Back Into Darkness

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Chapter 9: He's an ass man

"Oh my God," Joe, the cook, exclaims rather confused. "You cleaned this kitchen?" he asks me. I nod and he just shakes his head, chuckling to himself as he walks over to the stove with the other cooks and staff following behind him. "You know he doesn't come in here."

"Who?" I question with furrowed brows.

"The boss," he replies with another chuckle and the others laugh along with him.

"So? I woke up early and started anxious cleaning," I tell them, beginning to prep some ingredients.

"Anxious cleaning?" Joe inquires, sending me a smirk as if he doesn't believe me.

"Yes. Anxious cleaning. I should have really started prepping but I started cleaning instead and there was no stopping me for a couple of hours," I explain.

"I don't know why you want to do extra work," Sofia comments. "Why not just stay in your room?"

"It's good she's ready to work. Maybe you should be too," Marissa tells her, handing us the knives. Of course, he doesn't let us casually have access to knives. I could have murdered him in his sleep this morning. Not that my body would allow me to, considering the sex dream. Maybe if I kill him, it would stop. I doubt it. It was just one anyway, a lapse in judgement.

I was wrong. The next few nights, I dream of him, for some strange reason. During the day, he still acts cold but he touches my hand or any of my bare skin when I serve his lunch and dinner and he continues to stare at me. He's like a watchful presence looming over me, controlling what I do.

"Belle, right?" one of the guys, one who was in the diner, asks, cornering me in the halls after I step out of Enzo's office.

"Yes," I reply curtly, giving him a short smile before trying to get past him. But his arm blocks my way as he leans against the wall.

"I'm Rafael," he announces. He's one of Enzo's brother.

"Hi," I mutter, avoiding his eyes. His fingers lift my chin up, tilting it so my eyes would meet his.

"Why don't you give me a kiss, principessa?" he teases, leaning his lips closer towards me. I flinch a little from his grip but he grabs me tighter.

"Non toccarla, cazzo (don't you fucking touch her)," a voice growls behind me and Rafael immediately lets go. He holds his hands up and backs away, disappearing around the hall, leaving me alone with Enzo. He turns me around and holds me by the waist, his hands sneaking lower to my ass. "Don't let anyone touch you but me," he grits, his eyes piercing into me with warning and dominance.

"I didn't want him to," I mumble. I don't know why I speak back to him. If I just let him say what he wants to say and do what he wants, he'll leave me be. He hasn't even tried to kiss me or have sex with me. That shouldn't make him better in my mind, though, he's still a monster.

"You're mine," he states dominantly and I fight the urge to roll my eyes. I know I'm his. He loves to reiterate that false fact to me.

"I know," I whimper as he squeezes.

"So you should have come back into my office when he tried to touch you," he seethes. "You understand, gattina?"

"Yes. I'm sorry," I answer and his grip loosens. He takes my hand and drags me back into his office, pulling me over his knee, once he sits down, and stroking my ass. "W-what are you d-doing?"

"Well, gattina, you broke a rule. Now I'm gonna have to punish you," he tells me, smoothing his hand over my skin.

"B-but I-I didn't do anything," I plead.

"Keep talking back and you'll get more," he whispers and then brings his hand down. I gasp and hear the clap sound of his hand on my ass once again. Although it hurts like a bitch, I have never been turned on by spanking until now. I can just feel my panties getting wet and I fear they'll flood onto his pants.

After a few more hard hits, he lifts me up as if I weigh nothing and he sets me on his lap, me straddling him.

"Learnt your lesson?"

"Yes," I answer in a small submissive voice. He just starts to work with me on his lap, holding me there by his hand on my sore bare ass. I'm not really sure if he wants me to do something but I just rest my cheek on his shoulder like he is my pillow. I take in his smell and his hand rubs over the most likely red patches on my butt as he works. I listen to him breathe and close my eyes...

As the tank starts to fill with water, I pound on the glass, hoping someone will hear me and rescue me. My dad and uncle stand there, laughing at the sight of me. Why couldn't they ever care? Why can't they save me, just once?

The water begins to hit my chin, my legs dangling in the water as I gasp for air at the top of the tank. No one will save me. It's no use.

As the water rises until there is no air left for me to breathe, I sink back down in the tank, ready to let go, give in, stop fighting.

But there he is. My savior. Enzo. He grabs a brick and pounds on the glass, freeing the water and letting that drench him. He doesn't care. He only takes me in his arms and holds me to his warmth.

"You're mine, gattina. I protect what's mine," he whispers huskily. I'm his. He saved me.

He strokes my wet hair and I find myself in bed with him, in his bed. I'm now naked under the sheets, my body pressed up against his. I watch his handsome face, his once tense features now relaxed. His arms wrap around my waist and his fingers begin to draw little patterns on my back. I snuggle my face into his chest, taking in his manly cologne and aroma. This is a perfect moment...

I snap upwards and find I'm in my room magically. He must have taken me here, or gotten someone to take me here. I fell asleep on him and then had a strange dream where he saved me from drowning and he just comforted me. That's how I know they can only ever be dreams, because he doesn't comfort people. Although he did let me just sleep on him. And it looks to be morning now, so he let me off all my duties last night.

I get a head start on prepping before the other staff join me in the kitchen.

"Where were you yesterday?" Sofia asks me, raising her brows at me. "You missed out on cleaning the kitchen."

"I got held up with the boss," I reply, rolling my eyes at his punishment. My ass is still sore and I didn't even do anything.

"We have to do extra prep for dinner today because they've got an impromptu business meeting."

"Belle, Sofia," Marissa calls out. "You two are to serve dinner today. Yes?" We nod our heads in obedience.

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