me. With trembling hands, I begin to unzip my dress, letting it drop off my body and pool at my feet. He watches me intensely, his eyes landing on my chest. Tears flood down my face, dripping off my jaw and running down my neck. I stand in front of him in my underwear, skimpy underwear that my dad had bought me to wear, I'm assuming for this. "Why have you stopped?" he questions with a threatening tone and I immediately move to unclasp my bra and let the straps fall down my arms and onto the floor by my dress. No one has ever seen me like this before, and I'm very uncomfortable with my body. But as this man rakes my body with his eyes, all I feel is complete disgust at all of this. I know my dad is outside, having sold me to this man for sex and allowing this, the raping of his own daughter.

I roll down my panties, sliding them off too. Everything just feels so numb as he looks at me. And I'm drowning further into the deep, so lost and so alone.

As the car slows to a halt, I'm once again dragged out of the car, thrown over someone's muscled shoulder like a rag doll. His hands rest on my ass, rubbing gently and I'm presuming, discreetly, as I'm taken somewhere.

"Don't touch her," a low voice growls and the man's hands instantly fall to my legs to hold me to his shoulder.

I can feel us move into a warmer environment and then once again to a cold one. I'm thrown to a concrete floor, tumbling on chains beneath me. Someone removes my blindfold and my eyes adjust to the newfound light. Thankfully, at least for now, there isn't much difference in light aside from the one light bulb hanging from the ceiling. As I glance around the room, anyone who was in here has left, leaving me to stare at the blank walls minutely decorated with scratches and smears of blood turned dark red and black.

I scrunch up once again in the corner, the furthest from the barred door and rest my head to the side against the wall. Closing my eyes, I see flashing images of the past, the memories I've tried so hard to forget and I can't stop them from resurfacing. I'm being thrown around like a rag doll once again. I thought I was getting out. But I guess there is no escaping.

The door swings open and slams against the wall, bouncing back from the initial force.

"Put these clothes on," a man orders coldly, one of the leather-clad men from the diner. He unbinds my hands and feet. "Be ready in five minutes."

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