My End Game

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Chapter Thirteen


Her little act surprised, intrigued, and aroused the shit out of me, and taking a cold shower is not going to take care of anything at this point. There's no way I'm going to let her go tonight and she can bet her cute little ass on it.

"Come home with me," I exclaimed. She stayed rooted to a spot on the parking lot looking at me like a deer caught in headlights. I walked closer to her and held her at arm's length. "Look, to be honest, I wasn't asking. I know you want me as much as I want you. I can feel it and seen it a dozen times," I argued. She tried to open her mouth to say something, closed it, opened it once more, repeated the process for about three times but nothing ever came out. It was so darn cute!

"Ireland, I know you don't want to do the boyfriend thing and I'm not asking to be one (yet). What I'm asking for is to allow yourself to act upon how you're feeling towards me. I want you." She kept silent for what felt like eternity obviously processing everything but can't find the right words to express what's on her mind. "Elijah..." was the only thing she was able to say.

"I'm going to kiss you now," I professed. I dipped my face towards hers successfully connecting our lips. When she didn't pull away, I snaked my right hand behind her neck, my left around her waist, and pulled her closer to me. She gasped in surprise her mouth opening slightly so I took the opportunity to slide my tongue to tease hers. Score!

Fuck! I felt every inch of me come alive the moment she started kissing me back. Our tongues were dancing sensually, lips moving in sync, hands groping each other like a bunch of sexually crazed teenagers. I pulled back slightly with a smile on my lips and said, "let's get out of here." She nodded slightly and I took that as a cue to grab her hand and lead her to the car.

The drive to my house was quiet. I was gunning the engine a bit so we can get there faster. Neither of us had the urge to break the silence, but we're both aware that the sexual tension is building up fast. She was looking outside the window deep in thought and I kept praying that she won't change her mind about what we're about to do. Thankfully she didn't.

I lifted her up and carried her as soon as we were both out of the car. She wrapped her legs around my waist and we continued to hungrily kiss each other until we were in my bedroom. I gently let her down, tugged my tie loose, and started taking off every article of clothing I have on my upper body. She was panting so hard and the way she was looking at me sent my cock springing to attention. Holy fuck she's beautiful!

"Turn around," I commanded. She did what she was told and I reached out to unzip her dress slowly. I can hear her breaths coming up short and that tells me that she's ready. But I'm not going to take her just yet. I want to savor every minute and taste every part of her. I want to enjoy this for as long as I can. I'm going to make her come over and over to the point of exhaustion.

I pushed her dress down and it pooled around her feet. She was wearing nothing but her lacy black thong no bra. I brushed my hands to the side of her thighs towards her ass and cupped each cheek while dropping tiny kisses to her neck and shoulders. She sighed softly and arched her neck giving me more access. God, I'm loving how she's opening up to me like this.

She stepped out of her dress and turn to face me, chest heaving, eyes filled with lust. I zeroed in on her perfect tits smiling lewdly at the sight. I guided her to lie down on my bed and slowly I leaned down to kiss and suck her hard nipples, using my thumb and forefinger to please the other when I'm busy flicking my tongue around another. She moaned sexily, arching her back as I assaulted them. She whimpered as soon as I stopped and it made me snicker. "Don't stop!" She protested. "Patience." I scolded before pulling her panties off.

I took in every inch of the magnificent sight in front of me. How can someone be so breathtaking? I pushed her legs apart and I slowly lowered my head in between her thighs. She sucked in a breath realizing what my intentions are, panicking a bit. "I want to taste you, mi amor," I gently coaxed before dipping my head down, claiming my first taste and it was divine.

Her scent. The way she tastes. Her soft sighs. Absolutely addicting.

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