Back Into Darkness

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Chapter 6: The Boss' Girl

“Isabella!” my father screams, charging into my room like a bull I’ve stolen horns from. He catches me in the middle of changing for bed, and I stand before him in my underwear, covering myself with my petite arms and stepping away from him. I know this mood of his, I’ve seen it many times before. Ever since my mother passed.

He stalks over to me, a hand lifting to clutch my neck and slam me against the closest wall. His other hand’s fingers lightly danced around my panties, hooking around it’s edges, pulling it back and snapping them into my hips again. I feel his erection start to press into me and I squirm in his hold, frightened of what he wants from me this time. But as he senses my increase in panic from before, he moves his body away from me and drops his hand from my neck.

That will definitely leave a bruise, not like anyone would give a fuck. Anyone who sees me is here to hurt me or rape me. But he stands here now, wanting me, and my body, for himself. He’s hard for his daughter and it sickens me right to my gut. He slides his belt off from his slacks and I know exactly what he’s going to do. Sometimes he punishes me for nothing at all, he just likes to see the pain he can cause. He always has to be careful when dealing with people, thinking out every move. With me, he knows he can do anything he wants. I belong to him, he owns every part of me. If he wants to sell me, he can. If he wants to beat me, he can. If he wants to fuck me, he can.

The belt comes down hard on my backside, and I bite down deep into my lip to halt the cry out in pain I felt coming out. Tears want to fall, but I keep them at bay. This has happened too many times for me to cry. This happens all the time. I shouldn’t cry. I should get used to it. Nothing is gonna change. I’m going to be his toy for the rest of his days, and mine. And there’s nothing I can do about that. I just have to realize that fact. And then the tears won’t fall.

I scream this time as his belt comes right between my legs against my pussy and I fall to the floor in pain. I attempt to push through it but the ache spreads through my body. His hand grabs my jaw and roughly yank it up so that my eyes connect to his. Slowly, he begins to unbutton his slacks and pull the zip down. Releasing his throbbing member, my eyes widen at my dad, the man supposed to protect me from the world.

"Suck me off," he orders, his voice stone cold and unaffected. His daughter, knelt in front of him, knowing she has to be obedient and follow his commands. I take him in my mouth and his groan fills my ears...

My body flings upright as I pant in fear and pain. Just a nightmare. Well, a memory. An awful memory.

My dad allowed it all for the business deals he got. He rose higher and higher, using my body to get him there. Back then he had a whole army behind him, and he was effectively a mob boss. From protection racketeering to prostitution to drug trafficking to low level gambling. He was the head of it all, the king, yet I was not his princess in any way. I was his tool he used. He never allowed his men to fuck me though, even though they tried persistently. He just sold my body off to people in power, who he had later killed anyway.

I'm sweating and my chest feels tight as I calm myself down from the terrifying memory. I take a freezing cold shower, letting the water flow down my body and take away the heat. I'm drowning again, I can feel it.

I once again change into my uniform, several duplicates in the wardrobe. Once I compose myself, I open the door to see Ranger with a concerned expression plastered on his face. But he just begins to walk, implying I should follow me.

"I know the way to the kitchens," I mutter.

"I know." He continues to walk stoically.

"Why are you being so kind to me?" I blurt out, feeling strangely comfortable around him.

"You're not like the other girls here. I haven't seen you cry," he tells me, his voice still monotone.

"Is that a good thing?"

"I heard you having nightmares, little screams in your sleep. But you still don't cry. What do you dream about?" he asks, surprisingly curiously.

"I don't remember," I mutter, strolling on.

"Liar," he says, a slight smile on his face. "It's good to have secrets, keeps you interesting, he likes interesting."

"Who?" Silence follows and I assume it's Enzo he's talking about. I'm wearing blue, his men were told not to fuck me, he even made me say that I'm his. What does he want from me? He hasn't fucked me yet, but it's probably only a matter of time. He just wants to use me, just like everyone else. "Why am I wearing blue?"

"To protect you."

"From what?" I ask.

"Everything," he replies.

As we enter the kitchen, he nods to Marissa and his hand brushes mine before he leaves. Someone knocks my shoulder from behind me and I see the leggy girl once again, sneering at me holding a washing basket in her arms.

"Stick with Sofia," Marissa tells me, raising her eyebrows in anticipation. I nod and scurry over to where I see Sofia's small blonde form over chopping onions.

"Who is she?" I ask Sofia, gesturing towards the girl.

"Giovanna. She goes by Gia. She was sleeping with the boss but he's lost interest in her," she explains, her eyes tearing from the onions.

"Who was the guy you were with yesterday?"

"Luca. He's the boss' brother. Second eldest. I would tell you to watch out for his other brothers, Leo and Rafael, but, well, you're... you know," she trails off, continuing to chop.

"I know what?"

"You belong to the boss. His guys wouldn't dare touch you," she says.

"Why? Why am I his?"

"He likes you," she states as if it's obvious. He kidnaps the people he likes, throws me in some dark room, makes me his slave. He likes me like a toy, like something he can use. Men like him are all the same, power-hungry, entitled, they can have anything they want. And it's never going to change. People can't change. "Gia really likes him though."

"She likes a cold-blooded mafia boss?"

"I know. It's strange. All he did was use her anyway. Men like him and Luca, they don't do relationships, or love, unless it's an arranged marriage. Even then, they still don't do love."

"Luca? He does that a lot to you?" She scoffs humorlessly and looks up to me.

"All three of them do. And the other guys. The boss chooses particular girls that only he can have."

"So that's me? You said girls?"

"Yeah, he normally has a few but gets rid of them once he's bored."

"Gets rid?" I question with widened eyes.

"He doesn't kill them. He just lets them go, or lets other guys have them," Gia says, joining in with the cutting. This guy sounds ruthless. He's the boss. What he says goes. "I'm just warning you. Once he's had his fun with you, he'll toss you aside. And by the looks of you, you're not that interesting now. He'll get bored immediately," she snarls, giving me a fake smile and rolling her eyes at me. "He's very good in bed."

"I wouldn't know," I comment. I catch my finger on the tip of the knife and I run it under water. Once wrapping it in a paper towel, I continue cutting.

"You wouldn't know what?" Sofia asks, raising her eyebrows at me.

"If he's good in bed," I reply.

Gia sharply turns to me, slamming her knife on the table in surprise. "He hasn't fucked you yet?"

"No," I answer.

"Belle," Ranger calls out, charging up to me in the kitchen. The other girls go silent, looking down towards their feet. He grabs my hand and yanks me away from the knife and around the counter.

"What are you doing?" Marissa asks him, scowling. "She needs to help."

"Boss wants her," he replies and Boss is the boss. What he says goes. If he wants me to go to him, everyone here will allow it. Marissa steps aside and I let Ranger lead me out. He squeezes my hand and takes me down the hall.

"This isn't the way to his office?" I say, a little confused at why his pace is so quick.

"I know."

"Then where are we going?"

"You are going out. I'm getting you out of here."

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