My End Game

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Chapter Twelve


I wanted the floor to open up from beneath me and eat me whole. The moment he turned to face me, I felt how intense the atmosphere suddenly became. He has been staring at me wide-eyed and mouth slightly open. A few emotions flickered through his beautiful green eyes. Surprise? Awe? Lust? Relief? I couldn’t tell. He slowly licked his lips before showing a hint of a smile. “Te ves increíble mi amor.” (You look amazing my love) he said before holding his hand out.

I slowly walked towards him and placed my hand in his. “What was that?” I asked. He grinned so sweetly at me and slid both his hands to my waist to pull me closer to him. He then placed a kiss on my forehead and whispered, “I said you look amazing.” I slid my hands on top of his forearms, smiled shyly at him, and said, “You’re not so bad yourself.”

“What kind of ball are we going to?” I asked as soon as we were in his car. “Well, it’s a charity ball for aspiring young athletes who can't afford to get an education,” he cooly replied. Oh wow! I didn’t expect that. “I see. Well, it’s comforting to know that we’re heading somewhere very meaningful and not just some excuse for the rich and famous to kill boredom.” I admitted. His lips quirked into an amused smile before giving me a side glance, “What? You don’t like going to balls as an excuse to kill boredom?

“What makes you think that I splurge like very rich people do when I get bored?” I shot back with a hint of humor. “I never said you do,” he replied while chuckling. “I don’t like going to these kinds of things,” I confessed after a beat. He looked at me thoughtfully before looking straight ahead to concentrate on the road. “Me too. Tell you what, we’ll stay for a bit then sneak out,” he promised. He then reached out to take my hand and ran his thumb across my knuckles absent-mindedly. I wasn’t used to this kind of gesture, but I let him continue on anyway and we stayed silent throughout the drive.

I’m grateful that Elijah had never left my side since we got there. He introduced me to a lot of people I ’m sure I’ll quickly forget and they automatically assumed that we’re together which made me cringe a bit. Elijah never confirmed nor denied their assumption so I went along with it.

He held me close to him like we’re glued to the hip and his hand kept sliding from my waist to my hip to the small of my back. The slightest touch from him was making my knees weak and for some unexplained reason, it was also making me wet. I was about to pass out from slightly panting when thankfully it was time for dinner, so we were ushered to our seats. He pulled the chair out for me then sat down on the chair to my left.

I’m already feeling hot and bothered when Elijah decided to up the ante. He placed his hand on top of my left thigh where the slit on my dress was. Oh my god! What is he doing?! He ever so slowly ran his hand up stopping inches to my center before asking how I was doing. What the hell? I pressed my thighs together as a warning and his answering smirk told me that he’s unfazed and that he’s not stopping any time soon. Oh well, shots fired indeed! So he wants to play? Okay, I’ll play.

I shifted so that my body was angled towards him and crossed my right leg over to my left successfully trapping his hand where it’s placed in the process. I felt his fingers slightly tense so I rested my chin on my right hand. Smiling at him coyly, I then used my right hand to mimic what he did earlier. “I’m good,” I whispered seductively never breaking eye contact. I noticed that his Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat when he swallowed so I handed him a glass of water before asking, “Thirsty?”

His answering lustful grin made it clear that he was taken aback a bit but was nonetheless enjoying this little game. “Starving actually,” he answered in a deep sensual tone before flicking his tongue slowly across his slightly parted lips. That ladies and gentlemen was by far the hottest thing I’ve ever witnessed. The sexual tension was palpable and we were moments from tearing each other’s clothes off, so being served our meal was a much welcome interruption. The rest of the night went on uneventful and then it was time to go. Thank the heavens for that!

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