My End Game

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Chapter Eleven


It’s been five days since our first date which Ireland constantly denies as one and we’ve been eating either lunch or dinner or spending a lot of time together if we’re both free ever since. She was dead set on being just friends, but I don’t want to accept that. Sure I keep myself in check most of the time, but I do become handsy and affectionate with here a lot and I’m glad she doesn’t push me away. That in itself makes me believe that she’s attracted to me as well.

Sure I like the friendship we are building, but I’m not here to be just friends. I’m here to make sure she ends up being mine. I don’t have much time left so I know I have to act fast. So I got out of the shower, toweled myself dry, brushed my teeth, and dressed up before sending Ireland a text.

Elijah: Hola hermosa!

Ireland: You keep forgetting that I don’t speak Spanish.

Elijah: I know. I just like the idea that I can say what I want and you won’t ever know what it means. Kidding! It means hey beautiful. You’re beautiful like an angel you know that?

Ireland: Doubt that. So why are you texting me so early in the morning?

Elijah: I need to ask you something important. A favor.

Ireland: Ahhh so that explains the compliment. Should I be afraid?

Elijah: Maybe? (wink emoji)

Ireland: Spill Mr. Tresantos! I don't have all day. (angry emoji)

Time to go in for the kill. Asking her to do this for me means I’m making a statement. I’ve never taken anyone with me before and now I’m about to show Ireland off to the public as my date which means I am no longer going to be seen with random girls as shown all over the tabloids. I’ll be seen with her and only her from now on.

Elijah: Do you happen to have an evening gown or dress lying around? I need to attend this very important ball tonight and I could really use some company. Will you pretty please be my date?

I nervously paced around as I waited for her reply, but it took her about thirty minutes before she was actually able to.

Ireland: Sorry, I got caught up with phone calls. Are you sure you don’t have anyone else to accompany you? You can ask a random girl to be your date and she’ll probably say yes in a heartbeat no questions asked. (laughing emoji)

Elijah: I could, but I don’t want to take a random girl. Please do this for me, angel. Pick you up at 8?

Ireland: Is this really that important to you?

Elijah: Very much. Please?

Ireland: Fine. See you tonight!

Yes! That wasn’t so bad now, was it?

I went about my daily routine and picked out which suit I was going to wear for the ball. To be honest, I hate functions like these. I never saw the appeal of mingling with stuck up people who spend lots of money and time showing off but as a pretty famous footballer playing for an important team, I get invitations to go to them and there’s no shit in hell where it’s possible for me to decline. This was no different, but at least it's for a good cause.

Dressed in an all-black suit with a silver tie, I pulled up in front of where Ireland lives. I called her to let her know I’m already here and she told me to take the last elevator from the right and head on up. I punched the key code she gave me 0910 before I was whisked away to her penthouse suite. Huh... Interesting.

Once the doors slide open, I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted with an elegantly designed foyer that consists of black, white, and gray tones. There was a modest round table at the center holding a vase filled with white calla lilies. So she is rich, but she doesn’t let on that she actually is. “Hello?” I called out. “Come straight right in, Elijah. Make yourself at home, I’ll be ready in two minutes. Sorry!” She shouted.

I was standing in front of the floor to ceiling window in her living room admiring the view when she spoke from somewhere behind me. “Sorry I kept you waiting, I was having problems zipping myself up,” she laughed. “You could have asked for my help.” I jokingly replied before turning her way and as soon as my eyes landed on her, right then and there I knew I was in big trouble.

Ireland stood shyly in front of me wearing a strapless floor-length grey gown that had a slit running up her left thigh. The dress looked elegant on her showing off her perfect cleavage. Hugging every sexy curve of her body. Her make up was light and neutral and she wore her hair in a sleek ponytail. The only jewelry she had on was a simple diamond necklace that made her enchanting collar bone pop out. She was stunning in every way. And those killer heels! I had to control myself from going over to where she was. I wanted so badly to fuck her until morning comes. Make her scream my name again and again. Make her feel things she hasn't felt before. I want her so so bad.

"Te ves increíble mi amor.” (You look amazing my love) I gently told her before holding my hand out for her.

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