My End Game

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Chapter Fourteen


Reasoning, control, abstinence, and self-preservation be damned! I’m lying down fully naked on Elijah’s bed with his head in between my legs and completely at his mercy. Holy motherfucking shit! It’s a good thing I regularly get my pussy waxed.

He started by gently teasing my clit with the tip of his tongue. Slowly drawing circles gently tickling me and making my hips wiggle a bit. I thought he was going to keep up with this torturous pace for a while until he closed his lips around me and started french kissing my clit hungrily. My hips bucked in surprise and a loud moan escaped from my mouth. I’m going to come quickly if he keeps this up.

As if still not satisfied, he lapped his tongue on my dripping pussy lips, licking me from the bottom all the way to the top several times before pushing his soft warm tongue inside me. Oh, god! I tried to move away as the feeling was becoming deliciously too much, but he held me down by lying on his stomach, hooking my legs over his shoulders and stretching both his hands up to cup my breasts rubbing each hardened bud with his thumbs.

“Elijah...” I moaned loudly as he fucked me with his tongue. He took one hand away from my breast and slid two fingers in and out of me while his tongue went back to teasing my clit. “Arrrggg!” I’m so so close.

As if sensing that, he positioned himself beside me. Kneeling down he slid his middle and ring fingers inside, flexed them effectively hooking them slightly upwards and massaged me from the inside in quick strokes while his thumb drew circles on my clit. “Fuck!” I yelled. “Come for me, amor,” he teased as he watched me with a glimmer of lust in his eyes and that was my undoing. I came long and hard screaming out his name.

He gave me a few seconds to calm down from the mind-blowing orgasm looking smug and satisfied before he took his black trousers and boxers off in one fluid motion. He kneeled between my legs, tore a foil of condom open, and rolled it on to his massive cock. He’s huge!

He positioned himself between my legs supporting his weight with his arms on either side of my face. He leaned in to possess my mouth with hungry kisses and the taste of my arousal and orgasm absolutely turned me on more. He thrust his hip forward positioning the head of his cock at my entrance and I pushed my pelvis up to allow him to enter my eager pussy.

He slowly sinks into me allowing me to adjust to his massive size never breaking our kiss. “You’re so tight,” he said in between kisses. Making me feel like there are butterflies in my stomach.

I tilted my hips up as an invitation for him to move and move he did. He started out with long slow strokes. Sliding his cock all the way in and almost all the way out again and again. Each movement driving me insane. “Ahhh, Elijah...” I uttered with a shaky breath. I was getting close again and he knows it well because he started moving a bit faster thrusting upwards hitting my g-spot without a miss causing me to spiral towards another much-welcomed orgasm.

He sure had stamina because we have been at it for quite some time now and neither of is complaining about it. That’s it.. just like that... “More!” I demanded. “Fuck me harder,” I begged and he obliged. He moved faster and pounded into me harder. “You feel so good, amor. I’ll never get enough of you and your tight pussy,” he declared suddenly flipping me over positioning me on my hands and knees before slamming back into me from behind. “Ahhhh!” I groaned in pleasure and surprise.

He pulled me closer to him my back touching his front torso. He reached a hand out to cup my breast and the other to massage my clit. “Ohhhhh,” I gasped. He was relentless, pounding in and out of me hungrily breathing harshly through gritted teeth. Pleasure shot through my veins as I reached my fourth earth-shattering orgasm. He followed closely groaning like a wild beast biting my shoulder as he found his third release.

I felt exhaustion as soon as my head hit his pillows. He pulled me close wrapping his arms around me. “Are you okay?” he asked running his fingers up and down my back. “Hhhmm,” I answered placing a hand on top of his chest. “Are you sleepy?” he questioned. “Hhhmmmm,” was my reply as I snuggled closer to him. “Are you able to say anything else other than that?” he playfully queried. “Hhmmm,” I hummed against his chest kissing it lightly. He gave out a throaty laugh and kissed the top of my head before saying, ”duerme bien, mi amor” (sleep well, my love). A smile appeared on my lips before sleep took over.

I have been thoroughly fucked, thank you very much!

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